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"My Slave on His Knees"
"My Slave on His Knees"
Published by Susan Strict
Default "My Slave on His Knees"

“My Slave on His Knees” is a new Femdom novel by Dr Jane Foxx. The extract below is one of the chapters narrated by the dominant lady’s niece, hidden and watching the events unfold.

Still looking ever bit the desirable lady, Rosalie made a tantalizing show of completely dispensing with her gossamer gown. She slipped out of it, and turned to display her tits, and wiggle her hips a bit, while smiling her way towards Willie’s indefensible position. I am sure he knew he was completely at the lady’s mercy. It was just the way she wanted him to be!
First there was a brief conversation, while the lovely lady reached playfully to grasp Willie Rosenberg’s erecting member. I could see his cock kind of bobbing before him as if it wanted to be noticed, but now it was in the lady’s hand, and she was squeezing at it, just to get his complete attention. I could see Rosalie’s knuckles actually turning white as the lady of the house kept applying a great deal of sporadic pressures.
“Are you trying to impress me with this wayward prick of yours?” Rosalie asked contemptuously. “Haven’t you already learned I’m not the slightest bit interested in knowing the length or the girth of your silly show of masculinity? That is – except as it provides a perfect object for me to prove my increasing disdain for you as a male. All you’re good for, Willie – as you have already proven – is sucking for a lady’s total pleasure, but, it’s also necessary for you to suffer for my continuing amusement.”
There was a brief kiss to William Rosenberg’s cheek at this point.
Evidently, it was to show how pleased Rosalie was to have him in a tethered position, and under her exclusive control. After a brief reflective moment, the lady of the house continued her discourse:
“This evening, I’ve given you the opportunity to demonstrate your most admirable quality, and you’re coming along quite well with your oral adoration of me. I admit it! Honestly, Willie, I simply love each and every opportunity to fuck your handsome face to a wilted frazzle! I don’t think I’ve ever had so much fun. It can be so invigorating, as you may have been noticing each time we meet. It seems to get better and better. I am truly enthralled with the entire process!”
There was another complimentary kiss to William Rosenberg’s cheek after this heady announcement. At the same time, I could see the deft hand holding his erection in place actually relaxed for a few seconds. It appeared Rosalie was holding his shaft rather loosely during the period the kiss was being administered. But only a moment afterward, her fingers tightened again in a vise-like grip, and she hissed into his face:
“Now, we’ll be engaging in another pleasant exercise I highly approve of. You know what I mean. I do so enjoy teasing your silly prick. It’s simply another method of fucking with your simple male mind. What tremendous fun that can be for me! And, later in the evening, I’m sure we’ll get to a third type of service you can perform. You know what I’m referring to. Before this evening is over, I’ll be peeing in your mouth again, Willie-kins! Yes, I will! I know how you’ve always enjoyed swallowing every drop of my warm piss.”

* * * * *

From my hidden vantage point, I could hear and see Rosalie impart these startling statements with her lips very close to William Rosenberg’s face. She was still holding very tightly to his dripping cock, and I also saw Rosalie kissing to the side of his cheek again after she spoke to him. The twin gestures certainly must have sent mixed signals in his rattled masculine emotions. Obviously, Rosalie was in a sadistically playful mood, and the effort was giving the dominant lady a large charge of lusty pleasure.
Shortly thereafter, I saw the dominant lady trapping a few drops of Willie’s pre-ejaculate on the tip of her index finger, and she carefully brought it to his mouth to be licked away. The young man lost no time in sucking her finger dry. She laughed at his response. Afterward, I saw the same exercise being repeated several times, all to more of her demeaning gaiety. Never once did William Rosenberg hesitate to do just as Rosalie wanted.
But, in time, after her saucy playfulness began to ebb, the lady’s mood seemed to change. Abruptly, I saw her reach to grip Willie’s testicles with her free hand. Now, the lady was working to subdue any will he might have had to resist her. Rosalie was totally in charge of their intimate moments together. There was no doubt of it.
The two opposing figures remained in that confrontational pose for several minutes. Meanwhile, I was able to see Willie straining to endure whatever pain and pressures the lovely lady might force on him. Rosalie’s disruptive hands applied various manipulating techniques to Willie’s bewildered prick and balls, just to witness the upsetting effects such treatment caused in him. For instance, the tight, overpowering grips she used sometimes caused Willie’s knees to buckle. But moments later, his hips were thrust far upward, as different pressures were applied in the opposite direction. All the while, Rosalie taunted the young male with a near-continuous stream of sparkling words and feminine laughter.
“Would you like to fuck?” I suddenly heard her ask the young man.
After her question, the lovely lady was seen forcing quick, herky-jerky spasms on Willie’s confused cock. The troubling motions were interspersed with several calculated pauses. I noticed there was very little steady rhythm to the lady’s disruptive stroking.
Thus, Willie’s rattled emotions were taken on a harrowing ride of unpredictability, all of which caused more of Rosalie’s taunting, insidious merriment. Obviously, the dominant lady adored abusing the young man in this very strict, punishing manner.
At one such point during Willie’s ongoing torment, I remember Rosalie’s cell phone suddenly rang and the lovely lady immediately released his bewildered-looking prick to answer it. But first, Rosalie made a great show of drying the wetness from her hand. Her sticky fingers went directly into Willie’s hair to wipe away the excess moisture.
“You can be so damned messy, Willie-kins!” Rosalie hissed at him. “It’s absolutely disgusting what I have to put up with. I should have you licking it all up!”
A second later, Rosalie was smiling into the phone, and saying, “Jane, darling! How are you? How wonderful to hear from you. No, I wasn’t doing anything special. If you must know, I’ve been busy messing with my young slut’s emotions again. Yes, it’s so much fun watching him trying to endure it all! He makes such a tremendous effort to keep pleasing me. Of course, I’ve also been using him to keep me as satiated as possible. Need you ask? Yes, he’s coming along very nicely! Oh, Jane, I’d love to have you visit me, anytime. Tomorrow? About one? That would be wonderful! Yes, I’ll see you then. I have to get back to Willie-kins now. I feel he needs to suffer for me a bit longer. Thanks for thinking of me. Bye for now.”
The caller was obviously from one of Rosalie’s close friends. I suspected it was Dr. Foxx. Jane was the well-known writer of quality FEMDOM stories and a regal beauty in her own right. The two women were known to be constant companions and, perhaps, something more. But that’s another story!
After the phone call, Rosalie found her way back to Willie side, and once again - without his permission - she seized his bewildered prick to begin a fresh, laboriously pumping for him to endure. The dominant lady skillfully moved her hand back and forth, skinning his shaft, up and down, to and fro, while carefully watching Willie’s ever-mounting reactions.
While William Rosenberg was suffering her flagrant abuse, I saw and heard the lovely lady hissing more taunting messages near his ear.
“Just because I’m massaging your silly cock doesn’t mean you have my permission to ejaculate, Willie! I simply refuse to tolerate any of that male foolishness. Besides, you’re not scheduled to have another of your messy pop-offs for two more weeks. Remember that! All I’m doing is providing a bit of exercise and a little tantalizing playfulness, all in order to keep your abiding interest, healthy and thriving. That’s all! Don’t take what I’m doing seriously. It’s just a bit of affable FEMDOM frolic. Nothing more! Try to relax. Enjoy the moment!”
With her last facetious remark, Rosalie began stroking William Rosenberg’s surging erection in a sudden, rather rapid manner. Her concentrated effort brought several moans from him, and lasted almost half a minute, before the lovely lady suddenly stopped to speak to him again.
“I think it’s marvelous fun playing with your silly prick, Willie. I particularly enjoy seeing the various expressions of bother on your face, as we proceed. There are moments when you look as if you’re almost ready to explode. Am I right? Are your puffed-up nuts ready to spurt another load of that disgusting goo?”
I noticed, as Rosalie said those exact words, her calculated caress of William Rosenberg’s surging cock came to an abrupt end. Her hands dropped to her sides, while she stepped back to admire her handiwork. I could see the male’s “silly willie” throbbing expectantly in the air before him, but it was obvious his immediate future was to be filled with some major disappointment.
As a clandestine female spectator to the scene, I was certainly no expert on the subject of male ejaculations, but it appeared to me as if the tormented young male was only one or two strokes away from achieving an actual, spurting climax. But, alas for poor William Rosenberg, it was not to be. He hung his head in abject defeat and total frustration.
It was at that same moment Rosalie looked into William Rosenberg’s tormented face and then down at his ready cock to announce, “Almost, Willie! Almost, but not quite! Haha! What colossal fun!”
After considerable laughter, and a gloating pause, Rosalie added, You’re NEVER going to achieve any sort of sexual release under my control, Willie – not as long as I have anything to say about it!”
This spiteful statement was followed by more of Rosalie’s giddy, taunting laughter, and I am sure it must have goaded William Rosenberg’s emotions to hear it. I think the dominant lady was actually grinding her deep feelings of female resentment into Willie’s tormented male psyche. More, I felt she was actually fucking his raw emotions, just as she had done to his haggard face.

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