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Story: Endless Smother
Story: Endless Smother
Published by fosnad
Default Story: Endless Smother

This is a story that I experienced a couple of months ago. Only now did I find the time and energy to write down that had happened to me that night.

I was on a business trip in a city I had never been before. And after a long day in office, I felt like going out and taking some fresh air. I went to a restaurant to eat and then entered a bar that was filled with young people. I sat at the bar and ordered a beer. Next to me two girls sat down who ordered two cocktails. After a couple of minutes they asked me for a match to light their cigarettes and we started talking. They introduced themselved as Judy and Carla and both of them were extremely attractive. Judy had long black hair and Carla was blond. We sat there for an hour or two, flirting and telling stories.

Suddenly Judy whispered in my ear: "You want to come to our place. We could have a drink. We could show you something special if you want." There was no way I would say "no".

We came home to their place half hour later. I was extremely horny just looking at the two gourgeous women. We went immediately to a bedroom containing a huge bed with enough place for the three of us. "So, what is your plan ? You promised me something special", I asked. Judy did not respond, but stuck her tongue into my mouth for one long minute giving me a french kiss. When she was finished she just smiled and said "Wait and see. Get on the bed and make yourself comfortable. Have a drink." And the two of them went off into the next room.

I sat on the bed and took a gulp of champagne standing on a table next to the bed. I was extremely nervous because I had never been with two women before.

The door opened and the two of them came in with clothing that took my breath away. Judy wore a very tight red skirt that hid just enough to let my fantasy wander. Her long black hair was falling down her shoulders now. Carla wore a silk skirt with black lingerie underneath. She wore a tight bra which seemed to be made of rubber in which her immense breasts almost popped out. The two of them came with me on the bed and started undressing me, slowly and sensually until I was lying there naked.

Judy pulled out a silk cloth and slowly chained my hands together over my head. I wanted to protest but I could not with Judy leaning over me and giving me the broadest smile possible. Then she took a second silk cloth and chained together my feet so I had no chance of moving.

They bent over me and started kissing and licking each other, always glimpsing down at me to see my reaction. To see these two stunningly beautiful women make sensual love to each other was something I had never experienced before. They were just inches away from my face and I could smell their bodies, this intoxicating mixture of a female body, sweat, sex and a seductive perfume. I raised my head to kiss their bodies, but they sensed my lust and quickly turned away when I was very close. They knew that they were torturing me with depriving me of the slightest sexual fulfilment and they enjoyed it. After a couple of minutes Judy said: "Now it is your turn to satisfy us, baby."

She stood up and slowly began to undress herself over me fingering herself and moaning. She looked down at me and whispered: "You are going to be our sex slave tonight. We will use your body as we like it. We will put you to the border between lust and pain and we will show you what sex torture means." I was scared but could not help but watch what was happening to me.

Carla was sitting behind me now and slowly leaned over my head so her breasts were only inches away from my faces. Judy sat over me now and gently squeezed Carla's breasts saying to me: "Do you see them ? Do you want to be as close as possible to them ? Do you want to taste them ?" She leaned back and took a bottle of white creme and sensually rubbed it on Carla's breasts. Then she slowly pulled Carla's bra down to the bed. The bra was indeed made of rubber and very flexible. Suddenly Carla took my head and pulled it into her bra with my face upwards just inches away from her naked breasts. With a certain horror I realized that if Judy let go of Carla's bra I would be stuck in that bra without any chance of air. I whispered and asked: "What are you doing ?" Judy just smiled and said: "Just relax and enjoy the scenery." Then she slowly released Carla's bra from her hands. Her breasts came towards me and it was dark. My face, my nose and mouth were all covered with her soft, but huge breasts. There was no chance of breathing. Outside I heard them laughing, but it seemed to be far away. I had taken a deep breath but the pressure and the smell of the creme almost made me faint. I tried to scream but could only utter murmur. Shortly before I passed out Carla pulled down her bra to the bed again, giving me a chance to breath a few seconds before she closed it again.

It was surely a sex torture. Carla knew exactly how long she was able to leave me cooking in there before I would pass out. In the exact moment she opened her bra a bit and let me breathe, but only seconds. This went on for almost 20 minutes, but it seemed like hours to me. My face was hot and red from the pressure, my lips and throat dry and I was dying of thirst.

After half an hour they released me from the bra. I coughed and breathed hard trying to recover. I begged them for water, but Judy said: "Not yet. We are not finished with you yet. You have not performed yet as we like it. You still need to prove you are a real man." I cried: "What do you want me to do ?"

Judy smiled and released the silk cloth that tied my right hand to the bed. She kissed me and said: "I want you to jerk off on my breasts real hard. I want to see your cum all over my breasts right now." With the forces the smothering attack had left me I took my dick and shoved it up and down. It was hard but not as hard as I needed it to really come. While I was trying, they watched me and smiled. This went on for a few minutes but I did not manage to jerk off.

Judy and Carla looked at each other and smiled. Judy said: "Well, what should we do ? This guy is not performing as he should be. Maybe we should help him out a bit." Carla nodded and said: "You know what I heard ? That a guy's dick gets harder when he does not have air." Judy smiled at me and said: "Yeah, I know. You know what this means." With horror I realized what would come next. I begged them: "Please, not, I do anything you want. Don't smother me again." Judy put her finger on her lips and whispered: "Shhh, baby, it all depends on you. We will smother you and will only release you after you have fully come on my tits, okay ? So give your best." I wanted to scream but Carla had already lowered her bra again and squeezed my head in. I was again only inches away from her big, soft and creamy tits. Judy said to me again: "Put your hand on your cock and jerk off. You better be quick."

And Carla released her hands and it was dark again. My face was completely squeezed between her tits and there was not a single crevice in which air could come in. I panicked but then realized that I could only save myself by jerking off. These two girls were serious. So I took my cock and shook it hard. It was true - not being able to breathe and the panic helped to harden the cock. I heard the girls laugh outside while I frantically tried to jerk off. I had taken a deep breath, but it took a lot of effort jerking off so I lost my air more quickly than before. I panicked and tried to scream, but my screams disappeared between Carla's breasts. I started to see colors and stars and realized with the little energy I had left that I was passing out. I thought about the two girls outside again: Judy with her right skirt and Carla with the black lingerie. This aroused me and I took my cock again and finally jerked off. I felt that Judy had lowered her breasts on my cock and smeared my cum on her tits. I remember that I had only seconds left before passing out when Carla released me again.

"Well done" and "Good job" both of them laughed and jeered. I coughed and gasped for air, completely wasted for being smothered almost one minute and the orgasm. I tried to push them away with my free arm, but they were faster. Quickly Judy tied me arm again with the cloth and was not able to move.

Judy lowered down on me and said: "Loot at what you have done with my tits." I saw that my cum had been spread all over her breasts. She said,"You are thirsty ? I will give you something to drink. Come on and lick them !" And before I could say anything, Judy smashed her immense tits on my face and twisted them around. I felt my warm cum on my face. She thrust her right breast right into my mouth and screamed: "Lick it, come on lick it ! I will only release you after you have cleaned both of my tits." And while she twisted her juicy tits on my face I licked my warm cum off of her tits and swallowed it. I did this greedily since I was extremely thirsty. This went on until the cum was completely licked off her breasts. When we were finished both Judy and Carla put themselves next to me on the bed and smiled.

Judy said: "Wow, that was good. I like having a sex slave who is tied to my bed and does whatever I want. I think I am going to keep him there. What do you think ?" Carla nodded and said: "Yeah, we should keep him there tied up. And whenever I will my crotch itching, I will come over him."

They laughed and untied the clothes. I jumped up, but did not know where I should be angry or aroused. It had all been to sensual so I sat down and said: "Well, I should go now. I need a rest."

And I put on my clothes and stumbled out the door.
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