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A very long tease and denial story
Published by hockeysub12
Unhappy A very long tease and denial story

This is going to turn into more of a novel than a short story....but i took the story that i had started in the story forum...the one that i had started as a request from Mistress Perverta....and added quite a bit to it....if you have already read that part...then skip down about half way and you will notice a note that says ALL NEW FROM HERE.....that is the new stuff.

This is a bit long...so i apologize for that, but i figured with all the new people coming and going, it would give me an opportunity to put it all under one thread.

Flat...if you would prefer this be in the story section, just move it over there.

As the last of the boxes per emptied and put away, Mike began to ponder the next few months. With his parents transfer to this small Florida community, Mike agreed to make the move with his folks, leaving his friends behind, under the realization that he would be heading off to school in the fall anyway. Besides, with his parents traveling as much as they would be these first few months, they needed someone around to watch the house, make sure that little odd jobs were completed, all the tedious tasks that come along with owning a new home.

As Mike sat in his room he looked out into the darkness and noticed the woman next door was starting to get undressed for the evening. Mike noticed her when they were first unloading the truck. Although she was much older, probably mid to late 40's, it was quite clear to Mike that she was HOT!!!

Now looking across into the window next door, he could see just how hot she was...as she pulled off her top and exposed her amble breasts, Mike nearly fell off the chair. Mrs. Robins was a knockout and had the best set of tits any boy could fantasize about. As he looked across the way he was lost in thought and soon found his hand wandered down to his own private area and before long his pants were down around his knees and he was pulling on his pud like there was no tomorrow. Just as he was sure he was going to achieve orgasm, She seemed to notice something out her own window....."oh shit" Mike said to himself, his lights were on too...if he could see her, she could certainly see him and as she paced to the window closing the shades, he realized he had been caught.
A lump appeared in his throat. Then when the doorbell rang he was sure he was nailed.

Within a few moments, he heard his mother call from the front doorway. Slowly he edged his way down the stairs and found to his horror Mrs. Robbins in his front hallway joking with his mother.
"Come here," his mother said again "i want you to meet our new neighbor Mrs. Robbins"
Nervously he approached the woman he had just been fantasizing about, only this time he was going to meet her in the flesh. If she was beautiful from a distance, upclose she was literally breath taking. He could feel his palms getting wet by the second. Shaking her hand she gave him a very knowing smile and almost seemed to stare directly into his soul with her piercing green eyes.

"Mrs. Robbins would like to know if you would be interested in earning a few extra bucks for school by helping her around her house this summer" his mother said.

Mike stumbled over the words but agreed to help her out as necessary.

"Great," said Mrs. Robbins....why don't you stop over in the morning and i can show you a few things" she said with a and a very knowing smile.

They had agreed that Mike would stop over at about 10am. The rest of that night was filled with sexual fantasies for Mike, he imagined every possible scenario. Unfortunately for him the one scenario he didn't imagine was the one that was going to be facing him the remainder of the summer. Mrs. Robins wasn't Your ordinary 40 year old MILF.....she was a dominatrix and She was about to make Mike into her own private pet.

At 10am exactly Mike found himself on the steps in front of Mrs. Robbins house. Nervously he rang the doorbell and waited to be let in. What was on the other side of the door could only be described as heart stopping. Mrs. Robbins opened the door wearing a pair of black high heeled sandals that caused her to stand well over 6foot. She was wearing a sheer wrap around her waist and a jet-black bikini that did exactly nothing to help hide her ample chest and deep dark tan. Mike was beyond aroused, he was down right hard as a rock.

Mrs. Robbins stared directly at his crotch and smiled knowing that she had created the obvious tent in his shorts.

She ushered the young man into the house and began to explain that she had a few things that needed tending to that day. Among the chores that she needed doing was to have Mike vacuum out her pool.

He tried to throw himself into his work, but as he worked around the pool deck, Mrs. Robbins casually laid her self down on a lounge chair to take in some sun. She handed Mike a tube of coconut oil and asked him to shake it up and open the top for her. Mike took the tube in his right hand and began to shake the tube in an upward motion. As he was doing that he couldn't help but stare at the extensive cleavage that his older boss was showing him. Without realizing it he squeezed the tube a bit too tightly and as he shook it, white coconut oil shot out of the top of the tube.

This cause him to become quite embarrassed, especially the way Mrs. Robbins was laung. "oh my something about seeing a young stud stroking a tube and then shooting that hot white lotion just gets me excited" she said while laung.

She ordered him (and yes the requests were quickly turning into orders) to squirt some of the lotion onto her hands. He did as instructed and then salivated as he watched her rub the creamy lotion onto and over her magnificent breasts.

Trying to gain composure, he continued to work around the deck, cleaning the pool as if his life depended on it. As he had his back to Mrs. Robbins, she quietly snuck up behind him and "accidentally" bumped into him sending him falling forward into the pool.

"oh no, i am so sorry" she explained.

"Quick get out of those clothes and i will get you something to wear while i wash your shorts and shirt for you"
Mike offered to just run home and change, but the older woman would have none of it, helping him out of the pool and into the laundry room that was attached to the deck.

She handed him a pink speedo...which appeared to be a little on the small side, but he quickly changed into it in fear of her walking in on him while he was naked. Once he had it on, the door to the laundry room burst open and in walked Mrs. Robins. She looked him up and down and when she got to his swimsuit he watched as she slowly licked her lips then to his surpass he felt her reach out to adjust the swimsuit. To his horror he realized that in putting the speedo on so quickly, he didn't realize that his balls were exposed. He could feel his face turn beet red as she maneuvered her hand inside the front of the swimsuit which allowed his balls to sneak back in behind the thin fabric.

She took him by the hand and brought him out to the pool.

"Here, take the rest of the afternoon off, you did a great job on the pool, let's enjoy it and enjoy the warm sun" she said. Handing him a glass of lemonade, she insisted that he drink it down to cool off and help hydrate himself after working so hard in the sun.

For the next hour or so they sat on chairs and chatted. He couldn't help but stare at how beautiful this woman before him was...and he felt his weenie was not cooperating with him as it seemed to be growing more and more erect. His arousal did not go without notice by Mrs. Robbins who seemed to stare at the penis as if She was expecting to get that reaction from him. After a little while, Mrs. Robbins took out a cigarette and instructed Mike to light it for her. As his nervous hands ignited the lighter and held it to the tip of her cigarette, she held his hands, inhaled deeply and then with a wicked grin blew a large stream of smoke directly into Mike's face.

With this act, his weenie went from hard to literally throbbing. He had never felt so excited in his life and he couldn't figure out why he was getting so out of control.

Around 1pm, Mrs. Robbins asked Mike if he would like to go inside and cool off a bit. The idea seemed like a good idea as he hoped his jeans would be clean and he could get out of the speedo which was doing nothing to hide his excitement, in fact a large wet spot was starting to form on the front of the swimsuit which was causing him to be even more embarrassed.

Inside the house, Mrs. Robbins asked Mike to join her on the couch so that they could continue their conversation from the deck. Mike sat down first against the right arm of the chair and was suprised to see his beautiful neighbor sit right next to him. She lit another cigarette and again directed a large stream of smoke directly into his face.

This time the reaction he had was more than a drip, as he heard himself groan outloud.

Smiling again at him, she asked with a coy grin "what's the matter, does my smoke bother you?"

He was unable to answer, he literally was unable to speak, his cock was throbbing so hard he could feel his heart beat through the tip of his cock.

She had him where she wanted him and she was now prepared to go in for the kill. "Tell me something Mike are you a virgin?"

Mike felt his face flush again as he slowly nodded his head

"Have you ever BEEN with a woman before, in an intimate sort of way?" she continued

"Once a girl I was dating allowed me to feel her breasts under her sweater," he answered unsure of whether to be proud of his mild accomplishment or not.

"Wow, sounds like you are really a man of the world" Mrs. Robbins said in a very obvious mocking tone. "Were her tits as nice as mine?" she asked as she slowly untied the top string to her bikini allowing her full breasts to fall free

Mike was shaking he was so excited...his weenie had literally drenched the front of the bathing suit he was given to wear and he could hardly speak

"Let me ask you one more question Mike...last night prior to my arriving at your house, I felt as if someone was looking at me while I undressed, that wasn't you was it?"

If Mike could burrow into the ground and hide forever he would, but he closed his eyes and slowly nodded an affirmation to her question.

"hmmmm that is a serious offense you know. I tell you what. You want to see my tits, but it is obviously making you quite excited.....but since you snuck around last night there should be a bit of a punishment, so you have two choices....we go over to your house when your parents get home from work and tell them that you were looking at me through the window....or you allow me to punish you myself"

This was a no brainier for Mike, he could never look his parents in the eyes if they knew what he was doing upstairs in his room the night before.

Knowing what his answer would be, she took him by the hand and led him to her bedroom

Lay down on the bed she instructed him

Once he was laying on her bed, he noticed that she had restraints attached to the four posters of the bed and in notime, Mike was tied spread eagle to the bed.

Straddling his torso, Mrs. Robbins lit up another cigarette

"It seems to me that a suitable punishment for you would be to have to stare at my naked breasts for the next few hours while I relax and possibly pleasure myself ontop of your nubile body. Since it is a punishment for you, no matter how excited you get, you will not be allowed to cum for the next seven days. We will do this every day this week for a minimum of 3 hours a day along with your other chores" And with that she directed a stream of smoke directly into his face.

"Apparently the smoke seems to arouse you also, that might not be good news to you, as I smoke aprox 3 packs a day and I will be blowing all the smoke directly into your face as part of your punishment"

Mike could do nothing but groan as he felt himself literally drip precum into the front of the speedos.


As Mike lay helpless on the bed, Mrs Robbins seemed to be taking quite a bit of pleasure in tormenting her young neighbor with her large breasts and seemingly endless streams of smoke that she blew directly into his face.
He was squirming under her, but the restraints kept him quite trapped. As the torment continued, it was apparent that Mrs Robbins was begging to become aroused herself, as she had promised, she had no intention of allowing her own frustration to build and she reached inside her swimsuit and began to rub her fingers up and down her moist lips. It was very obvious to Mike that the scent that was beginning to waft toward his nose was her excitement.
He could feel her strong legs squeezing his chest as she began to get herself close to her first orgasm. Her legs were quite strong and he felt as if his ribs were going to cave in under the pressure of her thighs as she screamed out, her orgasm rushing over her body the way a tidal wave crashes against the surf.
Once was not nearly going to be enough and for the next 30 minutes or so Mike was treated to the sounds and smells of the hottest woman he ever laid eyes on cumming one after another right on top of his chest.
As she began to relax, she reached over and took out another cigarette, taking a deep satisfied drag, she looked down with a develish smile and blew a large cloud of smoke right into Mike's face.
It was clear that her pussy was dripping wet, and she pulled her bikini bottom off and kneeled atop her captives shoulders, pushing her soaking wet pussy into his face. Covering his mouth with her wet pussy, she left enough of an opening that he could stare up into her massive breasts and also allowed her to blow smoke down into his face, as he was instructed to lick up all the extra excitement from her lips.
Mike's cock was throbbing harder than imaginable and he thought he would certainly burst. The idea of surviving this for another hour or so was unthinkable, but the reality of having to do it for another six days was leaving him on the brink of insanity.
As Mrs Robbins crushed out her cigarette, she slid down his chest resting atop his stomach and placing her hands just above his head, she lowered her chest within inches of his face. Swaying softly which caused her large breasts to swing from side to side just out of his reach.
Mike was groaning and needed to explode, but he couldn't.
The three hours finally ended with Mrs Robbins riding Mikes face to another couple of orgasms folowed by a couple of cigarettes and she was ready to release her prisoner.
But she had one little suprise left for him.
Leaving the room, she returned in a couple of seconds with his clothes along with a bag of ice and a box.
Placing the bag of ice ontop of his rock hard cock, he could feel the swelling finally start to subside a bit. Although he thought it would take forever to get to a flacid state. While his cock was allowed to shrink, she showed him the "suprise".
"This Mike, is my insurance policy" she said while showing him a metal contraption. "This is a cock cage and it will go onto your weenie and insure that you are not allowed to masturbate when you get home tonight.
She fitted the device onto his flacid cock and then snapped it in place. Next she took out a small metal lock, which she fitted through the holes and locked the cock cage in place. She put a necklace that held a single key around her neck.
"This key is the only way to get that cock cage off my little friend" She said with a devious smile. "With that cage in place it will be impossible for you to get an erection and thus makeit impossible for you to jack off to any fantasies that will no doubt be running through your mind tonight"
She finished by giving the outer part of the cage a kiss and slipped her tongue between the steel bars, licking his weenie, which caused him to instantly try to regain hardness. The look on his face was priceless and caused Mrs Robbins to burst out laung.
"That's right, go a head and try to get hard. it will only cause mild discomfort, but it will never allow a full fledged hard on."
"Of course," She continued, "we could always just take it off and explain everything to your parents?"
With that threat in his mind, Mike groaned and decided to endure the next seven days of hell.
Mrs Robbins untied him and gave him his clothes and instructed him to be back at 9am the next day. Mike trudged off to his house and hours of painful fantasies about his new tormentress.....to be continued

Alone in the house, Mike could think of nothing but his beautiful neighbor.
Of course those thoughts led to excitement, which immedeately caused him to nearly double over as the cage did it's part in insuring his inability to cum.

Mike decided to take a shower and remained under the cool streams of water until he felt like he was going to experience hypothermia.

His parents arrived home that night and asked a few questions regarding his day at the new neighbor's. Mike was able to choke out a few vague answers that assured his parents that he was "hard" at work all day.

Mike headed to bed fairly early that night, hoping that if he would sleep as much as possible over the next week, he could possibly get through these next six days a little easier.
After tossing and turning through the night, Mike awake and found himself at the doorstep to Ms Robbins home.

This time She greeted him in a bright yellow bikini that did very little to prevent her breasts from spilling out in front of him.
Reaching down, she grabbed his groin and smiled, amused to see her cage was still in place. "Did you have a good nights sleep slave boy?" She asked with a wickid smile.
Pulling the pink speedo from behind her back she handed it to Mike instructing him to get ready for work. He was a little alarmed, did she expect him to wear that thing again?
"But Ms robbins, i dont need that today, i have clean clothes" he stammered out.
"no, this will be your work clothes for the remainder of the week, I like the way you look in them and I am very anxious to see how the cage looks under the swimsuit."

Mike took the suit and headed toward the bathroom to change. But Ms Robbins grabbed his arm and insisted that he change right there in the living room in front of her.
The chore list was a little more extensive this morning. It did include vacuuming the pool again, but also called for him to do some work in the front yard.

This horrified Mike, as he knew in this pink bathing suit he would be on display for anyone that drove by. True to his fears, he heard a constant barage of car horns and humiliating insults and laughter from everyone that drove by. Finally he had finished his chores and returned to the house.

Ms Robbins had been laying out at the pool all day and was glad to come into the airconditioning, and Mike noticed how hard her nipples got as she entered the cool house.
She fed Mike some lunch and after he finished the dishes, She took him by the hand and led him to the bedroom. Despite how much he tried to think about anything but his neighbor, his cock seemed to be trying to defy the steel harness that was holding it in place.

Once in the bedroom, Ms Robbins pulled the speedo from her boy and restrained him to the bed in a similar fashion as the day before. Once confident that he was fully restrained she sat astride his chest and toyed with the key that hung between her magnificent breasts. Mike looked at the key as a starving man might look at a steak. He needed her to release his throbbing cock, but she had other plans. Reaching for a cigarette she gave him a very evil grin.
Lighting it and taking a long drag, Mike could only look on in horror knowing what was coming and she did not disappoint, sending a large stream of smoke directly into his face.
Mike groaned out in agony as his cock tried desperately to harden, but was held in place despite how excited he was. Ms Robbins smoked the rest of that cigarette plus several others while grinding against his chest.

Toying with the key she asked Mike "what do you think, should we let em free?"
"YES, please yes" he begged.
Laung she agreed.
Reaching around behind her, she pulled a string and the top of her yellow bikini fell in front of her.
Mike gasped...Ms Robbins giggled, "oh freedom feels great,or did you think i meant your little weenie?"

Reaching for another cigarette, Mike laid there in desperation as he watched her full breasts sway from side to side directly above him as Ms Robbins sent another stream of smoke into his face.

After another 20 minutes or so, she finally relented and took the key, unlocked the cage and allowed Mike to spring to life.

He had never been so hard and he could feel droplets of precum at the tip of his cock almost immedeately.

"I'll bet that feels much better" she said with a smile. She then pulled the swimsuit bottom off and started to ride Mike's face to several mind shattering orgasms. Mike's face was nearly numb from the grinding that was going on.

Ms Robbins took out another cigarette and looked into Mike's eyes again flashing that devilish smile that has had him on edge the last 24 hours.

The rest of the afternoon passed by in a blur. Mike's cock was so hard that he thought he would explode. He had never felt so excited in his life. His cock was literally throbbing and bobbing in mid air.

Finally it was time to send him home, so Ms Robbins brought out a bag of ice that allowed him to slowly calm down. Once finally flacid, she snapped the cock cage back in place, locked it and put the key around her neck. Leaning forward she swayed her tits in his face for a few seconds before releasing him to return home.

Of course the titty face wash was enough to get him to try to get hard again, but that was obviously not going to happen.

Entering his house, Mike's nose picked up the scent of a cigarette, something he felt was very odd as neither of his parents smoked. Walking into the kitchen he nearly fell over as he came across one of the most beautiful women he had ever laid eyes on sitting at his kitchen table.

"ohhhh you must be little Mikey" this vision said as she sent a large stream of smoke straight up into the air.
Mike could feel his cock try to harden again, but of course the cage kept things under control.
Reaching out the woman gave Mike a hug and he could feel her large breasts press against his chest.
"i know this must be a shock, but my name is Brenda" I was your mother's roommate in college.
Mike had heard his mother tell stories, usually when she didnt think he was around, about her wild roommate and here she was right in his own house. Next to Ms Robbins, she was hands down the most incredible woman he had ever seen. standing aprox 5'7", Her long brown hair cascaded over her shoulders as her breasts strained to get out from beneath the tight tank top she was wearing.

"Your parents were called away to Europe for a month long series of meetings and as I live in the area, your mother requested that I come over and stay with you"

Brenda took Mike by the hand and had him sit at the kitchen table with her as they chatted for hours. Mike couldnt help notice that Brenda, like Ms robbins smoked quite a bit. And it was not lost on Brenda, the obvious reaction Mike had to her smoking.

After about an hour or so, Brenda asked Mike a question that he hoped he would not hear, "Mike, do you have a smoking fetish?" Stammering he didnt know how to answer that question. Obviously as he recently discovered, he did, but how do you tell that to your mothers friend?

"Here, Brenda said as she placed her hand on Mikes hand. "Let me know if this does anything for you." With that Brenda lit up another cigarette and blew a stream of smoke directly into Mike's face.
She could only giggle as she saw the obvious reaction it had on Mike.
"Oh goodie, you are a little kinky" Brenda said as she leaned back, allowing her cleavage to become far more apparent.
"We might just have an interesting month after all" Brenda said. She sent another stream of smoke directly into his face as she got up ruffled his hair and told him that she was tired and needed to head to bed. She also knew he had to be in bed at a reasonable hour as he worked next door.

Mike nearly crawled upstairs and jumped into a cold shower, hoping the cool water would help to get himself back under control. It took nearly a half hour in the cold water to get to a point where he could crawl into bed and make it through the night.

Mike had a fitful night of sleep...between thinking about Ms Robbins and now his new housemate Brenda ....his cock was throbbing nonstop.
He replayed the events of the night before several times. Wondering what Brenda meant when she discovered he was kinky. Surely he had no chance with such a beautiful woman, she must have tons of guys falling all over her, but then again, look at how much has happened with Ms Robbins and he was certain that Ms Robbins was the most beautiful woman on the face of the earth.

Mike had a quick bowl of cereal and headed next door for his morning meeting with Ms Robbins.

She greated him at the door in yet another flouresant bikini, looking even hotter than she did the previous days. She wasted no time in tossing him his speedo and sent him out to the side to clip the hedges and weed the yard. He was actually a little thankful at the amount of work that he had in front of him as it gave him something else to think about other than his cock trapped in the plastic cage beneath the nylon swim suit.

The morning flew by and he headed in for lunch. Ms Robbins called him out onto the deck and as he stepped out through the patio and stepped foot on the deck he nearly fainted.
Sitting next to Ms Robbins was Brenda!!!

Both ladies were wearing next to nothing, just enough of their bikinis to barely cover their nipples and their pussys. To make matters worse, they each had freshly lit cigarettes in their hand and they both seemed to be looking directly through him, except they both were fighting back the laughter as they looked at Mike's face.

"Oh Mikey Mikey Mikey, " Brenda said in a mocking tone. "You're in deep doo doo i am afraid baby"

Ms Robbins walked toward Mike with a glass of lemonade and handed it to him, running Her fingers through his hair as she spoke "there is really only one thing that I enjoy more than torturing helpless boys Mike...do you know what that is?"
Before he could answer, she ran her fingers along his bottom lip, "The only thing I enjoy more than torturing a helpless boy...is torturing a helpless boy with a partner"

With that both Ms Robbins and Brenda broke out laung and Mike could feel his face get warm as he was certain he was blushing.

Brenda rose from the chair and the two women took him by the hands and led him into Ms Robbins room. They worked together to remove his speedo and flip flops that he had been wearing. Brenda gulped out loud and then started to giggle when she saw the chastity device keeping him in place. Mike was led to his back and soon he was restrained to the bed while Brenda and Ms Robbins settled onto the bed on either side of him.

Looking up at the two women, seeing both of their breasts spilling out of the top of their bikinis had him ready to erupt, or atleast would have had him ready to erupt if not for the cage.

Each Lady lit a cigarette and Brenda in particular took pleasure in watching the reaction that occured with each stream of smoke that she blew in his face.
As Ms Robbins lit up and started to blow smoke in his face from the other side he was quickly groaning and making all sorts of sounds that seemed to be music to the ladies ears.

Ms Robbins gave Brenda a few tips as to some of the weaknesses that she had found in Mike earlier in the week.
In particular, having two ladies there to run their finger nails over his body allowed for them to take turns tweaking and pincing his nipples. There seemed to be an electric current that ran from Mike's nipples directly to his cock and omg he was going balistic.

The Ladies could see that they were starting to take their toll on their young captive, so Ms Robbins retrieved the key to his chastity cage and allowed him to spring to life. The Ladies gasped at how quickly his cock went from semi hard to full mast.

Playing off each other as if they knew each other for years, Brenda and Ms Robbins alternated between soft strokes, long slow finger drags and the occassional full stroke.
Mike's groans were definetly keeping the Ladies amused, until his own frustration began to get the better of them. Starting with Ms Robbins, the ladies took turns riding Mike's face to orgasm after orgasm, making sure that his face was coated in their girl cum.

While one of the Ladies was bucking and grinding on MIke's face, the other would slowly rub the precum into his cock head and kept him on the verge of insanity.

The afternoon flew by with each of the Ladies cumming a half dozen times, but it was time to send Mike back to the house with his cage on. This time was different than any other night, as this time one of his captors would be escorting him back to the house.

Once his cock was iced down and the cage was in place, the Ladies took out a cigarette and proceeded to bathe his face in their smoke, causing Mike to groan in a state of frustrated agony.

Taking Mike by the hand, Brenda began to lead him out of the house...at the front porch an evil grin formed on her beautiful face as she turned to Ms Robbins and asked "what are you doing for dinner tonight? why don't you join Mike and I for pizza"

Mike's face dropped and in an instant the Ladies were laung hysterically.
"How did I not think of that myself?", said Ms Robbins "His parents are gone for a month.
"Okay mikey", Ms Robbins giggled "there is going to be a slight change in our schedules. From here on out, you will work at my house from 9am until 1pm and then you will be ours (pointing to Brenda) from 1pm until 10pm. I have a very bad feeling 9 hours of teasing will become quite painful after 30 days"

So Mike found himself back in his house...but instead of feeling somewhat safe because he was alone, he found himself walking into the house standing between both Ms Robbins and Brenda.
They sat at the table while the two of the ladies chatted, as if Mike wasnt even there.
Almost instantly they took out cigarettes and wasted no time in blowing stream after stream of smoke in Mike's face.
Mike fidgeted like crazy in the seat...his cock pulsing against its restraint.
Then the ladies decided to play a game.
Why don't we have a battle of the sexes game of strip poker, Brenda suggested.
Grabbing a deck of cards, quickly everone was dealt 5 cards.
"Since it is battle of the sexes" Ms Robbins said, " we will combine our cards to make one hand, while you play yours as is Mike.
Under normal circumstances Mike would have had a decent hand, after discarding he had two pair...but of course since the ladies had 10 cards and six discards to work with, they quickly built up a flush and won the first hand.
"Another rule, winners decide what the loser takes off and since you can only take off one garment per game...if you win a hand, you can only pick one of our garments to come off..."
The Ladies choose for Mike to drop his shorts.
The next hand went pretty much the same way, as did the the next and soon Mike was wearing one sock and his chastity device, before getting a strong hand that actually won. He choose for Brenda to take off her top....this was a mistake as it turned out, as seeing his mom's friends breasts spilling out over her bikini top was difficult to take in connection to the amount of smoke that was being blown in is face.
The Ladies knew what he was going through and Ms Robbins decided to make it harder and offer to take her top off too...leaving both women in their bikini tops and Mike groaning in his seat.
The Women won the next hand and the ladies had a decision to make....do they end the game here or do they play another hand that if they win...they would take his device off.
By dealing the cards, Mike knew their decision.
And within moments Mike sat there completely naked with his cock straining straight up as it sprung to life after getting free.
Crushing out their cigarettes and flooding his face with another cloud of smoke the Ladies decided to take Mike out of the kitchen and move him down to the room that Brenda was sleeping in.
"You must be hungry Mike and since we didnt get the pizza we talked about, let's let you have something to eat" said Brenda
With Mike on his back, Brenda crawled up and sat her pussy right in his face. For the next few hours, the Ladies took turns riding Mikes face to orgasm after orgasm...while the one not getting licked, too a feather duster to Mikes straining cock coating the throbbing member with his precum.
After each of the Ladies had cum about 10 times and Mike appeared to be going the Ladies laid on either side of him proped up on one arm with their huge breasts right in plane view and their legs drapped over his...their thigh brushing against his cock.
Grabbing their cigarettes, Mike began to groan as he knew what was coming and they did not disappoint him.
With his arms pinned under their body he was helpless against their constant teasing and tweaking of his nipples.
Finally the clock struck 10 and they had agreed he had enough for the night and needed to get some rest for the long day a head of him.
After some icing, his cock was put back into its cage and Mike crawled into his bed as the ladies laughed. He fell asleep to the sounds of Brenda and Ms Robbins laung and partying in the kitchen. While he prayed for time to stand still as now that he had experienced a full day of these Ladies...a non stop tease torture from 1pm to 10pm sounded beyond his ability to handle.

ALL NEW FROM HERE>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
The alarm rang way to early for Mike. Despite getting to bed at an early hour, the effects of the previous days torment left him exhausted. What could these Ladies have in mind for him today? More of the same? No doubt, whatever it was, he was going to feel even more frustrated than he did already.
He wandered down to the kitchen and was surprised to find both Ms Robbins and Brenda sitting at the kitchen table. His weenie tried to spring to life at the sight of these two Women sitting in just their bikini tops with silk wraps around their waists.
"There he is, said Brenda with a smile.
"We have a surprise for you today" said Ms Robbins. "No work today, we are all going to the beach"
With that comment, Ms Robbins flipped Mike's speedo to him and they Ladies insisted that he hurry up and get dressed so that they could make the trek to the oceanside.
As it turned out, Brenda used to house sit for a wealthy family that owned a semi secluded beach front property. The family was out of town, so She knew that She would have access to their private beach.
Mike put on the speedos but noticed that they were a little different from the ones he had been wearing in the past. This one had snaps on the sides and allowed for the suit to be pulled off without being pulled down the conventional way.
The three of them piled into Brenda's jeep and were off. It was about an hour drive to their destination point, so Ms Robbins took advantage of the road time to torment Mike a little bit in the back seat. With his chastity device in place, getting an erection was not only difficult, but down right painful. Of course this just inspired the older vixen to torment him even more.
Pulling the snaps away on the swim suit, she took a long feather from her purse and began to tickle and tease his cock, although it was trapped in the confines of the device.
His groans of pain and frustration kept the two women amused as the 60 minutes passed quickly... at least for them.
Pulling into the driveway, Ms Robbins snapped the front of the speedo and took Mike by the hand out of the back of the jeep. The three of them wandered down to the vacant beach and spread out a couple of blankets and set themselves up for a nice day in the warm sun as the ocean pounded its way against the shore.
To someone passing by, Mike must have looked like the luckiest guy on the face of the earth. Both of these Women were drop dead gorgeous in their bikinis and as Mike lay between them he could only imagine the fun he could be having if he wasn't "locked up"
An hour so passed by quickly when Brenda rolled on top of Mike and told him they had one other surprise for him.
Running to the jeep, she returned with a large plastic shovel. Handing it to Mike she said "dig a nice hole here between our blankets"
It took a few minutes but Mike had the sand pushed away in an area about 2 feet deep and 4 feet long and 3 feet wide.
Ms Robbins then took out a pair of hand cuffs that were in her purse and had Mike turn around and quickly restrained his hands behind his back. They then had him lay down in the whole that he had just dug... making sure that his head and feet were above the ground. Once he was settled into the hole, they used the extra sand from where he had just dug and quickly covered his legs and torso, effectively pinning him beneath the weight of the sand. The ladies then took a big cooler from the jeep that Mike had assumed was full of food and filled it with ocean water... They then poured the water over the sand that keep Mike prisoner. The wet sand now compacted around Mike's body and if he had any inkling of moving, the wet sand was going to keep in place no matter what.
Fear started to creep into Mikes mind, as he was in the middle of nowhere with two older women that certainly had him in a position in which there was no escape.
Next Brenda dug a hole down to Mikes body right where his weenie was trapped within its device. Using some cardboard, She made a funnel to keep the sand away from falling down on his torso, she unsnapped the speedo allowing his contraption to come into clear view. Ms Robins then took out a key from within her purse and unlocked the contraption, sliding it off and allowing Mike's cock to become rock hard in an instant.
Brenda laid out long ways over Mikes trapped body, resting on her elbows so that her huge breasts jutted out inches from Mikes face. Ms Robbins remained at the base of Mikes body, slowly stroking and teasing his helpless weenie. Keeping him rock hard, but not allowing the friction to become too great as to allow him release.
Brenda then lit up a cigarette and with Mike trapped right below her, his face was an easy target for the smoke to be blown directly at him. The fact that there was no wind, helped her cause as the smoke hit him dead on in the face.
Mike was going crazy, but couldn't thrash or move an inch.
This teasing took place for 15 minutes or so until the ladies switched spots and it was Ms Robbins turn to torment Mike with her breasts while she enjoyed a cigarette.
Mike's cock was so hard and excited at this point that Brenda was afraid to use her hands on the young man, instead she borrowed the feather from Ms Robbins bag and used it to tease his erection, from the base of his nuts up the underside of his shaft and around the head of his now trembling hardon.
His control was gone now as he pleaded the Ladies for some sort of relief.
"I do think we need to change things up a little bit" said Brenda, "and I have to admit, seeing a guy in this position with his feet so exposed has given me a very wicked idea"
With that she slid down to where Mike's feet laid helpless and she began to run her long nails up and down the length of the soles of his feet. Mike was going ballistic, he was very very ticklish and this is the most helpless feeling he could ever have.
Ms Robbins decided to take advantage of Mikes new found energy, and pulled her bikini bottom off and straddled his face, forcing her soaking wet pussy over Mikes mouth.
Brenda was relentless and Mikes screams and yipes proved to be the perfect vibrations in insure that Ms Robbins exploded with orgasm after orgasm.
Ms Robbins rode Mikes face for 30 minutes before falling back onto the sand, looking up at her partner in crime.
Winking at Brenda, "go on girl, your turn to go for a ride, I'll take those feet for now."
So the ladies switched positions and Mike was tickled unmercifully for another 30 minutes while Brenda came and came and came again all over his face.
Satisfied for the time being, the girls laid down and started to concentrate their efforts on Mikes exposed weenie.
The tickled, teased, stroked and tormented it for hours while they took turns blowing smoke in his face.
Finally the morning was turning to afternoon. The girls agreed that they each wanted one more ride on Mike's face, so Brenda went first this time, straddling Mike, while Ms Robbins tickled his feet again.
The next hour or so was a blur for Mike, he was ready to go nuts from the stimulation to his feet and weenie not to mention the wonderful aroma of the ladies girl cum pouring all over his trapped face.
Running back to the cooler, the girls filled it back up with cool ocean water and poured it on his hard on. The effect was a bit slow, but finally within a few minutes his hard on got soft enough to put the device back on. Then the ladies freed him from his sandy prison, allowed him to stretch and swim a little while to loosen his muscles before the hour long ride home.
That night they ate and allowed Mike to pass out in his room, he had never been so tired in his life, or frustrated for that matter.
As Mike passed out in his bed, he was under the misconception that he would be safe from these two evil Women until morning. Little did he know They were far from being done with him.

Exhausted from the beach torture, Mike fell right into a deep sleep. Brenda and Ms Robbins waited a little while before sneaking into his room. Convinced that Mike was sound asleep, they secured his hands to the bed posts and lightly restrained his ankles to the bottom of the bed. Quietly, they removed his cock cage allowing his weenie to spring to life. Using two feathers like Ms Robbins used in the car earlier that day, both of the Ladies began to tease his weenie until he was rock hard.

While Mike may have been out cold, his weenie was hardly asleep. The two soft feathers caused him to be erect and the Ladies laughed quietly as his breathing began to become labored as he squirmed slightly in the bed. It wasn't long until Mike began to show drops of precum from the tip of his weenie. The drops became thicker and more frequent until there was so much precum pouring from his weenie that he was starting to soak himself as the precum rolled down his weenie, into his pubic area and onto the bed beneath him.

The Ladies continued to tease him for another hour or so, long enough that there was so much precum pouring from his helpless weenie that the untrained eye would have been sure that Mike wet himself.

Convinced that they caused enough precum to pour from him...they gently removed the bindings and pulled the covers up gently.

Fighting back giggles, Brenda pulled Mike's hand up and placed it on his hard weenie. Though asleep, he gripped his cock as if he were wide awake.

The two bit down hard on their lower lips to regain their own composure...backing away from the bed they hit Mike with a huge surprise.

"WHAT ARE YOU DOING???" Screamed Ms Robbins

The yelling startled Mike and he sat straight up

"I can't believe the one night we decide to take pity on you and allow you to sleep without your device on" said Brenda....."You jack yourself off"

Indeed Mike was alarmed at how wet he was....did he really jack off while asleep and not even enjoy himself???

"I dont know how long you have been playing with that thing... but based on that wet spot, it looks like you have been going at it a bit too long" said Ms Robbins
"You only had a couple more days and then the two of us were going to take you back to that beach house and fuck you silly for the long weekend.

"That's right Mikey, you were going to be the star of every red blooded American males fantasy" added Brenda.

"We were really looking forward to giving you a weekend of pleasure... but this changes everything"

Mike sat in his bed, wide awake, his heart in his mouth...he just lost out on the one thing he had been fantasizing about for the past few days... and for what... a stupid whack off that he didnt even enjoy

Brenda was fighting back a smile as Ms Robbins continued, "Well so much for the week long chastity... i think we have to reevaluate this punishment of yours"

Brenda took her cue..."I think he should go the whole summer, his parents called tonight, they wont be back home until late September, that means he is ours for the next 2.5 months with no protection from his mommy and daddy.

The horror was starting to sink in now.

Despite everything that was happening, Mike couldn't help but have a hard on... little did he know he had just spent the last 2 hours having his weenie teased with a feather and little did he know that the wet spot wasnt cum.... rather it was precum and he had just been the focal point of a very cruel joke.

Going to the kitchen, Brenda returned with a bag of ice... placing it on Mike's weenie, she watched it go from rock hard to limp in a matter of seconds. Ms Robbins quickly put the chastity device back on Mike, locking it in place.

"That's the last time that thing is coming off without our supervision young man" She added as the lock clicked shut.

As the lock shut, it emphasized that Mike's week long torment had just become a full summer torture.

After the ordeal that took place at the beach Mike was starting to wonder if he would ever survive the summer. With his parents away for so long, he was basically a slave to these two Women and they appeared to have no concept of mercy when it came to teasing and tormenting him.
He couldn't imagine what could be worse that what he was experiencing.
The next day Ms Robbins and Brenda greeted him for breakfast. They had already gotten dressed for the day, and he noticed that while their attire was somewhat revealing, they at least weren't lounging around the house in bikinis or lingerie.
He had been lusting after these two women since meeting them and he has been frustrated and denied for so long, that he was starting to wonder if he would ever cum again.
After breakfast Ms Robbins announced that she had quite a few chores for him to work on the next couple of days. Brenda chimed in, that she needed some stuff done as well, from laundry to her car washed and waxed.
The ladies explained that if he could concentrate hard and in the next couple of days fulfill all the listed assignments on their list that they would be willing to spend one night with him in the master bedroom and he could fuck them both.
OMG he thought, having sex with either of these two Women would be awesome, but nailing them both was beyond belief.
He kicked it into high gear around the two houses and by 5pm the following afternoon he handed both Ladies their list with all entries checked off.
Brenda and Ms Robbins smiled at each other and they each gave Mike a hug, making sure to rub their breasts against his bare chest.
"Go get showered and meet us in Brenda's room, You have a long night of fucking ahead of you young man, Ms Robbins told him.
Mike raced to the bathroom and took a shower, making sure that he smelled clean. Using some of his after shave (although he rarely had anything to shave). Once convinced that he was the young stud that he hoped that they were looking for, he headed down the hall.
Inside the room, both Women were wearing robes and appeared to be nude beneath the terry cloth garments. They moved toward him like a tiger going after its prey, standing on either side of Mike, they began to kiss him and slowly started to remove the clothes off his back.
Soon Mike stood in the middle of the bedroom completely naked except for the chastity device that kept him from attaining the hardon that he so desperately needed.
Brenda reached for a key that was hanging from a chain around her neck and she opened the lock, releasing Mike's cock. He sprung to life the minute his cock felt the air and soon he stood between the women with a throbbing hard cock, desperate for some attention.
Again the Ladies began to kiss his neck and mouth and Brenda was the first to allow Mike to slide his hand between the openings in the front of the robe and feel her full breasts. Mike's cock was now bobbing up and down in mid air and the feel of her smooth full breasts had him reeling.
The Ladies led him the bed and allowed him to sit at the foot of the bed as they stood directly in front of him.
His cock was throbbing and he needed to cum so bad that he didn't think he would be able to spend much time fucking either of these Women, at least not the first time, but since they promised a full night of fucking, he knew that he would get to spend several hours thrusting his young weenie into these two mature Women.
His excitement turned to horror as they slowly started to remove their robes. Instead of seeing the two beautiful pussies that he had been servicing for the past week, he saw two large purple faux cocks attached to their waste by a black leather harness. Mike had seen something like this on the internet once, he remembered they called it a strap on and here he was looking right into the eye of two large ones.
The look on his face caused the two women to breakout in hysterics.
"Now Mikey, when we said a whole night of fucking, you didn't think we meant that You were going to be putting that weenie of Yours inside of us did you?" asked Brenda.
A million things raced through Mike's mind. Not only wasn't he going to enjoy the sexual adventure of a lifetime, but he was about to be emasculated to a point that he never thought possible. Thinking past the disappointment of not getting laid, the idea of having his ass taken was a little more than he could deal with.
The girls approached him and before he knew it he felt one of the faux cocks rubbing against each of his cheeks.
"We can do this one of two ways" said Ms Robbins, "the easy way, is with a generous amount of lube on our cocks so that they slide in and out of you with ease..... the hard part is if we just fuck you with no lube, in which case I guarantee it will hurt like you have never before believed."
There was no doubt Mike preferred the easy way. Brenda took over the explanation from this point..."Show us that you are an eager little cock sucker and lick and suck each of our cocks and then we will lube up the first dildo so that you don't experience that raw-dry fuck feeling."
Mike was scared to death, he never had a dick, real or not, that close to his face and now he had to figure out how to suck and lick one of these things.
Looking at Ms Robbins, he started to run his tongue up and down the fake shaft of the cock. Before he knew it, he was sucking that fake dick like a pro.
As he continued to felate the fake cock, Brenda moved over and slid a chair in front of the bed. Once the chair was in place, Ms Robbins took the dick from Mike's mouth and moved him over to the chair, laying across the back of the chair, positioning his legs so that they were thrown over the arms of the chair, effectively spreading his legs so that he couldn't close them.
Ms Robbins then took a tube of lube and smeared it all over her faux cock and along his ass cheeks. Convinced that everything was in place, she stood behind Mike as Brenda took a place sitting on the bed in front of Mike, here faux cock was at eye level and so close to Mike's face that he could smell the rubber.
Behind him, Ms Robbins was spreading his ass cheeks a little wider, as She slid the rubber cock along the crack of his ass. He could feel it start to enter him. The embarrassment of getting fucked in the ass right in front of another girl was bad enough, but now Brenda was starting to feed her cock in his mouth as well. All at once he could feel himself being penetrated at both ends, as each of the women took a nice slow leisurely turn filling his body with their cocks.
To really put an explanation point on the event, Brenda lit up a cigarette and as she fucked Mike's face with her cock, she blew stream after stream of smoke into his face.
Taking turns fucking different parts of his body, insuring his weenie was hard and throbbing while blowing smoke in his face. The night seemed to last forever, but alas, Mike was saved as the Ladies decided he had experienced enough. All Mike could do was whimper into the back of the chair he was draped over. Each of the Ladies took turns swatting his ass cheeks until they turned a bright shade of pink. Finally Mike's weenie was iced down and put back into his harness.
"Tomorrow is going to be another day Mikey," said Ms Robbins, but I want you to realize that we have taken your virginity from your ass and we are capable of doing just about anything to you.
Mike collapsed into his bed with nightmares dancing in his mind, Mike was left alone in the dark and collapsed into his bed, falling asleep

The next couple of days continued on as the previous. Mike worked around the two houses, doing pretty much everything for these two beautiful Women, in return the two of them treated him to views of Their cleavage that kept him salivating and in a constant state of arousal. In addition to the scenery, he had his daily douse of restrained cock teasing and pussy licking that he had started to become used to. He was actually taking delight in bringing the two Women to orgasm as many times as possible and the scent of their girl cum pouring over his face was to say the least, intoxicating.

As Mike prepared to make dinner, the Ladies told him not to bother that they felt like going out for a nice meal. As a special treat Mike's cock cage was released and he was given a short shirt that came to his belt so it was impossible to tuck in and a pair of khaki shorts, but no underwear.

Both Ms Robbins and Brenda were dressed in low cut tops that really showed off their full breasts and as they moved through the house, Mike noticed that their breasts were swaying which made him think that they were not wearing bras.

Just before they were ready to leave, Mike was told to drop his pants and reach down and grab his ankles. Of course this frightened him to no end, but he was totally under these two Ladies control so he did as he was told.

Ms Robbins showed him a silver egg shaped metal ball. Then she placed it in her mouth getting it nice and wet before sliding it into Mike's ass. Brenda handed Mike a speedo with the front cut out and had him put it on, so that the tight nylon kept the egg in place in his ass while his dick was placed through the hole in the front. Pulling his khaki pants back on the three of them headed out. Mike was walking a little funny with the egg shoved in his ass, but as long as he walked really slow, he was able to make his way to the car without it falling out.

They drove 10 minutes to a small night club/restaurant and were ushered by the hostess to a corner booth in the back. Apparently Ms Robbins and Brenda had been to this place before as all of the waitresses said hello and called them by name.

Sitting in the booth, the Ladies each took out cigarettes, lit them and sent several streams of smoke across the table into Mike's face causing him to shift nervously in his seat. The metal egg was pinned against his causing him to get even harder than he would have.

The Ladies each ordered drinks and told the waitress that they would need a while before ordering. The waitress gave them a and said she understood before looking to Mike and laung.

Mike felt very uncomfortable in this place and even more so when he realized that his ever erect cock was starting to drip precum which was soaking directly into his pants.

After finishing Her second cigarette, Ms Robbins reached into Her purse and took out what looked like a small tv remote control.

"This is where it gets interesting Mikey" She said with a smile. Taking the remote and hitting a button, Mike instantly felt a buzzing in his ass as the egg started to hum against his .

Without even thinking about it he was soon squirming in his seat as the Ladies continued to blow smoke in his face.

They continued to give him a knowing smile as Ms Robbins played with the remote, turning it up... then down... then off... then back on again. For the next 20 minutes or so She kept him on the edge of insanity, using the remote to drive him crazy with lust.

Finally they were ready to order and when the waitress took the two ladies orders she turned to Mike who started to order a sandwich, but just as he started to talk, Ms Robbins turned the egg on high causing Mike to yelp out. The waitress cracked up laung looking at Ms Robbins as the three women shared a knowing laugh.
Mike finally got his order in.

The night at the restaurant continued for another 90 minutes or so, each of the ladies taking turns with the remote control, keeping Mike on edge. By the time the bill was paid, Mike realized that he was sitting in a pair of pants that looked like they had been soaked. The stain from his precum covered his entire front. It almost looked like Mike had wet himself.

He realized at this point the reason for the short shirt and the request that the Ladies had to sit in the back of the restaurant.

Mike could feel his face turn crimson when he realized he was going to have to walk through the restaurant and bar, knowing everyone in the club would see his wet pants.

The Ladies made it worse when they got on either side of him and each took one of his hands and held it close to their bodies, making sure he wasn't able to hang his hands in front of him to conceal any of the wet spots.

The walk through the restaurant was horribly slow, everyone turned to look at the two beautiful women and by Mikes 4th or 5th step he was hearing snickers and overhearing people talk about the young guy that apparently came in his pants.

By the time they got to the car the Ladies were hysterical and Mike wished he could crawl into a hole.

They drove straight home and took Mike to Brenda's bedroom where they secured his hands to the bed frame and started a long night of cock teasing. Mike had already lost several ounces of precum from the two hours in the night club, so he was a throbbing mess.

He was finally iced down and put back into his cock cage and sent to bed somewhere between 1 and 2am. What could possibly be next?????

The day started out like any other for Mike. He got up, staggered to the shower and tried to turn the water to as cold as he could get it to ease the tension that was continuing to build within his cock cage.

After a quick breakfast, which included plenty of teasing from Brenda, he headed over to Ms Robins house to get some of the chores done.

When he arrived at Ms Robins house he was greeted with a big hug and kiss from his attractive older neighbor. She was very excited and shared with him the reason why. Apparently she had entered a contest the last time she was in Las Vegas and she was selected as a winner. Her prize was an all expense trip for four to Las Vegas for a weekend of fun and debauchery. She let him know that they would be leaving on Friday, he was a bit startled by her reference of "we" "Oh come on sweetie, you don't think i would leave you and Brenda behind on such a fun trip."

He went back to his house along with Ms Robins to tell Brenda the good news. The two ladies were very excited to say the least. From the kitchen Ms Robins called her friend Linda to let her know that she was invited to go along. Mike was not sure who Linda was, but he thought he remembered seeing a picture in Ms Robins house of a beautiful friend that he thought she told him was named Linda.

Friday came in a hurry and the women explained that for the flight he would get to take his cage off to eliminate any embarrassing moments at the security check point, but they would be with him the entire time, so they didn't expect any sneaky stuff. Any hopes of dashing off to the washroom of the plane to pull on Mr happy was dashed when they explained that he wouldn't be allowed to use the bathroom on the plane, so he better not drink anything prior to the flight. Just getting his cock out of that device was going to be enough for him to help regain some of his sanity (or so he thought). The Ladies did all the packing for him, so he had no idea what was in his duffle bag, but they did share a few evil grins as they headed out of the driveway to pick up Linda.

Linda was waiting in front of her house and OMG she was the woman from the picture and could it be possible that there were three women that beautiful in at that age? Linda got into the car and sat down next to Mike in the back seat. Flashing him a devious smile she told him how nice it was to finally meet the famous Mikey and how she was really looking forward to playing "with" him over the course of the weekend. That made him a bit uneasy to say the least. He was pretty sure he was in for some teasing during the weekend, but now that he was alone with these three women, he really started to question whether or not he could handle it.

The Ladies chatted all the way to the airport, Mike had very little to say, he just pondered his fate for the duration of the drive and was glad to get out of the car. They made it through the line at the airport very quickly and got to the gate pretty much in time to get on the plane.

Mike found that his ticket was way in the back between Ms Robins and Brenda while Linda sat across the aisle so that the four could chat. Mike offered to give up his seat to allow Linda to sit with the girls, but he was given a very knowing smile as they told him they had him exactly where they wanted him. He was a little surprised that they put a blanket over his lap as it was fairly warm, but once the plane took off it was clear why they had it there.

No sooner had the plane taken off then Ms Robins hand was beneath the blanket unzipping Mike's pants and pulling his rock hard weenie out. Brenda slid her hands under the blanket and soon Mikey realized that the 4.5 hour flight to Vegas was about to seem even longer

The ladies took Mike's hands and put them at his side and refastened the seat belt pinning his arms to his side and leaving him quite vulnerable. For the next several hours the three women took turns torturing his hard on and bringing him to near orgasm time and time again before stopping and leaving him gasping with frustration. After a while Linda got her chance to sit next to Mikey and he was amazed at how good of a cock tease she was as well. Her long nails constantly traced the veins in his weenie leaving him on the edge of eruption, but not quite allowing him to get there.

While sitting to his right, Ms Robins leaned over her toy and whispered to Linda that she was in for a treat this weekend, Mikey's face makes for a very fun ride and he will bring you to dozens of orgasms with his strong tongue.

Mike gasped as he heard this and continued to keep pushing his cock into their hands hoping that they would slip up and allow him some relief.

"Our first stop is going to be an adult bookstore on Tropicana that will allow us to get all the restraints and toys we need for the weekend. I have Mikey's ATM card that we can use so that we don't have to waste our own gambling money, besides he will have plenty to keep him busy this weekend he wont need to be gambling at the casino, as if they would let him anyway at his age. That really hit home and reminded him that he was so much younger than these women and it just caused him to get harder and harder.

As the giant hotels came into view out the window, Ms Robins forced Mikey's weenie back into his khaki pants, making sure to wipe any excess precum on the outside of his pants. One bad thing about this type of teasing is the inevitable stain that it would leave and Mikey was not surprised to look down and wonder if people would think he wet himself..

As they departed the plane and walked through the terminal to pick up their rental car, Mikey felt as if everyone in the airport was starting at his wet pants. And while they all weren't, certainly quite a few were and for some reason the ladies in the airport seemed to know what that stain was and they seemed to snicker a bit more.

True to Ms Robins word, they picked up their rental car and headed straight to the largest adult bookstore that Mike had ever seen. Once inside he was amazed at the cornucopia of adult toys that were on display.

Seeing the 3 women walk arm in arm with Mikey and the obvious stain on his pants caused the girl behind the counter to giggle as she walked over to them to offer any assistance.

Without a pause, Brenda explained that they were in town for the weekend and that Mikey was in the midst of a long chastity period in which he wasn't allowed to cum, although for the next 48 hours the 3 of them intended to tease torture him in ways that would make a strong man shudder.

The girl laughed and nearly doubled over before regaining her composure and high fived the three women as if she thought such a weekend was awesome. "Well what can I help you find to help insure that his weekend is a living hell?" she said with a very devilish smile at Mike.

"Take us through the store and let us know what we should have, " added Linda, apparently not foreign to such an experience.

"Well first we should look at some restraints" The clerk, whose name turned out to be Nicole, picked out several different sets of wrist and ankle restraints that would assure that mike be kept immobile while the three of them had their way with him.

Next you should have some feathers if you really want to work his cock up good.... taking him over to a counter she sold the girls a dozen long colored plumes that looked to be nothing bur pure evil.

"Is his ass virgin territory?" Nicole asked the girls. "Actually no, Me and Brenda raped his little ass a week or so ago with our strap-ons so it has taken some cock already. "Good Nicole squealed" because the worst thing I can think to do to him would be to give him a partial milking at some point when his cock is so hard that he can barely stand it..... so taking us over to the dildo area (and what an area... 24 linear feet of faux cocks of every shape and size" The ladies selected about half dozen different sizes and shapes sure to insure that my prostrate would be worked over pretty good.

Finally, with all of this stimulation, You will need somethings to keep his accidents at bay... I would suggest some leather harnesses to help separate his balls from his body and insure that you can play with his cock as much as you want without any accidents. Once that was purchased, the also decided to pick up some cock rings to make sure that he would be safe.

Mikecouldn't believe it when the bill came to $487.22. All of which was coming out of his bank account.

Ms Robins hung back to talk to Nicole for a while as the other three headed to the car. Once Ms Robins came out they car headed over to Venetian where their vacation could begin. The room was amazing. Huge was an understatement. It was a gigantic suite, complete with sunken hot tub that would surely sit the four of them with ease.

"I've invited Nicole to join us for dinner tonight Ms Robins announced, which made the other two giggle and give a really sadistic smile. Ms Robins continued, Mike you might find it interesting, when she isn't working at that store she goes by the name Lady Nicole and is a professional lifestyle Dominatrix ." I figured that she could probably show us a thing or two to insure that we leave you exhausted over the next 48 hours.

The ladies all seemed to giggle at this information as Mikey found a cold streak heading down his back despite the twitch in his pants. Ms Robins reached for her purse and pulled out a cigarette, "Linda you have to see this to believe it... Mikey take off your clothes and stand over here by us" Mike did as instructed and slunk over to where the three women stood with their hands on their hips.

"Now Linda watch his weenie.... as she said this, she took a drag of her cigarette and sent a long stream of smoke into Mikes face. Knowing the reaction, as did Brenda they were not as surprised as Linda was when she saw Mikes weenie begin to dance and throb from excitement. Of course the loud gasp emitting from Mikes mouth was also a give away.

Linda couldn't believe it, "oh he is fucked this weekend," she said with a devious smile as she pulled a cigarette out of her own purse, lighting it and sending a thick cloud of smoke directly into Mikes face. Brenda followed suit and soon Mike found himself in a large thick cloud of smoke while his weenie dripped almost uncontrollably on the porcelain tile.

"Well since we are able to smoke as much as we want in this city, it appears that he is in for a long go of it, Brenda said as she pulled out the leather harness and began to fit onto his weenie

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I think there is a very good chance of that happening in the near future....thanks for the kind words.
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By hockeysub12 on 04-12-2007, 10:29 PM
Default Re: A very long tease and denial story

Since people seemed to like the story....I decided to continue it...here you go...

Once Brenda got the harness over Mike's cock, no small feat as his erection seemed to want to burst from the smoke being blown in his face, the ladies took their toy out for a nice dinner on the town.
They met Lady Nicole at a steak restaurant that she suggested, slightly off the strip, yet close enough to get there by cab.
Nicole was already seated in a large booth in the back of the restaurant and soon Mike found himself trapped against the wall with Ms Robbins on his left, Brenda on his right and Nicole and Linda across from him.
As expected the ladies took every opportunity to tease Mike unmercifully in this position. Not only was an endless stream of smoke blown in his face, but the site of the four ladies in their low cut tops, their breasts nearly spilling out, was enough to make the young man crazy. Add to it, the fact that Brenda and Ms Robbins seemed to take turns tracing Mikes cock with their long finger nails and he was spilling precum into his slacks long before the table could order drinks.
The ladies all had various drinks and they all found it entertaining when Ms Robbins ordered a Shirley Temple for Mike, as he was not old enough to legally drink yet.
Ms Robbins did the ordering for herself as well as Mike and the table was chuckling at the look on his face when She told the waitress that Mike would only be having a tossed salad, no dressing and that she should bring it with the Ladies steaks.
The four Ladies each had soup, appetizers and fresh bread and butter prior to their meal, as Mike looked on hungrily.
When the main course finally arrived and Mike looked around at the thick juicy steaks on the Ladies plates, his humiliation really set in. Though it was nothing compared to what was about to happen. Brenda and Ms Robbins had discussed this earlier with Nicole and when the Mike's salad was placed in front of him, before he could take his fork in his hands, Nicole reached over with a full ashtray and poured it on top of the green salad.
Mike was dumbstruck, he was starving, he had to watch the other four eat what he wanted and now his salad had cigarette ash and butts all over it.
Ms Robbins whispered in his ear, "You will not eat this whole weekend if that salad is not finished. You can eat around the butts, but I expect every drop of salad to be gone."
Mike gulped and began the task at hand, wading through the cigarette ashes to find as much of the salad as he could muster.
Luckily for him, he was extremely hungry and managed to choke down enough of the plate to appease Ms Robbins.
After an after dinner cup of coffee and of course a cigarette or two, the group left the restaurant in Nicole's car and headed to a club that she had promised to take them to.
The club was not your ordinary night club, this club specialized in S&M and in particular Female Domination. The five made quite a site walking through the door. Mike looked like he had already been through the wringer, yet he realized, walking into a place like this could only lead to more torment.
Nicole knew everyone working and arranged to bring Mike back to a room that had what looked like a medical table in the middle although this was a little different as there were obvious restraints on the four corners along with several straps on the side. They got Mike undressed and had him lay on the table. He had long since given up on fighting or trying to talk his way out of something when Ms Robbins had her mind set on it and in this case he had four very strong willed Ladies hell bent on getting him restrained to the table. In no time his feet and wrists were restrained, the straps were then pulled over, on just below his nipples, one just below his hips one over his thighs and one over his legs, he was pretty much immobilized on the table.
Nicole walked around and spoke to the many people that were at the club, there seemed to be Dommes everywhere, but Mike started to get a little alarmed that there were no other males.
One by one the other ladies walked into the room and soon Mike was surrounded by at least 10 Women.
Nicole started to speak up so that everyone could hear Her, "Good evening Ladies, thanks for joining us here a little earlier than normal, I wanted to introduce you to Mike. Mike is a late teen that has stumbled into a bit of a challenge. He has been forced to live a chaste life the past couple of weeks and is pretty much ready to explode at the slightest breeze," The ladies in the room all laughed at the very direct explanation of Mike's situation.
Nicole looked at her watch, "We have about 2 hours before the club actually opens, in that 2 hour time our job is to get Mike as close to cumming as humanly possible without letting him over the edge." Nicole went on to explain to the girls all of Mike's weaknesses inclusive of his smoking fetish, his love of the female cleavage and of course just how ticklish his body is.
Being worked over by two and most recently 3 Ladies at a time was something Mike figured would be the most intense experience he would ever feel, but here as he lay helpless he was surrounded by almost a dozen of the most beautiful women he had ever laid eyes on.
The ladies went to work on him right away, they all seemed to smoke, so he was never without at least 3 women blowing smoke in his helpless face. A few of the women pulled out long plumes and set forth tickling his hard on with the soft feathers. Unfortunately for Mike his cock was never released from the harness, so the Women actually had some room for error on how hard they teased him. He had no hope of getting an accidental orgasm with that harness in place.
His feet were tickled non stop, his nipples were tweaked as tears of frustration began to drip from the corners of his eyes.
Ms Robbins was unmercifully rubbing her large chest inches from Mikes nose, while his whole body seemed to be worked over at once.
Mercifully the owner of the club came to the back and announced that they were preparing to open and that they would have to take Mike out of the club.
Mike's body was as limp as his cock was hard. He had a hard time getting his clothes back on. The ladies brought him back to the hotel and restrained him to the head board to avoid any "accidents" while they hit the strip for some fun but not before promising Mike another fun day tomorrow.
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By rotorhead on 04-19-2007, 02:14 PM
Default Re: A very long tease and denial story

Hockeysub, I really enjoy your stuff. I particularly enjoy how the Dommes immediately recognize a closet smoking fetish and exploit it to the fullest. Ever since I saw Lisa Lipps in a vid as a secretary smoking, the big breasted mature smoker has been a staple for me. Two of them, savaging a young man like this - fantastic. Thanks for the effort of putting it on paper.
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By nylonslave on 04-19-2007, 04:44 PM
Default Re: A very long tease and denial story

this is one great story i love it and i woulnd't be in that guy's place
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By nyc213 on 07-14-2007, 05:11 PM
Default Re: A very long tease and denial story

Wow, long story. But a great one!
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By topfin on 02-11-2008, 05:07 PM
Default Re: A very long tease and denial story

Great story enjoyed it very much.
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By hockeysub12 on 02-12-2008, 09:39 PM
Default Re: A very long tease and denial story

Thanks....glad you enjoyed it.
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By tweener on 03-25-2008, 12:56 PM
Default Re: A very long tease and denial story

wow very nice story

thanks a lot
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By cobra8272 on 08-20-2008, 06:21 AM
Default Re: A very long tease and denial story

i don't know whether to pity him or be jealous!
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By Ace Lyricist on 10-26-2009, 08:57 PM
Default Re: A very long tease and denial story

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By hialt on 01-19-2010, 08:38 PM
Default Re: A very long tease and denial story

Fantastic storyline.
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By Alanlol on 03-21-2010, 05:04 AM
Default Re: A very long tease and denial story

Loved it, will you ever cqrry this on?
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By knottied on 03-23-2010, 05:07 AM
Default Re: A very long tease and denial story

I love good T&D stories -- almost as good as the real thing!
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By abcde886 on 10-23-2010, 05:33 PM
Default Re: A very long tease and denial story

Good story, but you should consider changing the text colour as it is not properly displayed on my screen, i need to mark the text to be able to read it
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By Unregistered on 08-20-2013, 01:57 PM
Default Re: A very long tease and denial story

Really nice story: my hart skipped some beats...
I like the way Mike thinks he is going to be able to fuck those ladies
and is disappointed because he GETs fucked instead. Awsome.
*Jealous of Mike*
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By Unregistered on 12-10-2013, 12:29 PM
Default Re: A very long tease and denial story

good bones, but man lose the smoking bit. Smoking is for low lifes and really takes away from the appeal of this
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