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The Teasing Team Part 2
Published by Gloryboy
Default The Teasing Team Part 2

By Gloryboy
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Jamie and Rachel were sitting in the office of Dr. Glory Benjamin on a Monday morning. Dr. Benjamin was in charge of the entire Teasing Project.
“You two are the absolute best I’ve got,” she was saying. “What’s your secret?”
“The trick is that teasing and denial isn’t just a job to us or even something we love doing,” Jamie said.
“Teasing and denying men is what we live for,” Rachel said. “We eat and sleep T&D. We are T&D personified.”
“I guess so,” Dr. Benjamin said. “I have never seen such frustration as in the men I’ve assigned you to nor, in the long run, such complete and loyal submission.”
Dr. Elizabeth Perry walked into the room where Jim was kept restrained. He looked at her through wide, pleading eyes.
“Good news,” she smiled. “You are finally getting out of that bed.”
He looked hopeful but she took a needle out of her medical bag and injected him in the ass.
“Bottoms up,” she grinned.
When Jim awoke, he was indeed out of the bed. In fact, he was over the bed and looking down. His arms were sheathed and bound behind him, wrists to elbows. His legs were stretched wide by a spreader bar. He was in a harness that left him hanging above the bed. He was gagged and he looked up as Jamie and Rachel walked into the room.
They were both covered in tanning lotion, making their tanned, toned skins shine. Jamie was wearing the top of a black leather string bikini and that was all she was wearing. It pushed up and emphasized her large, full breasts. Rachel was wearing the bottoms of the same string bikini and that was all she was wearing. He was mesmerized by Jamie’s jiggling soft breasts and the swaying of Rachel’s hips.
“Oh look at the position Jimmy is in,” Jamie grinned.
“In the missionary position and ready for action,” Rachel giggled.
“How do you know it’s the missionary position?” Jamie asked.
“Oh so true,” Rachel teased. “Maybe it’s the doggy style position.”
“Well, why don’t we just ask him?” Jamie smirked.
“Why not indeed,” Rachel said.
Jim had been through this so many times for months and months that he knew the routine. They would tease him endlessly and mock his gagged condition. So he was stunned when Rachel took the gag off of him with no teasing, no build-up, nothing.
“Wow, it’s been so long he doesn’t know what to say,” Jamie laughed.
She set on the bed, which put his face at about the level of her breasts. She tossled his hair.
“Actually,” Rachel said, “I think poor Jimmy is afraid that one wrong word will put him back into the gag. But it won’t. In fact, say anything you want, Jimmy. Cuss us out. Call us bitches and worse than bitches. ‘Cause you know why?”
She and Jamie smiled maliciously.
“Because we are,” Jamie said.
“Every word you say gets you one long, agonizing stroke on that big, manly cock of yours, Jimmy,” Rachel said.
“But that’s exactly what you want, isn’t it Jimmy?” Jamie taunted.
He did not answer.
“Isn’t it?” Rachel said.
She lightly ran her hand over his cock as she said it. With a rasping, sobbing gasp, Jim cried, “No!”
“There, see how flighty men are,” Rachel said.
“They say ‘No’ but they know that a word brings a stroke,” Jamie said. “That is so scatter-headed.”
Rachel bent and ran her tongue up the underside of his cock, from head to hilt, very slowly. He writhed and sobbed. Jamie cupped his chin in her hand and lifted his head. She made her breasts swell in his face.
“Please, no more,” he begged. “You win. I’ll do anything you want, absolutely anything. Just please stop teasing me. Please let me cum.”
“Poor Jimmy still doesn’t get it,” Rachel said.
“And he’s not going to get it tonight either,” Jamie laughed.
Jim shuddered, seeing there was no mercy or hope of relief here. Rachel laughed at the joke.
“But you really don’t get it,” Rachel said. “But we’ll give you a clue. You say you will do anything we want, Jimmy? Give us absolutely anything we want that you can if we let you cum or at least stop teasing you?”
“Yes,” he blubbered. “Anything. I can’t take this anymore. I CAN”T TAKE ANYMORE. PLEASE!”
“But Jimmy,” Jamie said, “What if what we want more than anything else in the world is to keep teasing you and not let you cum?”
“Yes,” Rachel said. “What if that is our ultimate source of pleasure?”
Rachel and Jamie looked at each other and smiled. Then Jamie said, “But, really, this is so unfair, Rachel. I mean, poor Jimmy has no chance at all to win.”
“What are you suggesting?” Rachel said.
“Well,” Jamie said, “What if we gave Jimmy a chance. What if we gave him a test and, if he passes it, he gets to cum?”
“What kind of a test?” Rachel smirked as if this was not all planned out ahead of time.
Jamie lay down and stretched herself out on the bed under Jim. She wiggled sensuously and his cock hardened more than ever.
“Well, Jimmy is on wires,” Jamie said.
She jiggled her breasts and then reached down and caressed her bare vagina.
“Suppose we let him exert his manly strength? If he can get himself swinging hard enough to get between them, he can fuck to his heart’s content and shoot that big, big load he has.”
“Well, I don’t know,” Rachel said. “Mr. Big Dick has quite a reach.”
“Oh come on,” Jamie laughed. “He can’t reach that far.”
She caressed her pussy lips.
“Well, okay,” Rachel said. “As long as you’re sure he can’t win.”
Jim looked at her suspiciously.
“Oh I know what you’re thinking,” Jamie laughed. “I promise I won’t cheat. I won’t slide off the bed or slide further up. I’ll stay right where I am.”
With a desperate moan of lust and frustration, Jim started trying to get himself swinging in the harness.
Before long, Jim had himself swinging in a longer and longer arc. Jamie just kept slowly caressing her pussy as Jim swung closer and closer. It took everything he had but he was getting to her pussy. She even spread the lips for him as there was no way he could have penetrated it. He almost fainted when his cock-head actually touched her pussy lips. He was swinging back and forth. It took several seconds between touches. But, as desperately needy as he was, it would only take a few and he would be shooting his load. It might not be the best ejaculation in the world but at least he would get something.
“Should we give him any more time?” Jamie said.
She said it just when she knew that one more time might be all it took. As he swung backwards, Rachel grabbed the harness and stopped him. He screamed in despair.
“And we kept our promise,” Rachel said. “You failed. It was obvious you couldn’t get any further.”
“I was there,” Jim whined. “I was in.”
Jamie’s eyes widened in mock surprise.
“In?” she feigned confusion. “Oh, wait a minute. When I said you could cum if you could get between them, you thought I was talking about my pussy? Oh god. Like I’d ever let you cum in my pussy? Poor, silly Mr. Big Dick. I was talking about my breasts.”
Jim wailed in frustration.
“Oh, you bitches. You cruel, cruel bitches.”
Rachel pushed Jim forward and he found his cock penetrating Jamie’s pussy after all. But she held him in tight. He could not move at all. He could not thrust. He could do nothing to make himself cum.
“Please,” he begged.
“Confused isn’t he?” Rachel laughed. “He says we are cruel but he expects us to give him what he wants.”
Jamie was looking him in the eyes and grinning cruelly.
“You know I’m not going to do it, don’t you?” she smiled. “I’m not going to wiggle. I’m not going to move a muscle. You can feel yourself inside me but I will give you nothing. There is no way you can cum.”
Tears streamed down his face.
“I’ll say anything you want me to say,” he moaned weakly. “I’ll be your slave. I’ll kiss your feet. I’ll kiss your asses. I’ll do anything. Just please, please, please, please let me cum.”
“Hmm,” Jamie teased. “Let me consider it. Okay, I’ve thought it over. No, no, no and no.”
“Still,” Rachel said. “He did try his best. I think he should get something for that.”
She did not mention it would be something that would really start him into the true lessons here.
“Well, okay,” Jamie said.
She leaned back and Rachel lowered the front part of the harness and only the front part low enough so that Jim’s head rested between Jamie’s thighs, right on her bare crotch. Jamie tossled his hair and said, “I’m not going to make you do anything, jimmy. You just follow your instincts.”
She grinned and helped him follow his instincts by locking her tanned, toned thighs around his head. The heat of her womanhood was overwhelming and soon, no matter how much he tried to resist, Jim licked. Then he licked again. Then again. Then again. Soon, his face was buried in Jamie’s crotch, passionately lapping and licking and slurping away. He began following her directions. Some way along pleasing her, he noticed that, while his face was buried in her sweet pussy, he barely felt his aching, blue balls and his frustration seemed gone. Then he realized it was not gone. It was being redefined. He was feeling pleasure from eating her pussy. The heat, the juices. He was gaining pleasure from her pleasure. He was not cumming but she was. Her trickling juices and the fact it pleased her gave him a rush of pleasure. Eventually, that rush of pleasure would grow and he would feel it when pleasing and serving her or Rachel or a woman that owned him in any and every way she pleased. Only when pleasing a woman would he not feel the aching need in his balls and the frustration.
For right now, he could only experience this by eating the pussy of one of the women who was conditioning him. That was fine with Jamie. She cried out in orgasm and Jim cried out too as he felt her rush of pleasure. It felt great to know he had pleased her. But he knew that, with her pussy no longer burying his face, he would feel the pain in his nuts and the frustration again.
Rachel smiled and petted his head. For the first time ever, she spoke to him without mockery.
“You are starting to get it,” she said.
He was overwhelmed with frustration again. But he knew what could temporarily make it go away even without cumming. He did not yet understand that it could go so much beyond just this one means of relief. But he would learn.
“May I eat you out too, please?” he begged Rachel.
“Not today,” she smiled. “Maybe next time but no promises.”
As Jamie and Rachel walked out, arms around each other, kissing and caressing each other, Jim moaned, “I’ll do anything you want- anything.”
They kept walking. They were out the door when they both caught it at the same time. They grinned in triumph, well on their way to another complete victory and a successful training of a male slave. He had very intentionally not said, “- if you let me cum.”
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By sex baby on 08-12-2012, 03:59 AM
Wink Re: The Teasing Team Part 2

love teasing team note:make a a a third
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By sex baby on 08-12-2012, 04:01 PM
Default Re: The Teasing Team Part 2

love it make a third
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By hunter45 on 02-04-2016, 04:20 PM
Default Re: The Teasing Team Part 2

Please make a third
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By hunter45 on 02-04-2016, 04:20 PM
Default Re: The Teasing Team Part 2

Best story ever
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By hunter45 on 02-04-2016, 04:27 PM
Default Re: The Teasing Team Part 2

Gloryboy please come back
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By hunter45 on 02-04-2016, 04:27 PM
Default Re: The Teasing Team Part 2

Dang it, this was posted in 2007. Probably won't ever be another one :(
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