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Young Man Seduced by Evil Neighbor Pt 5
Published by hockeysub12
Default Young Man Seduced by Evil Neighbor Pt 5


As Mike lay alone on the bed, the ointment continued to work it's evil magic on his cock and balls along with both of his nipples. He could not stand the sensation as it was now causing frustrations that he never imagined.

Through his own thrashing on the bed he could hear Brenda and Ms Lynn speaking to someone else. It was clear there was at least on other Woman in the room with them and he was pretty sure he could hear another as well.

With the door to the bedroom closed he was unable to hear the conversation clearly but he could hear their bursts of laughter and had a hunch some of what they were speaking about was related to his current situation.

As it turned out there was two other women in the front room. One being Ms Lynn's friend Melanie, who was a commercial scientist for lack of a better term that worked as a free lance inventor of many of the adult toys that are sold on the market. The other lady in the room was named Tammi Jensen. She along with two of her high school friends owned the adult novelty company known as 4Her2him. It was a company that specialized in products that enhanced women's sex life along with supplying some of the professional FemDommes across the country with toys etc to use in their dungeons.

4Her2him had spent a fair amount of money on Melanie's newest invention that was a cream that would enhance the nerve endings on the female sexual organs allowing ladies to achieve more intense orgasms. At the same time the cream could be used on males to excite their genitalia beyond belief, but what Melanie didn't tell Ms Lynn, it also acted as a chemical "cock rink" so to speak preventing guys from getting over the edge to orgasm.

The fact that they had a young man now at their disposal, that not only was excited beyond the norm, but was also a virgin and hadn't come in over a week was exactly what they needed to find out just how well their new product would work.

Ms Lynn explained that Mike was one of her patients along with being her neighbor and that she had put him on a two week chastity period to allow his hormones to really kick in and that by the end of the two weeks he would find himself with enough built up need to cum that he would find the inner confidence to approach women that he would never have the courage to speak to before.

Tammi and Melanie felt as if they just walked into a gold mine and excused themselves to speak in the kitchen alone. Melanie asked Ms Lynn and Brenda to go back to Mike and use a wash cloth and soap to remove all the excess ointment that might be tormenting his weenie while he lay in the bedroom alone.

When Ms Lynn and Brenda approached Mike they almost chuckled at how frustrated the young boy had gotten in the 30 minutes he was alone to deal with the cream that covered his nipples and groin. Each of the ladies took their time and made sure that his nipples and weenie were washed clean of the cream. Mike could feel the immediate relief to his nipples and cock, but of course having Ms Lynn gently stroking his hard on with a warm cloth didn't do much to relieve him of his erection. But at least he felt it was a genuine hard on and not something that was created by the chemicals that were tormenting his body.

"There are two other ladies here that want to meet you Mike," Ms Lynn explained. "They are the ones we did the testing for....you lay here and catch your breath and sanity" Ms Lynn said with a smile "and I will go get you something to eat."
With that the two ladies exited the bedroom leaving mike tied to the bed but much more in control of his own excitement.

Melanie and Tammi were coming out to the living room as the other two ladies reentered the living room. Ms Lynn mentioned that she was going to make Mike a sandwich and all four ladies entered the kitchen to chat.

Melanie was very excited and finally explained to her friend what her thoughts were.

As Ms Lynn made the sandwich Melanie explained that they first off needed to see the cream work from beginning to end on Mike, which they all agreed they would do once he had a chance to eat and drink something.

Then they were in a position to make him an offer that he would probably not refuse (although if he understood the full implications he would run from)

Melanie explained that her lab was accredited with every State funded university across the country. Since Mike had mentioned that his intentions were to study at a local junior college for a year or two and then ultimately study chemisty in college, she could offer him an awesome opportunity.
She could give him a 4 year internship with her lab. It would require a ton of hands on experimentation with chemicals similar to the one that he had just experienced, but at the end of the four year he would have a Bachelor of Science degree in chemistry from any state university in the country.

The catch would be that this opportunity could not be presented to him until after he successfully completed his 2 week chastity agreement that he had made with Ms Lynn.

Ms Lynn and Brenda agreed to keep the offer between them until the following weekend when his two weeks were complete.

Ms Lynn released Mike from the bed and covered him in one of her terry cloth bathrobes, that hid his erection, but just barely as the robe only reached the middle of his thighs. The soft fabric only caused to torment the boy as it rubbed against his sensitive penis, but he did his best to compose himself as he was brought out of the room to meet Melanie and Ms Jensen.

The group sat at the kitchen table and had a snack while Mike drank several glasses of Ms Lynn's famous lemonade.

The two new ladies could hardly contain their excitement after meeting Mike. He was everything they were looking for to fill the internship position they had and his obvious interest in science would make him a perfect fit.

As the five of them sat and discussed different topics Mike could feel himself getting more excited the more the conversation turned to Tammi's company 4Her2Him. He wasn't exactly sure what it all meant, but something about the way she was looking at him as she described what the company was all about had him very excited. It didn't help that Ms Lynn and Brenda were both smoking and "conveniently" found excuses to send streams of their smoke directly in his face.

it didn't take Melanie long to realize what effects the smoke was having on the kid and she soon lit up and sent a stream or two his way as well.

Mike was ready to explode from all the stimulation, both visually as well as the topics of conversations discussed.

Melanie finished her cigarette and asked if they could return to the bedroom for a little more testing.

Mike was led by his hand back to the bedroom, although he was not so sure that he wanted to feel the effects of that ointment again.

Before he knew it though, he was naked and restrained to the bed and at the Ladies mercy.

Melanie was now talking to Tammi in a somewhat professional tone as she explained that they were going to take the ointment and put it on Mike's genitals. Ms Lynn grabbed the jar and with a rubber glove in place covered Mike's already hard cock with a generous amount of the substance. The effects were immediate and soon Mike was thrashing around like a madman.

Melanie went on to explain that the ointment was having the effect she promised in that Mike's erection was being stimulated beyond the point of sanity, "within a few minutes of Mike putting that ointment on his cock, he is at the point that the male reaches just before orgasm. If we had him hooked up to the electrodes in the lab you would see that his blood pressure and heart rate not to mention brain waves are at the point just prior to ejaculation.

Tammi, now convinced that it would drive a man crazy, was desperate to see how the ointment worked on the female gender and she volunteered to put some on her own pussy. A tiny tab was applied to her clit and just around her pussy lips and as the case with Mike the effects were immediate.

Tammi felt an orgasm building from the simple friction of crossing and uncrossing her legs.

Melanie went on to explain to Tammi that the last piece of the puzzle is that the ointment worked as a cock ring on the male anatomy and that no matter what happened, Mike could never get beyond the level of excitement he was feeling. The group decided that the best test would be to have Tammi straddle the virgin subject and take him inside her soaking wet pussy and see if he could survive the actual act of having sex with a beautiful woman without ejaculating.

Mike could not really concentrate on what was going on due to the frustration level that he was at, but it didn't take him long to realize he was about to be deflowered here on the bed in front of Ms Lynn, Brenda and Melanie.

Tammi wasted no time and was up on the bed and soon had his cock buried deep inside her. The feeling was unbelievable to Mike who up until this moment had been a virgin. Tammi's pussy was like a warm velvet glove that gripped his erection as it slid deep inside of her. The ointment that coated Mike's erection now acted as a stimulant to Tammi which only caused her to get hornier and closer to a mind blowing orgasm. In fact she only lasted 3 or 4 thrusts before the wave of her first orgasm overcame her and she covered Mike's hard on with her girl cum.

The contrast in the two of them was amazing, while Tammi continued to cum over and over again, Mike was the picture of frustration and looked as if he was going to go from all the stimulation, the feeling of the soaking wet pussy on his cock and the constant thrusting up and down that Tammi was doing. Thankfully the waves of pleasure soon had Tammi trembling and she climbed off the young man and raced to the bathroom to wipe up all the excess ointment that was causing her so much stimulation.

Melanie was beaming with pride as she pointed to the young man's cock and told her friends that any cock covered in that ointment would lead to the fuck of the century for any woman.

When Tammi returned from the bathroom she was very excited, but in a different sense. That ointment is the greatest invention in the world. His cock would have lasted forever and the orgasms I had were the most mind blowing of my life. Still not convinced that the ointment could keep a male's orgasm at bay completely, Melanie asked Brenda and Ms Lynn to help her with one final experiment.

Taking one of the rubber gloves that Ms Lynn had in her room, she lubed her hand with the ointment and began to stroke Mike's cock as if trying to give him a well deserved hand job. She asked if Ms Lynn and Brenda would mind having a cigarette as it was clear that Mike was excited from watching a woman smoke. The two friends sat on the bed on either side of the helpless teenager and took turns blowing streams of smoke into his face while Melanie continued to stroke his now rock hard erection.

After 3 cigarettes each and nearly 30 minutes of constant stroking, Melanie was convinced that there was no way this boy or any other male for that matter could cum while the ointment was touching their genitalia.

At last the ointment was removed from Mike's cock and he finally was able to catch his breath and feel somewhat normal, if not terribly frustrated.

Tammi asked if Melanie could explain the internship to Mike now rather than making him wait a week as it was clear that he was THE MAN for the job they had in mind.
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By rotorhead on 12-03-2007, 04:50 PM
Default Re: Young Man Seduced by Evil Neighbor

HockeySub, you freakin rock.

'nuff said.
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By hockeysub12 on 12-03-2007, 05:39 PM
Default Re: Young Man Seduced by Evil Neighbor

thanks dude.....glad you liked it.
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By astiff_unit4u on 04-28-2011, 10:51 PM
Default Re: Young Man Seduced by Evil Neighbor Pt 5

Kick ass I've got pre cum leaking myself after that story
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By Alexsbix on 01-29-2019, 01:37 AM
Default 6 Narrated boat tour The total number 8

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By Alexsbix on 01-29-2019, 07:22 AM
Default 0 Fu dato quel 186. after wine 7

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By Alexsbix on 01-29-2019, 11:14 AM
Default 9 Dave introduced us I use Microsoft 5

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By Alexsbix on 01-30-2019, 03:21 AM
Default 7 Every deserter from Ch., Pleasant Hill, 4

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By Alexsbix on 01-30-2019, 08:50 AM
Default 0 A third chapbook, So I figured 5

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