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Terrified to cum - Pt 1
Terrified to cum - Pt 1
Published by rotorhead
Default Terrified to cum - Pt 1

Mistress RavishingLori asked the question - has anyone ever been brought to the point where they were afraid to cum? Yes, Mistress, absolutely. In a case of real life imitating fiction, I was subjected to that very state of mind. From a fateful collision of an emerging Mistress, several curious students, and my big fat mouth, I was initiated into this small by unique club. I also believe it was the birth of my interest in servitude, true servitude, not just for sexual release - but truly appreciating the power, strength and control a beautiful and skillful woman can have over a man.

My greatest fault is being to wordy, and I offer my most humble apologies in advance.

My Marathon Pt. 1 I had grown up with a circle of friends, boys and girls, from the time we were all about 8 until well past high school. Some moved, others drifted off, but the core group of 10 or so really grew up with each other. There was never any sexual tension because it was like we were all brothers and sisters.

Fast forward to our ten year reunion. Most of us made it, a couple couldn't, but it was great to see everyone. We fell into our comfort zone immediately - where we could talk about anything and everything. I spent a great deal of time talking to Amy, 'the innocent'. The one girl who remained a virgin until marriage. Sadly, she found a complete dickhead who pretty much dumped her within the first year. Since then, she'd apparently been catching up for lost time.

We talked about sex in an almost clinical way - without emotion. The girls (Amy and Theresa) seemed to enjoy teasing me about the males' seeming inability to have multiple orgasms. I told them I had once had three in the span of about 8 hours, but that had been with two girls in Thailand and they were quite - uhm, motivated. So Amy immediately started theorizing that there must be a limit to how much cum a man can produce. (Amy, always the thinker). I also shared with them a story I had found years before on the internet called “The Marathon” (credit to the author, Neverman), where a group of girls basically kidnapped a peeping tom and milked him unmercifully for a week. They decided they wanted to try it, and asked if I would be a willing subject. (Was "NO" ever an option??!?!) First, I was asked to list as many things as I could that I found complete turn-ons. No holds barred, nothing off limits. They knew it was going to be difficult, and they wanted my help. Now, at this point it might be helpful to know that, for just the last several years, Theresa had become a favorite fantasy of mine. I would bump into her occasionally around town and she just got more and more hypnotic. She had a fantastic set of tits, and long slender neck, and short, but still feminine hair. The closest thing I can think of was Demi Moore in Ghost. Theresa grew into a striking beauty in her 20s.

So I gave them my list - they looked it over with only one or two raised eyebrows and a few giggles. I was embarrassed a bit that Theresa could see into my world like this.

They wanted a week or two to plan. Amy was very deliberate. She said she wanted to see six orgasms in one weekend, and was going to take a systematic approach to doing it. Looking back, I should have spent those two weeks shopping for real estate in Ecuador - it would have been far safer.

We met for dinner the appointed Friday after work. I had been told no sex, without or without a partner, since the original plan was put into action. This needed to be fair for everyone.

Amy was a slender blonde with two remarkable features. Her hair looked like spun silk - soft, full and nearly all the way down her back, and she had the most graceful, delicate hands. They moved and flowed when she talked like a cat's tail - completely independent of the rest of her body. She had a way of touching you lightly on the arm as she spoke to you that said she knew that her touch was magical.

And, taking a page from my list, she was dressed as the porn schoolgirl. The white blouse, tied at the waist. Plaid skirt, white knee socks, and a pair of pornstar platform heels. Her hair was curled and pulled back in one of those plastic u-shaped hair clips which made it fall around her face and brush against and around her face.

Theresa was, well, stunning. First, she had gone slutty with her makeup (from my list). Dark eyes, red mouth, fresh manicure. She had on jeans and a tube top, with a leather jacket over. She was confident and powerful, and seemed to know that she made me weak. We shared drinks and a bite of dinner and laughed at the looks we were getting from the passers-by. I am sure most thought I had contracted for these two lovelies for the evening, and they seemed to be getting turned-on by the attention. After dinner, I was provided with plans and instructions for the rest of the weekend. First, the ground rules had been changed. I was to withhold, if I could. They wanted to know if I could be forced to cum, and if so, how many times, and then, would I want more? Basically, where was my 'wall'. Secondly, no safe words would be allowed. If this was to work, they needed to know that I wasn't going to call it off (something about 'all in the name of science'). That worried me some, but one look at Theresa and fear was quietly smothered in it's sleep with a pillow by lust and desire. I followed them to Amy's house and was shown the bedroom. Instructed to completely strip and lie down, I was bound with scarves to the bedpost...quite securely (ok, who’s the boy scout with all the knots?) Then, Amy stepped into the hall and brought back a white board which had been filled out with two columns. The left side was my list, with each of my turn-ons plainly shown. The list on the right was shorter, only a few items, but the print was cloudy, blurry. Amy explained that we will be checking off the items on my list, but that they have added a few other items to the other side.

That was stuff they wanted to try, and the results from some of their ‘independent research’, and since I wasn't going anywhere for the next 60 hours or so...She said there was wax paper over it so that, if I had a few minutes, I could maybe try to make out what the words said. Ok, fear was back from the dead now. Written plainly on the left were: Naughty schoolgirls European porn makeup (slightly dark and excessive) Amy's hair and her touch Big tits Lipstick lesbian erotica Elegant/erotic smoking Furs Women adorned in jewelry

So the first two items on the list Amy made a point of placing a check mark next to. Theresa returned with a tray of drinks and a few other items and set them on the table. I noticed that there were four glasses with the wine bottle, and as I was about to say something, Theresa smiled and said "Oh, where are my manners? I forgot to introduce our other two lovely participants. Ladies?" In walks Liana...and her older sister Stacy. Now, when I said there wasn't any sexual tension between us, I should have specifically excluded siblings. Liana was the athlete of our group, but her older sister was the wet dream of every boy who had the slightest idea of what testosterone was. Stacy was the girl who had whoever she and whatever she wanted. The quarterback, the star baseball player, a few boyfriends from the college, even male teachers seemed unable to resist her. She was sex. She flirted, teased and basically raised hell around town for years. By the time we were in high school, she had moved to Chicago to work at some brokerage firm. The world was at her feet. But what the hell was she doing here? She was tall, strong and very busty, even in high school. She had the most beautiful skin, warm and glowing, and she accented it perfectly with her makeup. She was stunning.

"Hi Dave," they said, like we'd just met on the street. Liana was in a simple tube-top shirt and skirt, but Stacy was in a business suit, obviously tailored to enhance her figure - yeah, her tits were climbing out of the jacket like their life depended on it. They sat down on the chairs at the foot of the bed as Amy walked to the board, and slid the wax paper down to expose the first line. It said "Stacy" then in parenthesis, Nick. Amy explained that some of her research was to talk to the other people we knew and verify that my list was indeed complete.

Apparently, I had left out a thing or two, and Stacy was one of them. She was back in the area for a conference, and when Liana told her what was being planned, she jumped at the chance. Liana just smiled.

"Nick may very well be a dead man," I thought to myself.

"Well, let's get started, shall we?" said Amy. She pointed silently at the list. Item three, Amy's hands & hair. Then she reached out and began lightly touching me everywhere. Gentle massage, light tickling, full hand caressing. She would straddle me and let her hair cascade across my chest, then draw it down my stomach and across my cock. She made every attempt to slide her hair and delicate fingertips from head to toe. The sensation was electric. I just tried to enjoy the treatment when she reminded me that I was supposed to be resisting. As I began to reply she wrapped her silky hair around my cock and started stroking. I felt cum immediately boil, and she knew it too. She slowed almost to a stop to keep me right on the edge for at least 15 minutes. I pleaded with her for release and she just smiled..."I think you'll see that the teasing is the real pleasure." This, from the one we called 'Amy the innocent' for nearly 10 years? Finally, after straining at my bonds and begging her, she slowly increased her motion as her free hand grabbed another handful of her beautiful hair and started stroking my balls. I exploded something much greater than the two weeks worth of cum she had required of me. I coated her hair, her hands, my belly, and everything else I could reach. There was a bit of celebration among the ladies, with glasses clicking and the toast "to many more".

End Pt. 1
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By travelingman317 on 06-16-2007, 11:48 AM
Default Re: Terrified to cum - Pt 1

Thanks for the great story. It made me boil.
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By rotorhead on 06-18-2007, 11:28 AM
Default Re: Terrified to cum - Pt 1

thanks - glad you enjoyed it. There are two other parts as well.
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By jeroen on 06-18-2007, 11:46 AM
Default Re: Terrified to cum - Pt 1

What a wonderfull story. I think its a fantasy for at least 90% of this board ;) . I know I wouldn't say no to such an experiment
Reply With Quote
By rotorhead on 06-18-2007, 04:11 PM
Default Re: Terrified to cum - Pt 1

Thanks, Jeroen - but as you spend a bit more time here you'll find an incredibly diverse collection of desires - a great many not covered by this. I am constantly amazed with not just the fantasies of the slaves here, but also the seemly boundless imagination of our lovely and gracious host Mistress Taylor.
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By JenPlant on 07-14-2007, 01:55 AM
Default Re: Terrified to cum - Pt 1

great story, i'm threatening hubby with the same
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By topfod44 on 07-14-2007, 01:00 PM
Default Re: Terrified to cum - Pt 1

wow good sotry
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By nyc213 on 07-14-2007, 05:10 PM
Default Re: Terrified to cum - Pt 1

Great story!
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By rotorhead on 07-17-2007, 04:58 PM
Default Re: Terrified to cum - Pt 1

Realizing that I changed names between the parts - what a maroon...
pt2 - http://www.femdomdesire.com/forums/s...ead.php?t=3540
pt3 - http://www.femdomdesire.com/forums/s...ead.php?t=3593
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By hockeysub12 on 07-17-2007, 05:18 PM
Default Re: Terrified to cum - Pt 1

Hey Rotor...I apologize for not commenting earlier, but I really enjoyed this 3 part series. You did a great job on it and was very entertaining to say the least.
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By rotorhead on 07-17-2007, 05:22 PM
Default Re: Terrified to cum - Pt 1

High praise indeed, especially since I do a little office dance each time I see that you've posted a new one or updated a classic.

Thank you!
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By t1ddt2 on 07-22-2008, 05:36 PM
Default Re: Terrified to cum - Pt 1

awesome story
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By cobra8272 on 08-21-2008, 06:35 AM
Default Re: Terrified to cum - Pt 1

I also have had a T+D fantasy about two of my female school friends.

I was so close to having it happen once.

But it didn't go ahead.

So this story is very 'real' to me.

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By Kbra on 12-03-2008, 07:13 PM
Default Re: Terrified to cum - Pt 1

Amazing story, i just read this part, and i am really enjoying it.
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By dalprit76 on 05-23-2012, 07:44 PM
Default Re: Terrified to cum - Pt 1

Very well done.
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