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A Birthday To Remember
A Birthday To Remember
Kozation & Miss Cutie
Published by Subject
Smile A Birthday To Remember

I was already horny because Miss had told me what my treat would be for my birthday celebration. She requested that I rub my cock's head along her pussy, up & down--only rubbing. After asking permission I removed my sissy panties & cock cage. My little cock quickly became fully engorged & I gently caressed Miss' pussy with my head. The sensation was wonderful. I liked my birthday treat very much.

She then ordered me to slowly push my cock into her cunt as far as it would go & remain still inside of her. Carefully parting her, cunt lips I slowly penetrated Miss' sex with the entire length of my filthy, little cock. "I love the warmth of your hot cunt, Miss."

She asked, "Is it all the way in?"

"Yes, Miss, my cock is all the way in your hot, wet cunt."

"OK, now slowly pull out to the tip and push it back in slowly again, keep doing this and telling me how it feels until i say stop."

"Yes, Miss."

I withdrew slowly to the tip & pushed it back in again. "It feels so good to be so intimate with you, Miss."

I repeated my pumping action over, & over. "I feel so hot & throbbing in my cock, Miss."

I looked into Miss' eyes as I continued moving.

"Are you enjoying your birthday treat?" Miss inquired.

"Yes, Miss, very much," I smiled.

"Good boy, you don't turn 45 every year."

"No, Miss. Nothing feels better than being so close to you."

"How does it feel to have your 45-year old, hard cock inside a 26-year old Ms pussy?"

"It feels so sexy, Miss. And I feel so good."

"OK, increase your pace but do not cum inside me, it isn't part of the treat! Your treat is getting to have my pussy for a bit, not to cum in it."

"Yes, Miss. I would never cum without your permission." I increased my pace gradually. "I have fucked for over half an hour many times, Miss. I can even last longer than that, Miss."

"Good, push it deep inside me."

"Yes, Miss. It feels so wonderful," I replied while pushing my cock as deep as possible into Miss. "It feels so good being so deep inside you, Miss."

"Speed up some more."

I increased my tempo looking into Miss' beautiful eyes.

"How does it feel?"

"I can feel your beautiful cunt squeezing my cock on its way out, Miss. Pushing in my cock I can feel the blood pulsating in my arteries. The feeling of being fully engorged is so good, Miss."

"OK, now pull it out!"

"Yes, Miss," I said as I pulled my cock out.

"Now push it between my lips and into my mouth," Miss said as she opened her mouth.

"Yes, Miss," I replied as I carefully pushed my cock between Miss' gorgeous lips & into her hot, warm mouth. "Thank you, Miss."

I closed my eyes as Miss slowly sucked my head & shaft clean of her pussy juices. Her lips & tongue caressed my head & shaft. Her tongue wrapped around my shaft as she pressed her lips down & sucked harder when going up my shaft. She lessened her grip on the way back down. She took hold of my cock with her hand and left her lipstick on it which I admired.

"That's your birthday treat my, little toy. I hope you enjoyed it!"

"Thank you, Miss. I did enjoy it, very much, Miss."

"I want you to cum today," Miss explained. "I want you to go home, and I want you to jerk off thinking about me & my pussy. I want you to cum into your hand, that is, hold your hand out and cum into it."

"Yes, Miss. I will."

"Then I want you to lick it all off & eat every drop."

"I enjoyed that so much the last time, Miss. It's only when I am extremely aroused that my cum tastes so good."

"After you clean up, I want you to come into my Literotica thread & tell everyone about your treat & how you felt, leave no detail out."

"Yes, Miss, I will!"

"Good boy! Now kiss my hand!" Miss ordered.

I kissed Miss' extended hand while I was rock hard.

"Now I shall see you later. Oh, & would you be kind enough to pull my knickers back up?" Miss asked as she stood up.

"Yes, Miss, I would be honored to pull your thong back up," I answered as I gently held Miss' knickers in both hands. I began pulling her knickers up carefully so as to not touch her skin accidentally.

She noticed, "You're allowed to touch the skin while doing this."

"Thank you, Miss," I responded as I brushed Miss' legs & hips with my fingers.

"Pull them back up straight, it's a thong! And careful about my garter belt too! They go over my knickers, ok?"

"Yes, Miss!" I made sure that the thong was not twisted or uneven. I took Miss' garters individually & carefully reattached them to her stockings, one clip at a time, I carefully checked that Miss looked her best. "I hope I have served you well, Miss."

"I have to go now."

"Good bye, Miss, until next time."

"Goodbye. Where is my curtsy?"

I curtsied, blushing that I did not do it promptly after Miss' . "Sorry, Miss."

"I'll let it slide since you're obviously so excited."

"Thank you, Miss."

"I'll see you later, toy," Miss said as she smiled.

"Yes, Miss."
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