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Femdom / Bondage / Illustrated Stories
Published by tjryder
Default Femdom / Bondage / Illustrated Stories

Hi, I write femdom cuckold forced fem stories and then illustrate them.
I have some yahoo groups with recent samples of stories and comix
if you want more. Complete stories are on various membership websites!Fetish Illustrated Links!!

Dommy Mommies and Sissy Boys
Forced Fem Pants to Panties Illustrated stories!
cd tgyrl ladyboy Blackbulls/shemale romance

Buxom Ballbusters Illustrated Stories
Gestapo Mistress, Dommy mommies, femdom cuckolding!

Femdom Cuckold Comix,stories. videos.personals.forums

Blackowned Wives, Giant Black Bulls and sissified
chastity belted hubbies!

Creampies, pantypudding, comix.videos. Cuckold creamies!

Femdom/fm Facesitting Smother Videos.personals.comix

Femdom/fm Spanking videos!Comix!

Home of Audrey, Lesbian toon painpig/ toiletslut extraordinaire.
Femdom F/fm toiletslave illustrated stories

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By hialt on 01-19-2010, 08:45 PM
Default Re: Femdom / Bondage / Illustrated Stories

these do it for me.
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By tjryder on 05-09-2011, 05:04 AM
Default Re: Femdom / Bondage / Illustrated Stories

Buxom Ballbusters Illustrated Stories
BlackMasters, femdom cuckolding and humiliation!
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By tjryder on 06-04-2011, 03:50 AM
Default Re: Femdom / Bondage / Illustrated Stories

New Femdom cuckold illustrated story out! June 3 2011
The Bellboy's Wife!

Buxom Ballbusters Illustrated Stories
BlackMasters, femdom cuckolding and humiliation!

Coming soon, A new Audrey story!
Femdom/fm Facesitting Smother Videos.personals.comix

FM/fm Spanking videos!Comix!

Femdom F/fm toiletslave illustrated stories
Home of Audrey, Lesbian toon painpig/ toiletslut extraordinaire.
Videos.comix.forums.stories of Bondage Femdom toiletslavery
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By tjryder on 07-30-2011, 05:22 AM
Default Re: Femdom / Bondage / Illustrated Stories

New stories out!

Buxom Ballbusters Illustrated Stories
BlackMasters, femdom cuckolding and humiliation!

Club Mandingo Beach! Interracial cheating resort comix
Illustrated animated cuckold stories!

Blackowned Wives, Giant Black Bulls and sissified,
chastity-belted hubbies!

Creampies, pantypudding, comix.videos. Cuckold creamies!

Femdom/fm Facesitting Smother Videos.personals.comix

FM/fm Spanking videos!Comix!

Femdom F/fm toiletslave illustrated stories
Home of Audrey, Lesbian toon painpig/ toiletslut extraordinaire.
Videos.comix.forums.stories of Bondage Femdom toiletslavery
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By tjryder on 11-21-2011, 12:37 PM
Default Re: Femdom / Bondage / Illustrated Stories

From upcoming story

Buxom Ballbusters Illustrated Stories
BlackMasters, femdom cuckolding and humiliation!
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By tjryder on 04-04-2012, 02:09 PM
Default Re: Femdom / Bondage / Illustrated Stories

Coming attraction

Buxom Ballbusters Illustrated Stories
BlackMasters, femdom cuckolding and humiliation!
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By tjryder on 05-23-2012, 04:57 AM
Default Re: Femdom / Bondage / Illustrated Stories

recent additions to midnightx.com

Dommy Mommies and Sissy Boys
Forced Fem, Pants to Panties, Illustrated stories!
gay teen cd tgyrl ladyboy Blackbulls/shemale romance

Buxom Ballbusters Illustrated Stories
BlackMasters, femdom cuckolding and humiliation!

Club Mandingo Beach! Interracial cheating resort comix
Illustrated animated cuckold stories!

Blackowned Wives, Giant Black Bulls and sissified,
chastity-belted hubbies!

Creampies, pantypudding, comix.videos. Cuckold creamies!

Femdom/fm Facesitting Smother Videos.personals.comix

FM/fm Spanking videos!Comix!

Femdom F/fm toiletslave illustrated stories
Home of Audrey, Lesbian toon painpig/ toiletslut extraordinaire.
Videos.comix.forums.stories of Bondage Femdom toiletslavery

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By Sockratease on 05-23-2012, 06:58 AM
Default Re: Femdom / Bondage / Illustrated Stories

This thread is devolving into spam.

There's three times more links than samples!

Not polite...
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By tjryder on 06-02-2012, 06:42 PM
Default Re: Femdom / Bondage / Illustrated Stories

The Dominatrix Next Door!
TJ Ryder
chapter 1

When Billy came home from school that Friday afternoon
he saw the note on the refrigerator from his mom
and sighed! Oh boy! She hadn't forgotten it after all! His
beautiful mother had already left as she had planned
for a weekend workshop and she HAD remembered to leave
a note for the various chores he was supposed to do.

That wouldn't be so bad except for that one chore
his mother always preferred to do on Friday nights,
his Friday Night discipline. His mother had been preparing
for this trip all week and been so busy he figured he
might skate free on that ritual this one time,
albeit with mixed feelings. It was true he did skip
a few of his routine chores because everything was so
crazy and she wasn't around to remind him, but that
also meant that next week he'd get a double dose of

But one glance at the note dashed that mixed feeling
of hope and fear.

"Dear Billy, I should be home on Sunday afternoon.
I left a message for Angie Garber about taking our Friday
session but I haven't got a response so you should call her
when you get home! I told her you need a good whipping so
be a good boy now and I'll be back soon!" followed by a
drawing of a heart. He groaned as he read it again.

One bright spot was that he had been lusting for that
buxom divorcee Mrs Garber since they moved in next door
not to mention her only daughter Hillary was a freshman in the
same high school he went to and just as gorgeous as her
mother. The fantasies increased as the two divorcees
became friends and he learned Mrs Garber was also a
professional, part time dominatrix. He looked at the kitchen
clock, not quite 4 pm, which means he had a chance if he
thought fast.

If somehow he couldn't connect with Mrs Garber he might
just escape his usual Friday night drill! And then he noticed
the blinking light on the Lanline phone on the kitchen wall!

Now, he thought, seeing one message in the last 30
minutes on a phone nobody has used for months, he knew
that had to be Mrs Garber! Hmm, he thought about that.
If he pretended he didn't see the blinking light,.. well
then his mom probably wouldn't believe it for one thing;
and since Mrs Garber is a neighbor he might run into her
this weekend, or she just might have seen him come home
from school and knock on the door. He picked it up and it
was Mrs Garber all right!

"Oh, hi Naomi. I just got your message and can't get
through to your cell so I'm trying your old phone.

"Normally Hillary and I would be just delighted to take Billy
on short notice but being a registered neighborhood
disciplinarian I have to have the correct forms or at
least some written and dated reason for the, um,
corrective action, plus what your goals are for Billy
and his behavior. I know it's awkward but if you could
please fax me something soon I would so appreciate it!"

Billy breathed a sigh of relief,
knowing his mom would not hear this message and therefore
not do the fax. But..... the message continued after
a chuckle.

"Of course, since your'e probably already on the plane
the only person listening to this message is your son Billy,
so this is for you Billy! Why don't you drop by and let's see
if we can straighten this out! Looking forward to seeing you
soon now! (chuckle) CLICK!!!"

"Busted in a recorded message," he groaned.

Now he had recorded evidence on this phone of the date
and time he listened to the message. Okaaayyyyy, he thought,
what's the next move? He's supposed to walk over now so he
went to the living room and peeked through the blinds at the
white house down across the street.

'Waitaminit, ' he thought, no car in the driveway. Mrs. Garber's
black suv was missing! She must be at the market! Think fast!

'I'll go over and leave a note on the door to prove I was
there and say I have to go and help a buddy fix his car.
Charley will back me up!! That'll work for
a while. And then, well...'

He figured they could have schedule conflicts
until she gave up. 'It might actually work!' he decided.

He wrote the note, deliberately blurred a couple numbers
of his cell phone and walked across the street, getting
ready to duck if he saw the SUV coming.

As he opened the front white picket gate, he
looked up and down, little Janey and Diane were playing
hopscotch and then stopped and began giggling!

"Oh Billy, are you another bad boy coming for his
punishment!" the girls laughed.

"Hi Janey, do you know if Mrs Garber is home?"

"I don't know! Are you going to get it Billy? Cuz if
you are we like to listen! We can hear pretty good
by the back basement window, speshully when the boys
start screaming!"

"And crying!" giggled Diane! "Some are grown men too
like Mr Wilson!"

"And begging! I like that best! I bet your'e really
going to get it too! I do hope your'e going to really get it!
Is that right, Billy? And wer'e going to listen to the whole

"I'm going to be a dominatress too when I grow up!"
Diane affirmed with a smile.

"Me too!" Janey echoed.

"Billy, would you ask her if we can come in and watch?

"Look, girls, let me know if you see a big black SUV
would you?"

"Okay Billy!" Janey said.

'Jeez,' he thought as he quietly stepped up
on the wooden porch, 'already bitches!' he muttered
and opened the glass screen door gingerly and
folded and put the note in the jamb and gently closed
the door on it, pinching it in place. Then as he
turned around the door opened and the note fell out!

When he bent down for it the door opened wide
and made a noise. When he was finished tucking it
in again, making sure, he just stepped down the
first step when he heard the front door open and
Hillary's surprised exclamation as the note flew out.

"Oh! Is that you Billy? Would you get that for me,

"Um, sure," he said, as he bent over, and then handed
it to her. Naturally she opened it, looking puzzled.

"Oh, it's for mom!"

"Yeah, Hi Hill, look I have some stuff to do,
um, so... would you show that to your mother and ...!

"Oh she'll be back any moment now! She just went to
the market. Why don't you come in and wait?" She held the
screen door open for him and was looking sooo hot!

He noticed with a groan she had changed after she came
home from school, wearing a ripped, sheer sweatshirt
showing her big, perfect breast cleavage and probably
just some hot pants or maybe just panties.

He stood there, realizing he couldn't
very well NOT enter now, but on the other hand, it looked like
Hillary had no idea what he was here for so that gave him a couple
other scams. After all he was a senior and she only a lowly
freshman. It shouldn't be that hard to con her into being
his unknowing accomplice if he could come up with something

Entering the living room and walking through to the
kitchen, he watched her shapely bottom swaying and then
he groaned, as she opened the regrigerator and bent
down and took out a soft drink.

"Would you like something?"

'Um, n-no thanks!" She shrugged and looked at the note

"Oh, you know, is this about that ad we posted on the market
bulletin board?"

"The ad?" Think, think!

"Well, it was just a 3 x 5 card looking for someone
to help with some remodelling . Daddy used to do that but....!
Anyway, I hope your'e handy and all, and not too expensive,
(giggle) we hope!"

"Oh yeah, sure, Iv'e done everything, all kinds of projects!"

"And you have your own tools? Cuz we don't really have any!"

"Yeah sure," he smiled, feeling confident now. This was dropped
in his lap so he might as well run with it! "Sure, um,
can you give me an idea, like, um, what you want, um done?"

"Yes, sure, let's go downstairs to the (giggle) dungeon!"


She laughed as he followed her to the basement steps.

"You know my mom is a registered disciplinarian, I mean
the whole world knows," she added with a roll of her eyes.

"Um, yes, I did hear something,....umm!"

"Well," she turned on the lights and he looked around
at mostly cement block walls, a work bench and some

"Mom should be here to explain what she wants
but you can see it still looks more like an old rec room
instead of a proper dungeon! But wer'e getting there
don't you think?"

"Um, yeahhh....And this is the, ummm..."

"Whipping rack. We use that a lot,(smile) but we need
to make it more, well, adaptable, and this,
this is, "(giggle) the 'Torture Table'! I know it's an
old maple workbench but you see we added the leather
manacles and the joist, that was a lot of effort!"

He looked at the heavy workbench 7 feet long, with bar
stools on each side, imagining the naked helpless male with his
wrists and ankles manacled to each corner, and right at
groin area a pulley joist dangled overhead. Then he noticed
the wall of whips, pinchers, electric probes, and alcohol
filled jars of pins and needles with rubber grips.

She giggled, "This is my favorite, but only after we use
the other equipment. (Smile) They have to be (giggle)
softened up!"

Billy felt his cock swell, his face get hot, imagining
the two voluptuous women sitting one each side of
their victim in the comfortable padded barstools, their breasts
hanging down, as they alternately teased and tortured.

"Oh, um, so you, um, actually assist your mother!"

"Oh yes, from the beginning!" she said proudly. "It's
a real family business (giggle)!"

"Now over here," she walked to an empty space,
on the concrete floor "Mom wants to do something different!
She marked it in chalk see? This is the puppy training area!
What we call it! You see, after the, well, the first part, when
we think the boy is ready, we need to test and train him
all depending on what his mother or even wife wants!"

He looked over at the props, leashes and collars, dog food bowls,
girly pinafores, french maid costumes, corsets, wigs, a little
makeup table, and riding crops and canes and paddles and, a portable
porta toilet!

She giggled, "you see this is where we finally test our subjects
so it has to be down here, where they can see the equipment
that we just used, and (smile) use again if we are not satisfied!
(giggle) We don't usually have to repeat too much!"

"Um, (groan) yes, of course,... so um, the partition should
be not totally enclosed then?"

"Right, but carpeted or tiled or something, with lacey
stuff all around and some furniture, of course (smile) the
furniture is just for mom and me!"

"I could go back home and get a tape measure and make some

"Sure, and we need, let me see, running water, at least
a hose, oh yes, mom wanted to know if plumbing is possible
at this level!"

"Um, well, ..!" his cock hard, his face hot, he looked
around the room. "It would have to be over in that corner
and um, I'd have to break up the cement floor there too!"

"Oh wow, you DO know all this stuff!"

"Well, like I was saying...!" He heard footsteps
upstairs and Hillary walked to the stairs.

"I told you it wouldn't be long! Wer'e down here, Mom!"
she yelled up!

"Okay sweetheart! Is Billy with you?"

She looked a little puzzled, "How did she know?"

She walked down in hot pants and a sheer low cut
blouse, much like her daughters, and also braless, as her
big breasts swayed as she stepped down in her heels, smiling

"I'm so pleased you came right over, Billy! Hillary has
been showing you our little dungeon?"

Billy blushed as she handed her the note. The woman
smiled at the note, dimples showing, and arched an eyebrow,

"Oh yes, the old note-in-the-door excuse!"

Hillary beamed with delight, "you mean he's a client?
I thought he answered the ad at the market. He seems to
know how to do things, mother!" She looked at Billy and smiled
as she licked her full upper lip. "OOooh your'e a naughty boy!"

"Pretty clever boy too. In fact we might talk later
about my renovation plans, but right now we still have
to straighten out tonight!"

"Aren't we going to punish him, mother?" she
asked anxiously

"Well dear, I've been trying to work it out! I haven't heard
from your mom yet, Billy; but I have left a message on
her cell phone with what I need. All I know is she
she does her discipline on a Friday Night and you needed a
good whipping, but I really need more than that!"

"Ooooohhh!" Hillary sighed, absently fingering a thick
nipple through her sheer sweatshirt.

"But that isn't enough information! What do you think she
means by that, Billy? Why does she do it on Fridays since most
of my clients prefer Saturday nights?"

"Oh she, she's, (trying to think fast) that um, means
a lot of things.(Groan) Sometimes a paddle, a cane, like that!
Wev'e always, um, used Friday night because she wants the marks
gone by school!"

"Tsk tsk, of course she isn't a professional. My marks
are always gone in a couple of days! But I need a reason
for my report!"

"Oh, yes," he realized, 'that's right' Has to have a
reason. That's the key!

"Well, " he smiled, trying to be agreeable and act helpful,
"I know she was real busy all week getting ready for
this trip, and she normally keeps a log book somewhere.
Probably in her purse and she took that with her!" He
asked brightly. He knew his mom never kept a log book so
it's a perfect scam! He could tell his mom when she came home
he looked all over for the book that he thought she kept
but couldn't find it and he was just unable to do what she wanted.

"Well, I could dash home and look for it if you want?" he
asked, trying to be helpful.

"Um huh, hmmmm! Weellll, " she said doubtfully and shaking
her head as she folded her arms under her big breasts.

"I tell you what, Billy, while your'e here, your'e
interested in doing some handyman work? Is that what
I hear?" He nodded quickly with a smile.

"Well, you know, I can't afford to pay much!"

"Oh, whatever you think is okay is fine!"

"Well, then, I checked the airline schedule and
your mom really should have arrived by now and gotten my message
so I'm sure she's very busy and I don't want to disturb her any more!"

"Oh mom!" whined Hillary. "Let's call her again!
I'd just love to do Billy and he's right here and we have all night!"

He trembled at that.

"Sorry dear, it looks like another time would be more convenient!"

Trying not to look relieved, Billy shrugged.

"Well, if that's what...you think...I guess!"

"Good, now before you go, we might as well talk about my
ideas for this room!"

Feeling relieved and trying not to smile, he followed her to the
whipping rack, actually just three sturdy beams with eye bolts in them.

"You see Billy, the problem? How can I make it more flexible!
How tall are you by the way?"

"Um, 6 ft, ma'am!"

"Could you just stand there and see if you can touch
the eyebolts?"

He tried to, but his buttoned shirt bunched up.

"Go ahead and take it off, we don't mind!"

"Wer'e used to seeing naked males!" Hillary smiled
but also then frowned, having her hopes dashed..

Stripped to the waist and just wearing shorts and sandals
he reached up and shook his head.

"Yes, I see!" Angie said. "Can you put your wrists through the
manacles and see if it helps!"

"Um, Okay" he said, looking up! "I can see the problem,
ma'am, with the manacles; anyone much taller than me
couldn't really stretch out!" Hillary came by and attached
heavy leather manacles to his wrists without much interest.
He shivered, thinking how many men had writhed in the sweat stained
thick leather.

"Then how would you fix it?"

"Well," he said looking up at the ceiling..."You need to
get the eyebolts a lot higher, attach them right to the floor joists!"

Mrs Garber stood back with her hands on her shapely hips,
her big breasts arched out, her nipples already hard.

"Really?" Do you think you could do that while your'e here?"

"Oh sure. I mean I can screw them in, but someone has to mark
the spot for me while I stand on the floor on my toes!"

"Of course, Hillary, go get a stool and a piece of chalk
would you please?"

She looked totally disinterested and was thinking of
going back upstairs and watching television,

"Oh, come on, why bother doing it now, mom?" She then saw her
mom's expression and thought better of it and got the chairs and
pushed them in front of Billy.

"No, dear, you need the stool for yourself to stand on!"

After a bit of measuring, Mrs Garber giving instructions on
just where she wanted him, Hillary brushing her bare downy belly and
soft skin against him, making him shiver with lust, finally they had
the marks.

Billy picked up two eye bolts and a hammer and a screwdriver
to turn them. And stood on a chair, reaching up with his hands as
high as he could to touch the heavy floor joists still with his manacles
attached so he could test it...!

"Careful honey," her mom told her luscious daughter who
stood on the stool close to Billy, and she raised herself carefully,
moving up his body, her sheer sweatshirt and warm firm globelike
breasts brushing his body up to his face, making him groan.

"Is that the spot, dear?"

"Not sure, mom, reach out with the manacles on your wrists, Billy!
Let me take the ends!" With a little effort and a lot of time with her
lush body against his face.

"That's perfect mom, right there!"

"Good, now mark the spots about 3 feet from each other.
I like the boys to be spread out a little," she smiled.

Reaching up, he got the first screw in, straining and beginning
to sweat. Hillary had to stay on the stool until he got the second one
in. As he twisted himself, with a little grunting, he screwed the
second eyebolt in.

"You may come down now, honey! Now what do you think Billy, are
they tight?"

He was conscious his hardon was pushing out his shorts as both women
were aware of it, but he nodded. "Yes ma'am!" He knew
his face was flushed with the exertion and Hillary's closeness.

Mrs Garber wanted to make sure.
"Really? Let me see, could anyone break loose?"

Shaking his head, he showed how that was impossible. "King Kong
couldn't get loose Mrs Garber!"

After a few minutes, Mrs Garber stood back.
"Are the manacles tight now, honey?"

"Yes mmmmoooommmmm!" she said as she stood on a stool,
her breasts nearly in Billy's face, her bare belly showing.
He was getting a hardon pushing out his shorts and he couldn't
help it.

"Excellent," she smiled, "Hillary would you come down now and
remove the chair and stool please?"

With just the balls of his feet now supporting him on the cement
floor, his shoulders and arms stretched up to bolts by his leather
manacles, he watched the women rearrange the furniture, thinking they
may have forgotten his situation now!

"Um, excuse me ma'am?" he forced a smile as she paused and turned
with a little smile.

"Oh do you need something, Billy? Like some water before we

"Um, what? Um, no thanks, you see ma'am!" He smiled weakly and
shook the heavy manacles. "See, I mean I can't get out of
these manacles by myself!"

Hillary nodded and was about to get a chair when her mother spoke.

"Oh, I know that, Billy," she smiled. She walked closer
to him, her soft hand running down his shoulder, as he breathed
in her exciting fragrance and her big warm breasts brushing him.

"I want you to know we really appreciate your helping like
this Billy!"

"N-no thanks needed, ma'am!" He could now
feel his erection in his shorts brushing her body.

"But, the fact is, " she smiled with the tip of her tongue
running along her upper lip, "well, we can't let our gratitude
influence your punishment session. That wouldn't be very professional
now would it?"

"Mother?" Hillary gasped, her hand to her mouth!

He stammered... "B-but...you said...paperwork, t-t-the fax!"

"Oh, well," she smiled, licking her upper lip so much
like her voluptuous daughter.

"Oh don't be concerned about that about the paperwork,
Billy! You see I received a very nice detailed fax from your mother
almost instantly.... You know youv'e been such a bad boy trying to avoid
this even though it's been so amusing to watch! Tsk Tsk, but that does
give Hillary and me such a free hand now!"

"Oooohhh yesss!" Hillary breathed.

"But.. but...then... why.....!"

"Oh well, the first time with a clever and strong young man like
you, Billy, I think it's always safer to use a little

"(Giggle) Look at his expression now, mother!"

"Yes, but the main thing it's so much fun, seeing the subjects'
expression when they realize it too late! I never tire of it!"

"Mmmm, you COULD have let me in on it, mother!" Hillary felt.

"I just didn't have time, darling, but don't worry,
after tonight," she cooed, moving her hand down to his
involuntary swelling, her palm cupping his erection,
making him groan,

"Billy won't need any persuasion or tricks. We will have
him nicely tamed by then, won't we?"

"Thoroughly tamed," Hillary snickered. Her mother
released his genitals and stepped back with her hands
on her hips, a smug smile on her full lips, becoming more
business like!

"Strip him dear, and then manacle his ankles!"

"Love to!" she gushed. When she was close to him
and slipped down his shorts, and then seeing his bulge
in his underwear, she whispered,

"Your'e really going to get it now!" she teased

Then when she slipped them down, seeing
his full balls and big erection, she took a deep breath,
her young nipples hard, her pussy already damp,
and he watched her look with a smile at the
workbench. Then he heard the muffled giggle of girls
from a basement window.

************************************************** ***

Continued in complete illustrated story along with dozens of
other Femdom stories!
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By tjryder on 08-23-2012, 01:53 PM
Default Re: Femdom / Bondage / Illustrated Stories

This complete story is now also available as a download ebook
for only a few dollars from http://www.tabooreading.com/shop.htm?cat=YI
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By tjryder on 09-03-2012, 01:39 PM
Default Re: Femdom / Bondage / Illustrated Stories

Breakdown to Breakdown FF/mm
TJ Ryder

A femdom- toiletslave- bdsm story

(preface! A Europa Femdom colony story!
Background! After the federation's economic collapse and the colony
on the planet Europa was just begun, it was discovered that males reaching
puberty needed a protein that was only found in the milk and waste
products of females at puberty through to menopause. This biological
condition led to inevitable social adaptation over time. Leading to
males becoming subservient and smaller over the three
generations until regular commerce renewed between Earth and its now
Femrule counter part and members of both societies began to emigrate
back and forth.)

One such young emigre who passed the standards of acceptance because
Europa needed emigrants possessing needed skills was a young teacher
trying to commute back in his old jeep to his apartment after a long week .

Timmy was a 23 year old, high school teacher in the city but one
of his duties was bringing state tests and regulations to the isolated
communities in his school district that preferred to home school their
children. And since new employees are always given the shit assignments
in any occupation, he grumbled as he considered all he was given was mileage,
which didn't cover the wear and tear on his old vehicle.

The other problem was the fact simply because he was a male, a
foreign male with an odd accent he was trying to fix, in a part of a
planet that had been aggressively femdom. Some of the families he
visited were more interested in keeping their kids from associating
with the more liberal views toward males, and a couple of his visits were
definitely less than welcoming. The fact was that with membership
in the Federation again, both males and females had to pass the same
tests and be able to vote. Some women who met him in the door were so
entrenched in femdom run households they couldn't accept what he was
saying, just because he was a male.

Between the recession on Earth and the fact that he was selected
because of his ability to fit in as a male on Europa he smiled ironically
at the idea of being irritated by the occasional femdom head of a
household. He was still getting adjusted to the ultimate form of
slavery as a male, having to eat and drink the waste products of a female.
Yes, his psych profile showed submissiveness thanks to
his dominant mother and sister, but the casual upfront way it was
presented here as part of normal society still stunned him.

And he was hungry and thirsty, having not eaten since morning.
He had thought he packed enough food to last the trip but he was
running out.H e could drink water to hydrate and he had a thermos.
He also had an emergency packet of Europa's version of 'fast food'
for males. Processed fibrous chunks of, well, dried
female waste. Horrible tasting! Ugh, he thought. And too expensive to
use unless it was an actual emergency. Not as expensive as two
refrigerated bottles in his cooler of woman's breast milk he'd
been having. Every process from an female's body from puberty to
menopause provided the protein that allowed digestion for males
between puberty and the age of around 50.

Richest was breast milk, Second was female orgasmic fluid.
Some in urine. But most content was in fecal matter.
Fresh bowel movements! The first colony almost disappeared with
all the adult males until they found a 'solution'.

Then when the early federation hadn't collapsed, it was used as
a prison planet for adult males, adding to the female
dominant culture. Then when the first depression hit and space
travel too expensive, the prisoners
interbred, and the culture adapted again.

Still almost an hour away from the city he got a little panicky as he
heard his engine rattle. Was there a garage nearby? He took a
turn that seemed to enter a town but it was only a general store.
Thinking he saw a sign in the distance, the rattle increasing in
volume, he drove down into a valley and noticed the sign was for a dairy
farm. He decided to stop the engine and look at the map.

Wow, no town for maybe 25 miles and he knew he wouldn't make it!
Not having cell service either as he looked at his phone, he looked
and saw a big farmhouse a few hundred yards away. The big house
probably had a lan line. In fact he saw someone riding a tractor
and some kids around. There was a mail box on the edge of the long

Mmmmm, Victoria, Jones!

That was typical of a femdom family; the matriarch's first name,
and then the last name.

The name sounded familiar though! This was still part of his
school district even though some kids had a long bus ride.
The tractor had stopped and an attractive young woman had
gotten off nearby as she waved over at him.

"Hi mister, are you lost?" She yelled from the other side of
a split rail fence!

"Not really, ' he yelled back as he got out of the jeep.

"Just my jeep needs work and I need a telephone!" He didn't like
the way the girl shook her head at that information, her blonde hair
swishing. She was attractive even in her dungarees and flannel shirt
pushing out impressive breasts. Another thing about
Europa was the change in the women, getting bigger and bustier, as
the males got proportionally smaller and thinner and meeker.
He was selected because at only 5'4" and thin and no beardline
he filled the ideal image of the Europa male.

No matter what the age, he learned, there were no men on Europa,
only boys! No matter what job a male had in
the city or on the farm, once he was inside with the women,
he was a boy again, usually with a leash and collar! Some natives
had trouble with that and emigrated to Earth, and vice versa, like him.

He got out of the jeep and walked over to her, smiling politely
as she was also smiling.

"Hi, I'm...!"

"My sister's math teacher, Mister Johnson!" she giggled.

"Oh, I thought the name on the mailbox was familiar!"

"Well, teacher, I'm afraid there is no garage except Floyd's
and he doesn't do service calls after 5. So I guess unless you want
to spend the night in your jeep you'd better come on up to the house!"

She climbed over the fence and he saw some sweet cleavage.

"I'm Daphne by the way, my sister is Tiffanny!" she said with a
little smirk, knowing he had looked at her tits as she bent over
the fence.

"Pleased to meet you!"

"I'd better go on up with you, mom is a little cautious around
new boys!"

He appreciated that, and when they got to the door, Tiffanny yelled
she had a visitor. "So everyone is wearing some clothes!" she
smiled with the explanation..

He saw a teenage girl walk by and two rather young girls.
A buxom woman in her late thirties came out from the back with an
interested expression on her pretty face.

"Mom, this is Mr Johnson, Tiff's math teacher, and his car has
broken down!"

She nodded, shaking her head also.

"Well, it's nice to meet you, Mr Johnson," she held out her
strong hand and he shook.

"Even under these circumstances! You'll have to stay overnight because
our only local mechanic with a tow truck will not drive after dark
and he's too stubborn to get new glasses!"

"Unless one of the boys might know how to fix it!" Daphne said.

"Well," (smile) "Possibly Lloyd, although theyr'e all going to be
rather, (laugh) busy tonight!"

Daphne giggled, "Friday night is for the girls in our house,
Mr. Johnson! Well, (smile) it's always for the girls here but Friday
night is kind of special!"

"Oh, " he said, concerned now. "I'm familiar with the Friday night
custom even in the city, ma'am. If I'm intruding please let me know.
I mean if I could just borrow a blanket and some water I'll be fine in
my jeep!"

The woman shook her head. "I wouldn't hear of it! Please come into
the living room and sit down. Can I get you a cup of tea?"

"Thank you, that would be very nice!" Daphne went out to get it.

The woman sat across from him, crossing her shapely legs in her
short skirt.

"Tiffanny tells me your'e a good teacher!"

"I, um, well, I'm trying!"

"And your'e am emigre! How are you adjusting? Some boys don't
last too long!"

"I think all right so far. This week Iv'e been assigned to cover
the district with some state forms and tests!"

"Oh, yes, the home-schooled. We have some ladies with their
daughers coming tonight. My sister is coming because I'm hosting the
Friday Night Fun this week!"

Daphne came out with a cup on a saucer and he thanked her. Daphne sat
on the sofa, pulling her legs up under her sweet bottom, showing
cleavage again. He had been blueballed all week and now this!

"You are familiar with Friday Night Fun here, Mr. Johnson?"

"um, yes, and please call me Timmy!" He looked around,
"I was kind of wondering where the males were!"

"Yes," she nodded, "that's another reason why wer'e not used to
having, well, strange males around. My boys are all grown and work
in the mines on swing shifts like many of the families in this valley.
Tonight the bus will drop them off and wer'e, well, having a special
kind of welcoming party!"

Daphne laughed. "Wer'e not used to strange males, especially
on Friday Nights!"

Victoria nodded with a smile. "I'm afraid wer'e not as, well,
sophisticated as city people, Mr. Johnson! Here in the valley wer'e
used to being ourselves with the same people wev'e known all our lives!
And yes, we are a very femdom community, especially how we train
our males!"

"Oh, that's right," Daphne said. "We haven't asked you about
whether you need food or anything, Mr. Johnson! We don't have any
lactating mothers and most of us relieve ourselves in the morning!"

"Thank you, Daphne. Wer'e such poor hosts here! It's kind of
late in the day for most of us, myself included, but let me ask the
other girls and see if anyone has to go!" Daphne got up with a smile,
saying she'd take care of that.

"Please, um, don't go to any trouble!"

"Oh, it's not a trouble, it's our duty actually. We love to
feed boys and I think it's a good way to break the ice, so to speak!
Perhaps afterwards you'd like to participate tonight!"

He felt his cock swell at the idea and crossed his legs.
Also a faint blush to his face, which pleased the woman.

"Well, um, when you say Friday Night fun, I was wondering...!"

"Oh yes, like many families our males are away or working hard
all day, and we girls like to, well, re establish things, as it were.
So by doing it on Friday night, we girls have a party, and the boys
have a couple of days to recover (smile)! I think that's pretty
common in the city too!"

"Um, yes ma'am!"

Daphne returned with a smile. Her mother asked her if she had
any luck!

"Well, yes, two girls, Heather and Emily!"

"Emily, well....!" she sounded doubtful. Timmy noticed movement to
the left and two girls walked in, one holding the younger one's hand.
The older girl was a very pretty blonde in her late teens,
but the other was younger, and shy.

Heather bent her head as Emily giggled and whispered in her ear.

She smiled, nodding, and spoke softly to Victoria but also looking
at Timmy.

"Emily says she will need to go as soon as she eats something but
she's never used a boy she hasn't seen reduced before and your'e a stranger.
Your'e familiar with that expression?" He blushed slightly and nodded.

"Oh, really honey?" she asked the girl. "You don't think you could
use Mr Johnson here otherwise?"

"No ma'am!" she said quietly, half hiding behind Heather.

"How about you, Heather?"

"Well,... I could I suppose, but I do think Emily is right!
Iv'e never done it to a totally new boy either!"

"Maybe a little session would be a good idea; is that all right
with you, Mr. Johnson?"

He gasped, "reduced...!"

"Yes," she smiled, "a nice discipline session first so everyone can
feel more comfortable with you! Wer'e doing all the boys one after the
other tonight anyway so you would just be the first! The fact is,"
she lowered her voice and nodded at the kitchen where several other
women were gathered preparing for the party.

"Just your sitting here, fully dressed, well, is creating a little
awkwardness, especially for tonight! I mean," she smiled, ...

"I would like to introduce you to the
other ladies, but they would be very uncomfortable, um, as you are!"

Conflicted by desires, he knew he would be an ungrateful guest and
probably bad for his career if he declined.

"Um, of course, it's a good solution, thank you!" All the women
smiled. Victoria asked Emily if that would fix things up and she could
use him! The girl pulled Heather's hand and whispered in her ear again.
Heather chuckled and smiled.

"She doesn't understand why he's not already naked!"
All the women laughed while Timmy blushed.

"Just be patient, honey," she told the girl who was now boldly
smiling with anticipation as she looked at Timmy and Victoria turned
to Heather.

"Do you have time dear?"

"I want to do him too," Emily protested. "Iv'e never done a
teacher before!"

"Just wait honey, Heather?" But the teenager was walking to
the kitchen.

"Sorry aunt Vickie, I would love to but mom wants me to help her!
Hope to see you later, sir!" she said with an amused expression.

The woman looked at Emily and shook her head. "And no, Emily,
you are not old enough to do him by yourself!"

"I know that but Mom will help me! Let me go get her! We do
ALL the boys!"

After she dashed off to the other room, Victoria sat back down.

"Wer'e all very busy getting ready, Mr. Johnson, but don't worry,
we'll work something out for you!"

"Yes, u-um, thank you!" he said, feeling kind of ridiculous.
just then he heard high heels tapping on the hardwood floor as Emily
led another woman in by pulling her hand. The new woman protested

"What are you talking about honey? I didn't hear any bus!"

Timmy and Victoria both rose to greet her as the mid thirties
blonde stopped at the entrance of the room. Timmy's mouth opened as
he gaped at her. An older version of Emily, super stacked, pouty full
lips, but wearing a tiny black, leather, thong bikini and riding boots.
This bombshell immediately gave his long deprived groin a jolt.

"There he is mother, and wer'e going to do him tonight!
And he's a teacher and he's so cute!"

"Barbara," Victoria smiled, "this is Timmy Johnson, Tiffanny's
teacher at school, whose car has broken down and will be staying with
us for a while!"

"Oh, I see," she smiled, walking over, "I thought...well," she
walked over and they shook hands.

"I'm very pleased to meet you, madame!" he smiled submissively.

She smiled, squeezing his hand, "I am so pleased to meet you
too, Timmy!"

She dropped the handshake and looked at Victoria!
"Emily is all excited,.... so you want a reduction!" Timmy noticed
she didn't ask him.

"Would you mind very much, dear? Probably be another hour at least
before the other boys arrive!" The woman smiled over at Timmy.

"I'd be happy to, and in any case Emily would go crazy if I didn't!"
The teenager squealed with pleasure and clapped her hands.

"Want us to use the dungeon?" she laughed as she explained to
Timmy. "Vickie has a very elaborate basement!" He just weakly shrugged
with a smile. Victoria had an objection to that.

"Um, well, I don't know. What if the bus arrives and your'e not
finished? Hmmm, would you mind using one of the rooms upstairs?
The large bathroom is all set up. That's what we used before we did
over the basement!"

"I remember, oh sure, that will work just fine!" When she turned and
when Timmy saw her gorgeous botton in that tiny thong he tried not to get hard.
She clicked on her heels a little more smugly than she came in, he thought,
as she opened a drawer near the front door.

"Vickie, the only thing I need is another couple of collars.
I only brought enough for my two boys!"

Vickie walked over and opened some more drawers to help her, and looked
back over at Timmy, sizing him up.

"Mr Johnson, would you please come over and help us find the
right size?"

"(Gulp), oh, sure, of c-course!" 'size for what?'

He watched the two womens' backs as they pulled things out of
drawers, as the blonde turned and smiled.

"Oh, of course, right, (laugh) please take all your clothes off Mister

Timmy gasped as Emily giggled, standing sideways to him so she could

Soon he was down to his undershorts as he laid the clothes and
shoes and socks on a chair seat, as all three women turned and looked
at him. He wished he didn't have a half boner, and those big swollen
balls! Emily giggled and snickered as he pulled them off. Barbara
looked at his genitals and bit her lip and turned her gorgeous
backside as she rummaged around some more, but she handed back a pair
of handcuffs.

"Emily honey!"

"Yes mom!" she smiled as she took them. She moved in back of Timmy.

"OOOOo, mother, just look at those smooth white buttcheeks, just

The two older women busily discussed and selected things
that Timmy couldn't see.

"Just pay attention to the job at hand, honey!" she said over her
smooth naked shoulder.

"Yes mom," Emily intoned. "Put your hands behind you teacher!"

He groaned but obeyed, there was no choice! CLICK! Now he was

"Try this one, honey!" She handed her a dog collar with a big ring.

The girl told him to bend down so she could put it on, giving the
ring a little tug with a smile. Both women turned then with another
kind of leather collar in each of their hands, smiling as both looked
at his genitals.

He groaned and blushed. Victoria said, "that one I think!"
to the one in Barbara's left hand.

Barbara stooped a little, her big full breasts near him as he
felt her warm fingers, as he looked down, and then he got hard!
Emily squealed with pleasure and Barbara chuckled, as he felt her warm
fingers cup his swollen balls and lock the belt making sure both balls
were trapped, then made sure the ring was in the front.

She stood up and gave his erection a little slap, enough to make him
wince as Emily giggled as she looked into his eyes, seeing his reaction.
His erection softened but inflated again. She smiled.

"I think one leash is enough now, don't you?" She clipped the ring
to his testicle harness and lightly lifted him up onto the balls of
his feet as he tried to keep his balance.

"Mmmmfffffpppp!" Timmy grunted.

"Your'e only bringing him upstairs, Mom," Emily teased.

"You can never be too careful with new boys, honey. Remember that!"

"Yes, mooommmmmmm!" Barbara smiled at Timmy and gave a slight
shrug as if to say 'children'.

"Have a good time!" Victoria said as Barbara held the leash as she
half turned to the stairwell, already tugging his ballsac out as he quickly
took a half step to keep slack in the line.

"Oh Vickie, what do you want him to be when wer'e finished?"

"Depends on how long you are! If the boys haven't arrived by
then, make him either a maid or the coffee table!"

Timmy looked in the direction of Victoria's nod and saw the heavy
long narrow wooden coffee table in the living room had leather manacles
attached to each leg. He gasped at the thought of laying naked, exposed
and facing upward as a group of gorgeous women sat around him.

"Okay," Barbara smiled, "Come on then, Mr. Johnson!" she said as
he watched her incredible thong bottom as she made the first step on the
stairs, with Emily following, giggling with anticipation.

He entered the large tiled bathroom as Barbara led him into it.

"Let's see now, if they left some manacles in the cabinet.
Just stand right there Mr Johnson!" As if he could otherwise!

She was pleased to see a bunch of props in there, as she took a
handful out, as he watched. A ping pong paddle, crop, flexible
plastic ruler, (gasp) a heavy leather strap with a slit tail, and
cock and ball cat of nine tails, a ball gag.

She smiled and put the ball gag back.

"I guess we don't need that! The ladies downstairs expect some
sweet sounds from in here and we wouldn't want to disappoint them!"

Emily carried a stool into the bathroom and to his surprise
she set it in the middle of the big bathtub. She began to unbutton
her blouse and he gaped, seeing her youthful but firm, swaying big
breasts. When she was topless, wearing only shoes and panties,
she stepped into the bathtub and sat on the stool facing out.
She liked him trying not to stare at her breasts.

Barbara moved Timmy over to face her anxious daughter and recuffed
his wrists to the sturdy steel shower rod. Then she undid his genital
harness, as he was naked in front of the girl, only a few feet away.
He could tell now he was totally secure by the feel of the steel rod!

"Any questions or needs before we begin, Mister Johnson!"
she cheerfully asked as she laid out equipment across the sink and the
closed lid toilet.

"Let me know if you need to drink some water at any time!"

"Um!" he could only see Emily as she shivered with anticipation
and cupped each breast, licking her full lips.

"Um, ah, um, madame... the girl, Emily...are you sure that...!"

"Don't be concerned about Emily's age, Mr. Johnson.
She loves to watch from the front! And don't be ashamed to scream or
anything like breaking down either! Because we're used to it.
And we expect it! And, well, (smile) you will anyway.
And, (giggle) Emily would be soo disappointed if you didn't!"

"You do too, mom! And I want to do something too, you know!"

"Not till after he's broken honey! You know the rules!"

"Well I want to do his front! Iv'e never done a teacher's front
before, especially this," she grinned and leaned forward and slapped
his erection!

"Gasp" he moaned, "But, don't you think your'e, um, well, aren't
you're a little young, honey?"

"Are you embarassed to break down in front of a girl her age,
Mr Johnson!"

"(Giggle)I think he is, "Emily giggled, "isn't he! I think
he's cute!" Timmy gasped as the girl reached out and cupped his heavy
testicles, appraising them and then squeezing. He groaned and
writhed a little, helpless with his wrists tied.

"Your'e afraid of breaking down before a girl whose butt your face
will be in before we leave!" The thought was the trigger that coupled
with Emily's small soft hands created a massive swollen erection to
spring up.

Emily squealed with delight as her fingers ran over his pulsing

"Oooh you naughty boy," she cooed, "it's true, you want to worship
my bottom, don't you?" She leaned forward and slapped him across his
face as hard as her small frame could, making his cheek turn red and
tears come to his eyes.

WHACK!! OOOHHHHHH! She smiled at his surprised reaction, and
then leaned back, one hand pinching a nipple, and the other under her
panties as she spread her smooth thighs.

Barbara put her small hand running over his white unmarked butt

"Mmmm, should I manacle his feet!" she wondered out loud.

"Oh no, mother, no! I just love to see them dance!"

"I guess your'e right, honey. I do too! Now try not to cum until
wer'e together later!"

"You should talk!"

Barbara stepped back several feet and picked up a heavy
split tail leather strap, sing as she though of what those leather
tails would do to all that unmarked smooth white skin, cupping one of
her big breasts as her tongue moistened her full lips.

"Come on, mom, come on....!"

"Wait, I forgot something!" she turned and opened the bathroom

"Vickie wanted a concert after all!" Emily giggled and whispered
and leaned forward.

"Everyone's going to hear you screaming and begging, teacher! Soon!
And when we parade you down afterwards, won't you grateful to us!"

He tensed, hearing Barbara take a few practice swishes, and then,
heard a swish.

WHACK! The searing pain took him by surprise by its intensity,
making him cry out!" The scream tore from his throat making Emily gasp
with surprise and pleasure.

Recovering, already beginning to perspire, he clenched his jaw,
tensed his muscles. Three more whacks, at thirty second intervals at
the same power, and he just grunted, trying not to break. Emily's face
went from pleasure to irritation as the methodical strapping continued.

His legs twisted a little and he forced them to be still, sweat
dripping into his eyes. Red streaks across his buttocks, the top of
his thighs, his back, he bit his lip trying not to scream, twisting
in the manacles.

Emily's hands had dropped to grip the edge of the stool as she
sat upright, her face now of worry and concern.

"Mmmmmooooooooommmmmmmm?" she whined.

Barbaba said, a little breathless from swinging the heavy strap!

"Just be patient, honey!" She paused, counting off the interval,
and swung again.


"Oh, go faster and harder, mom!"

"Patience takes practice honey!"

Emily watch two more strokes land, one wicked one across
his butt that drew blood.

Timmy writhed. "ARRRGHHHHHH!"

The next one he was still recovering, so Barbara waited an extra

WHACK! (sob, sob, pl--please sob) he blubbered.

WHACK! He twisted like a puppet and his shriek filled the house!

Both mother and daughter feasted on the sight and sound for a
a couple minutes.

The next one she delivered elicited an even louder shriek as he
twisted and writhed.

Emily leaned back in her stool, idly pinching each hard nipple,
as she licked her lips and drank it in! Her smug expression with her
half closed eyes, running one finger over the wet clit bulge in her
soaked panties, just like her mother's crotch was dripping.

"mmmm, that's right teacher! Go ahead and twist and shout for us,
we love to hear it. And just imagine, wev'e barely begun, (sigh)"

Downstairs the women in the kitchen all paused for each stroke,
ing and smiling each other as several had their hands on their
damp panties, fingering their clits, breathing in the sweet sounds,
in between their chatter.

Victoria also was sing with the sounds and Heather came by
noticing her hand in her panties.

"What a good idea, Aunt Vickie! Background music!"

The women all laughed.

Victoria chuckled. "Poor Mister Johnson! This is his second
breakdown of the day and the night is young!"


Continued in upcoming complete profusely illustrated story at


Buxom Ballbusters Illustrated Stories
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Teen Torturess! Tiffanny the Tease in upcoming story!

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crossdressing illustrated ebooks!

Buxom Ballbusters Illustrated Stories
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Coming attractions
Buxom Ballbusters Illustrated Stories
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Some illustrated femdom books are available now as
downloadable ebooks. Check it out!


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wallpaper samples pix from last couple years

Dommy Mommies and Sissy Boys
Forced Fem, Pants to Panties, Illustrated stories!
gay teen cd tgyrl ladyboy Blackbulls/shemale romance

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New Story out at midnightx.com

Buxom Ballbusters Illustrated Stories
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Sequel to The Teacher Trap, Femrule Prison, is in the works.

Buxom Ballbusters Illustrated Stories
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Default Story: Sleepover at Billy's House!

Sleepover at Billy's House
Ch 1
TJ Ryder

Billy's been my friend since the first year of Junior high when we
were assigned to the same home room, otherwise I'd never have known him
since he lived a mile away. Anyway we had homeroom and half of our
classes together plus a lot of common interests so we started hanging
out. One of those common interests was girls and naughty pictures. So
when he stayed over at my house I showed him my secret playboy collection
stolen from a neighbor's trash and also showed him how to beat off!
He thought that was pretty cool.

In fact I had only learned how myself a few months earlier so now I had
a constant boner every afternoon in class and first thing I did when I
got home was take out Issue # 23 or if I felt more literate, Peyton Place
pages 247 and 321. My neighbor Mr Franklin always dropped his old magazines
in the trash when he got new ones so I traded Billy some of my Playboys for
some of his Plasticville train set buildings, our other common interest.

My first sleepover at his house I met his mom and younger sister
and it had to be a Saturday night instead of Friday because of
religious problems, is how he put it. I didn't know any religion
that had a problem with Fridays and I didn't have the feeling
either of our parents were particularly religious. But his mom was really
hot for someone her age and by he way she dressed, kind of a tease.

In fact I beat off to her memory a couple of times, but of course I
could beat off to National Geographic cover then. The other odd thing was
Billy's his train set was in his room instead of the basement like most
train freaks. I had 3 4x8 sheets of plywood in my basement covered by trains
and buildingsand mountains that I was constantly modifying or fixing up
after a battle that I'd simulate damage caused by an enemy tank by using my
BB gun!

He said his parents had parties in the basement usually on Friday
nights so it would be too much work to take it down and put it up

When he slept over at my house the first time he for some reason
became smitten with my obnoxious older sister, Jane, and when I ribbed him
about that he retorted that his little sister Rachel also liked me!

Anyway one monday he seemed a little subdued, said he had a cold, and
maybe he did because he had a note excusing him from phys ed.
A week went by and I didn't get an invitation to got to his house
even after school for a bit and he blew off my invitation, so I finally
had enough and stopped him in the parking lot, and he looked sorry
and said his sister Rachel caught him jacking off and told his
mother and then it was all hell to pay!

I didn't know any boy who didn't beat off by then so I thought that was
harsh but I hadn't been caught yet because I didn't have a snoopy little
sister either.

After another month, his mom seemed to relent. Billy's father was
kind of nebbish-like I thought but he had a father. My mom and dad
were divorced and I hardly ever saw my real dad. Anyway, I was over
at his place on a Saturday sleepover and we were hanging out in his
room and I asked him if he wanted any more Playboys because I had
brought some in a backpack thinking I'd trade him for a plastic
train station.

He immediately got up and shut the door to his room telling me
to hush. Then his ear was at the door and he was totally still until
he was satisfied nobody had heard anything.

"Whoa," he laughed, "don't do that again, okay? I'm just beginning
to get some slack since the last time!"

"Are they still pissed about that?"

"Oh yeahhhh! Mom, my aunt Beth! No more Playboys, ever, okay?"

"Okay, okay! Sheesh! So how do you get off now? I could get off
just from thinking of your aunt Beth. (I didn't mention I could get off
from his mom too)"

He nodded thoughtfully, then laughed at something and then
when he moved back, I noticed him pick up a pillow to put on his desk

"So, listen, " I said, lowering my voice, "what's going on?"

"Okay, I'll tell you, but never tell anyone else, okay? I got
spanked, okay? It's not a big deal!"

"Wow, that isn't from a month ago is it?"

"No stupid, last night! I get it every Friday night. Every male in
my family gets it every Friday night! It's like a tradition. I knew
about it of course, but Mom said except for occasional behavior
discipline, it doesn't become a tradition until I get to, well,
you know, puberty, beating off!"

I gaped at that. "Who does it?"

"The women, dummy, even my younger sister cuz Mom says girls mature
earlier than boys!"

"Oh, that's why you can't put the train set in the basement!"

"Yeah, we have the only place, so my two aunts and their males
come over to use it. They have it all fixed up! Like a dungeon out of
a movie! You should see it!"

"I gotta see it!" He shook his head.

"Come on!" I urged.

"Nope, no chance!"

"Yeah right, so it's all BS isn't it?"

"Okay, why do you think I have a note excusing me from phys ed on

"You wrote it yourself!"

He frowned, "okay smarty!" then he turned and slipped down his
jeans and shorts, and I saw two bright red moons.

"Wow!" was all I could say.

"If it hasn't faded by Monday Mom writes a note, but she said she's
going to get my phys ed rescheduled until Tuesday because of some
schedule problem!" He slipped up his jeans and gingerly sat down
on the cushion.

"Actually that will probably fade by Monday morning because I didn't
get caned last night! Mom uses a special lotion too!"

"Wow, I bet that hurt!"

"You bet, but just a spanking isn't too bad! Dad always gets
worse, and uncle Fred, and my two cousins, wow, what they do with them!
And then of course there's the games they play, before and after!"

"The good thing is I get to see all the women mostly naked!" he
added with a sly smile!

I got an instant hardon at that! But no matter what I said or
offered as a trade, I didn't get to sneak down and look in the

A couple months later his mom was going out of town and Billy was
going to sleep over at my place Friday and Saturday while we worked on
a school project and his mom and my mom had already talked a few
times. My mom liked Billy much more than my other friends! Mainly
because he was so obedient and polite and got better grades and
never got in trouble at school. So I was blown away when I came
in the back door while she was folding laundry and she asked me
about spanking Billy when he came over later!

Stunned, I just stood there!

"Um, what did you just say, mom?"

Still folding towels, her round bottom in hot pants as she
bent over the dryer, she turned her head. "Didn't I mention that
his mother asked me to do his Friday night spanking since she'll be
out of town?"

"Um, noooo!" Billy didn't mention it to me either and I
saw him less than half an hour ago! "You know about their Friday
night stuff?"

"Oh yes, Naomi told me all about it. She figured since you boys
were close she might as well. And it certainly seems to be doing
well for Billy!" she added with a slightly accusatory tone. I had
no defense against that.

I didn't know what to say to that. "Well, um, so let me get this
straight! YOU are going to spank Billy?"

She turned and smiled, "I just told you that, honey!"

"Does he know?"

"I assume so! I'm sure Naomi told him. She gave me detailed
instructions. Of course we don't have their playroom but I told
her we would make do!"

"You, you know about their basement?"

"Of course, Naomi took me on a tour a couple weeks ago when I
had to come pick you up during that rainstorm!" This was too much
to take in so I numbly walked up to my room. Half an hour later
my sister yelled that he was at the back door. Mom was out
probably shopping so I went down and opened the garage so he could
put his bike away and he came up to my room with his backpack.
I couldn't keep it in any longer.

"Hey, did you know my mom is going to spank you tonight?"

"Sure, mom told me already! You don't mind do you?"

"Mind? um, no! I don't mind, it's just I'm a little surprised!"

He was looking at my latest comic books.

"Are you crazy or am I?" I remarked.

"Why?" he casually asked. I gave up and suggested we work
on my train set's latest damage and when we got downstairs
mom was coming in carrying a bag, which Billy quickly offered
to take for her.

"Thank you, Billy! Isn't he helpful, Timmy?" I just groaned.

"I should be thanking you, Mrs Garber, for taking my spanking

'Oh, it's no bother at all, as I told Naomi! In fact I was
wondering when you'd like to do it! I know you boys have plans
for tonight!"

"Whenever is convenient for you, ma'am!" he smiled.

"You don't mind if Jane is present do you?" I gasped at that
but Billy smiled wider. He said 'not at all!' as I figured he would.

"That's nice because she's been asking me about it! And Naomi
said you would bring, some, um, ....!"

"Oh right, " he said, and he slipped off the backpack I thought
was just model cars and stuff.

"Oh, excellent, " mom said, "hmmm, why not empty it out
out on this table!" So we walked over to the kitchen table
as Mom emptied the grocery bag into the refrigerator, and then
Billy emptied his backpack, and mom squealed with pleasure
at the sight.

"This is our basic travel package, Mrs. Garber! I don't know
exactly what mom put in the note!"

"Well," she smiled as she picked up a ping pong paddle, "she
did specify spanking I remember!" There were several other things.
Riding crops, leather head harness, leash and collar, cuffs,
manacles, ropes, a black hood to go over the head. Tweezers,
vaseline, bandages, a dog food plastic bowl and then mom gasped
at the strapon black rubber dildo and then a panzer plastic tank,
finished except for the decals.

"Sorry, Iv'e got some of my stuff here, plus a change of

"Ooooh, " mom smiled, picking up a sheer pair of pink
thong panties from his clothes. "Did you get some of your
mom's laundry mixed in?"

Billy blushed at that, "um, no, that's the uniform for males
on weekends!"


Just then the back door opened and I heard Jane's laugh.

"Wow, what's that?" even Billy was a little shy but eventually
showed her everything too. Finally the women talked about the
best place to 'do it!' and asked Billy.

"Well, um, Mom does it in the basement usually, but if wer'e
travelling she uses the bathroom if it's a spanking or like that!
Because, um, for noise she has me put wet towels under the door!"

I couldn't believe he was so open about it but the women seemed
to love it!

Jane was fingering the small cat of nine tails and smiled.

"Isn't this rather small though?"

To my surprise Mom piped up. "Oh that's just for a male's
genitals, honey. Naomi says it keeps them from masturbating for
days afterwards!" I gasped at that and realized I was the only
one blushing. "But we won't be using that tonight, don't worry!"

Jane seemed disappointed but Billy breathed out in relief.

"But, Billy," mother asked, "I want to do it as closely as
your mom does and I know she has a little ritual, so, how
do you begin when your'e at home?"

"Oh, well, that's easy, Mrs Garber! After everyone arrives
and there's some socialization, mostly just with the women though,
well, all the males are gathered in one room, take off their clothes
and put in restraints. And the girls take them down one or two at
a time to the basement. They like to do no more than two at a time!
Starting with the youngest usually depending on what they are going
to do! The women plan it out. When they lead the males up
they go into the, um, well, playtime area, games, stuff,
it's kind of embarassing to talk about," he smiled.

"So," Jane asked, picking up a leather collar and leash.
"I'm not sure how this goes on! Isn't it kind of small?"

He said it didn't go around the neck and Jane blushed and
laughed. "Wow," she smiled. "And what do the women wear?"

"Whatever they want. Of course, they want to tease, especially
if theyr'e going to use, um, that!" he pointed to the cat of nine

"They do?"

"Yes, ma'am! To do that effectively the male must be um (blush)
hard! And stay hard during the, um, process!"

"Doesn't it hurt though?"

"OOoh yes, ma'am! Stings a little at first, but it gets worse.
They, um, we, all end up screaming before it's over!"

"But how do you manage to stay, well, hard?"

"Oh, I forgot, well, none of the males are allowed a release
for at least a week, and they give us a special viagra cocktail

"Oooohhhhh, isn't that something, honey?" she asked Jane.

"I think it's, interesting! I think I'm going to change now,
mother!" I knew by her eyes her panties were already wet!

We were finally by ourselves again and I was still reeling from
all that was so casually said. We did some work on my train set
but he seemed distracted. He admitted he was always very nervous
until he got it 'over with!' And not only him either. The women
were also real bitchy toward the end of the week, but afterwards
it was much easier.

I was totally shocked to see my sister Jane coming downstairs
prancing in a tiny see-through baby doll nightie, her big swaying
breasts easily visible through the sheer material. And then my
mother, wearing something much like it, carrying that backpack
full of torture toys!

"You don't mind if we do this now, do you, Billy?"

"Oh, of course not, ma'am. It's not my place to even say!"

"That's rather sweet isn't it!" Jane asked, blushing under
his admiring gaze, and she giggled, noticing he had a bulging
boner. In fact I kind of had one myself I hate to admit.

Billy seemed to await orders, but when none came, he began
to undress, also blushing a little, looking embarassed at me.

"And, um, you Timmy?" I was half expecting and almost hoping
for mom to ask me to stay and strip also. But she asked Billy what
the normal routine was for spectators. To my disappointment he
said male spectators were never allowed. Mom nodded, saying she
thought that was a good policy.

As Billy stood humbly naked with his hands behind his back,
his erection brazenly arching out as Jane giggled, mom smiled.

"Why don't you go up to your room, Timmy? This should take, um
how long do you think it will take, Billy?"

"Um, that's only up to you, ma'am!" Jane clearly loved the sound
of that and giggled some more!

I reluctantly left as Jane was behind him cuffing his wrists.
Pausing at the basement door I heard the women laung, but
knew they expected to hear my steps on the stairwell, so I
went up and left the door to my room open. I heard some
muffled voices, and after a bit heard the distinct slap of a paddle.
Then I thought I heard what sounded like crying, as it went on,
and then a cry of pain, and I wished they hadn't shut the basement
door. I had such a hardon. An hour later Billy came in dressed
and smiling, his eyes still red, his face flushed, but he looked fine,
satisfied even.

"Wow, how did it go?"

"Fine, got an extra pillow for my butt?" he joked.

"Yeah, well, what happened?"

"I got spanked, obviously! So what do you want to do next, models?"

"Shut up, I mean tell me what happened?"

"What are you talking about? They spanked me of course, plus some
other stuff. I think Jane likes doing it! Think she'd ever go out
with a boy my age?"

"What really happened?"

'The usual. Oh, I did manage to get off anyway so I can concentrate
again! Not sure if you mom mean't that to happen but it did! She actually
seemed a little pleased by it!"

"You got off on my mother?"

"No, well, my cock was pressed between her thighs and with Jane
teasing and whacking me and me bouncing up and down, well, it happened!"

That made my brain reel. Later that night we came downstairs
to watch television, and thankfully mom and Jane wore ordinary clothes,
maybe a little revealing. They acted normal too! Mom had prepared
some snacks. They seemed to fawn all over Billy! Mom even gave him
a peck on his cheek, telling him what a sweet boy he was.

"But you don't have to thank me like you did downstairs," she smiled.

"What do you mean," I asked. But Jane answered with a giggle.

"He kissed her feet, mine too! Really licked between our toes!"
Billy just smiled and nodded while he ate a cookie.

"I bet you do that a lot at your house too!" she teased but he
just nodded and smiled.

"Among other things," he added.


I couldn't get over the whole thing even though Billy seemed
to not only be over it, he seemed somehow refreshed by it. So now
he was more productive than I was at my own train set.

And what was more was the change at our house. When Mom
said to him the next morning, she gave him a kiss on the
cheek and told him to tell his mother that she and Jane had a lovely time
and anytime they could be of help with his training they would be
happy. And after he was gone, they looked at me kind of different too,
like they wished I was more like Billy, but also kind of wondering
how much work it would take with me. It didn't take them long to figure
out a plan, I knew that was coming.Jane brought it up at
dinner on Sunday.

"You know mother, I really think Billy's mom has the right idea.
Boys do need regular discipline!" I snorted at that and Mom frowned
at me and told me to be polite.

Well, it was a while then since Billy got his next spanking at
our house, but that wasn't all that happened, not by a whole long shot!

I knew something was going on when Billy was going to stay over
on Sunday this time, which I thought was pretty safe since the one thing
that always happened was discipline on Friday nights so at least I thought
Mom and Jane weren't doing another spanking. But he told me his mom
was going to ask my mom if she was serious about helping her with his
training, as he put it! So he asked me if she thought she would, and if so
if Jane would be there. He really liked my older, stuck-up sister for
some crazy reason.

"Well," I said, "I can tell that they liked spanking you!"

To my surprise he just smiled instead of looking worried.

I told him I thought all that stuff was done on Friday night and
he nodded absently.

"Well, yeah, I mean that part of it is only done on Fridays!"

"Well, um, what else do they do?"

He seemed hesitant. He said his mom doesn't like him to talk
about stuff to people who aren't in the scene! So I asked him if I
was his best friend or not, so he relented a little, and told me
stuff I figured he was making up, pulling my chain.

But when we got to my house, mom was there, and smiled at Billy.

"Hello boys. Oh by the way, Billy, I heard from Naomi today as you
probably know already and I told her I'd be happy to fill in with
your training. Jane said she would be happy too in case I'm not around!"
He smiled at that.

"Are you sure it isn't an imposition, Mrs. Garber? Mom was
rather concerned!"

"Oh, not at all. We'd be delighted to!" To my surprise he sounded
somewhat happy about it.

When we got upstairs to my room, I tried to pin him down on
what was going on, but he just shrugged, infuriatingly. "Kind of
like last time, just a few new things, no big deal!"

"Um, how long is this going to take?"

"Oh, a couple hours a day, that's all. We'll still be able to
get a lot done! After they do me first!" What does that mean, I asked,
and he reminded me of his mom. Mom waited until Jane got home from
school as I predicted she would as I listened at the top of the
stairs, and she sounded delighted in the kitchen!"

"Oh that sounds great. Is he already here then? We really should
be doing the same thing to the other one!" I didn't need to guess who
she was talking about!

After dinner, I knew it wouldn't be long and when Mom suggested
as we helped clear the dishes when he would like to get started, and he
replied that wasn't his place to say, she was pleased as much as Jane was.

"Well, um," Mom said, I think we should get the first part of it over
with because it's kind of new for us. Did you bring the, um, things,
with you?"

"Yes ma'am!" he said, "in my backpack!"

"Oh good, we'll call you when wer'e ready then, honey!"

When we got upstairs I picked up his backpack and he just rolled
his eyes. "I knew that would be the first thing you'd do!"

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Several new stories out, coming attractions added.
I have several non illustrated stories out at smashwords among others.
So far they don't allow Illustrated adult fiction, even though they sell
anything in hardcover.

Buxom Ballbusters, cheaters, teasers, illustrated!
Femdom cbt, chastity cuckolding interracial stories.comix!

Download Femdom cuckold shemale ladyboy illustrated ebooks

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bottom, buxom, femdom, mistress, whip

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