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Published by hockeysub12
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It's been a while since I had the chance to write anything or contribute on here, so hopefully this is enjoyed by whomever reads it.

I had all but given up any hopes of meeting the girl of my dreams.
I was still plenty young, but the idea of finding a woman that was into the type of things that seemed to occupy my fantasies were never going to happen.
That's part of the reason I found myself drifting toward some of the web cam sites and other professional services the internet had to offer. Soon I found myself chatting with women that could cater to some of my fetishes....could have conversations that centered around the fantasies that I had, until now, figured were off limits.
My fantasies weren't that off the wall, it was 3 things that really served to occupy my thoughts. First was a smoking fetish of sorts..not that watching a woman smoke couldn't be exciting, but if a woman actually blew the smoke directly in my face, on purpose, it would weaken my knees to the point where i could barely stand. Obviously not the first thing you want to bring up on a first date. As far as a physical presence, I had always been drawn to women with large breasts. Quite frankly the bigger the better. I couldn't imagine a sexier thing in the world other than the long cleavage line of a buxom woman.
Finally, probably the thing i was least able to bring up, I was really turned on by the idea of intense and extended tease and denial. I could always put myself in a position of denial by simply not masturbating, but having a woman take advantage of me, knowing i wasn't able to cum and doing things to drive me crazy has always been a deep seeded fantasy of mine.

So there you have it, my big 3 as far as fantasies go and they weren't exactly things I felt comfortable bringing up with a woman early on in a relationship.

So the internet was my escape...on the net, i could find women willing to tease me with their large breasts...blow smoke at the camera as if they were blowing it in my face and in general keeping me excited while not giving me permission to cum.

I had spent a lot of time on one particular site and I found it hard to believe that i was their lucky customer of the year and in such was given an all expenses trip to South Florida to watch some of the girls film ads, short video clips etc. Along with getting a chance to meet some of the Ladies I had spent so much time with on video chats and ims over the past year.

The flight was great, the accomodations even nicer and when I checked into the room I was given an itinerary for the week. I actually was the only fan allowed on the trip and that first night I was able to meet the Ladies of my dreams. I recognized Patty right away, she was a tall brunette with very large breasts. She knew everything there was to know about me and her and her friend Megan, who was also a steady source of fantasy were both at the party.

They approached me together and introduced themselves. We spent several hours chatting and they made it clear that they remembered my fantasies and weaknesses and never was it more clear than when Megan lit a cigarette and turned and blew a large cloud of smoke directly in my face. They both giggled and confessed that they wondered if it really had that much of an impact on me as our fantasies indicated. There was no doubt in their minds now.

Patty made sure that her shirt was unbuttoned and she too lit up a cigarette and sent a few large streams of smoke into my face.

The conversation turned toward sex and all of our previous sessions. They were amazed at how the smoking fetish was so powerful and they wondered if they could actually make me climax without ever touching me. We decided to find out and the 3 of us left the party and headed to my room.

The decision was made to spend an hour a night, with them sitting across from me, in whatever state of undress they chose. I would have to spend the hour sitting across from them, with my cock out and on display, as they worked me over. The hour actually went quite quickly...and my balls ached from the perpetual exhales and views of both of these women's breasts.
After exactly 60 minutes, they both put out their cigarettes and explained we would have to continue tomorrow.

I was kind of hoping that they would continue, but they said i would have to wait.........but to insure that i didn't have any accidents, they actually had a chastity tube that they wanted me to wear until the next day...This was a new feeling, I had never worn one of these before, but there is no question that it would keep me from having any accidents while i fantasize about what just happened.

The next day was awesome, I got to see several clips made, though the chastity tube made getting too excited a problem..but it was still a fun day. And the whole time I couldn't wait to meet up with Patty and Megan to see if their thoughts were correct and that I could cum from just getting smoke blown in my face.

That night was incredible. they showed up at my room at exactly 9pm and were quickly down to their panties within moments. Then they released the cock tube and I was hard in an instance. The smoke in my face continued from these 2 topless beauties right up until the clock struck 10:15 and I was iced down and put back in my tube.
After two nights of this teasing, my balls started to really ache and not being able to relieve the tension on my own, made the circumstances even worse.

The next day was actually a little long as i was really starting to feel the heaviness in my balls. Of course everything about this trip centered around being with half naked women and the hint of sex was everywhere. Finally 9pm arrived and the ladies arrived again. We repeated the same steps as the previous night, removing the tube to allow me to get hard again. This time I could feel my cock throbbing as they sat down and began to blow smoke in my face.

Both women made sure to spend time caressing their own breasts...which really was torture to watch in conjunction with the barage of smoke. I was almost in tears when i had to ice back down and get locked away for the night.

By the 5th night, i was in cock tease hell...I begged the two girls to either help me cum or to atleast leave me out of the tube. Of course neither was going to happen and the week finally ended without me being able to cum. They were quick to remind me of our agreement and of course to mention that this should be something I enjoy as it was really my fantasy coming to life.

The last night of the trip I was climbing the walls when the knock came to the door and they both walked inside. There was no way i could last another night and all 3 of us knew it. To change things up a little bit they suggested that they have me lie on my back on the bed. Once I did that they brought out a few scarves and before I knew what happened I was quickly tied spread eagle to the bed. Off came the tube and now i was totally helpless to even touch my cock.

I was begging them for relief as they smoked one cigarette after another and sent stream after stream into my face. When the hour was over, they told me they would take pitty on me and kept going for another hour.
All that did was leave me with bigger blue balls than I had to begin with. I was almost crying as i begged them for some sort of relief. Patty felt that there was no way they could leave me in this position and reached into her purse and removed a long metal wand. She informed me that this was made for stimulation and that the two of them would milk me, removing all the pent up sperm and allowing me to leave town the next day fully satisfied.

Well, the milking was quick and painless and before I knew it, there was liquid oozing from my cock. So much so that I had never seen that much come out as a result of an orgasm. They continued the stimulation until my balls were actually drained. It didn't take long to realize that what they did wasn't a favor....it was torture....as now my need for sexual fullfillment was higher than ever before....and because of being drained, even the opportunity to jack off was taken away because of all of the semen leaving my body.

They untied me and kissed me good night and told me that they hoped I could enjoy my flight home. It wasn't until I was home and online chatting with Patty that I found out that the whole thing was a set up. The girls that work for the site knew of my fantasies as they had heard them from Patty and Megan...and they all came up with the idea of getting me alone at the get together, to try and tease the fuck out of me in person. Needless to say it worked and the next several months it was all the 3 of us could talk about.
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By spocklives on 08-15-2014, 03:37 PM
Default Re: new story

hi hockeysub12 i enjoyed all of your stories vear much .
you rock ..
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By hunter45 on 02-04-2016, 04:20 PM
Default Re: new story

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By hunter45 on 02-04-2016, 04:20 PM
Default Re: new story

Please keep posting
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By hunter45 on 02-04-2016, 04:21 PM
Default Re: new story

mixed wrestling/forced orgasm denial
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