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Young Man Seduced by Evil Neighbor
Young Man Seduced by Evil Neighbor
Published by hockeysub12
Default Young Man Seduced by Evil Neighbor

I haven't posted a story in a while...this is the beginning of one i have been working on for the past little while.

He knew it would be a hot summer, so when the opportunity presented itself to take a job for the 3 months prior to leaving for school at a neighbors house that had a pool, he jumped at it. Besides, there was always something about Ms Lynn that intrigued him.
A man of the world he was not, but he knew what appealed to him and his neighbor had always gotten a rise out of him when she would speak to him. He didn't honestly think she would ever be interested in him, nor did he figure she had ever caught him staring at her ample breasts or how he would linger around her when she was wearing what always seemed to be a bit too much perfume, but he would never complain. the scent wafting up from her usually visable cleavage always gave him a hard on.
There were so many nights that young Mike had spent masturbating to his older neighbor that now spending an entire summer around her would surely bring plenty of fantasies to his already rampant curiosity.

He showed up for work that first Monday and was anxious to make a good impression on his neighbor/boss. She would see him as a mature 18 year old and not the adolesent high schooler he had been for the past few years.
She met him at the door wearing, pretty much what he expected, a pair of denim shorts, a pink tank top, that really left nothing to the imagination while her dark hair cascaded over her shoulders.

To describe Ms Lynn is pretty easy, she is average height, a very pretty face, but what captivated Mikey's imagination more than anything were her tits. They were full, round and never seemed to be contained by a bra. They seemed to spill out of her tank tops, almost teasing Mike to look, which of course he couldn't resist doing. Surely she never noticed how he would stare down her shirt at the full globes that seemed to dance from side to side every time she made a move.

Mike worked very hard that day, doing a variety of physical chores around the house. He didn't quite understand why she was willing to pay him $8 an hour to do basic work around the house that surely she could do herself, but he was grateful for the money and the view of this Woman on a daily basis would certainly make the jobs seem to go by quickly.

There was something else about Ms Lynn, that Mike a bit. She smoked, that was slightly unusual in this day and age, but nothing that extraordinary. But it seemed that when she would light one of her cigarettes, she always found an excuse to come near him to ask questions or just keep him company as he was working. He found himself staring at her quite a bit when she smoked and really hoped she didn't notice it...nah, she wouldn't notice that.

Midway through the first day at work it happened for the first time and Mike was sure it was an accident. Ms Lynn took a drag from her cigarette and began to speak to Mike about something and "ACCIDENTLY" blew a large stream of smoke directly in his face. Mike didn't want to say anything, he tried to pay attention to what she was talking about, but something about that smoke hitting his face and his semi hard-on went to full blown erection. In fact, he had never had the feeling he had just experienced before and when she accidentally did it again, he was terrified that he would cum in his pants.. She put the cigarette out and told Mike that she would go to the kitchen to make lunch and that when he finished moving the boxes from her office closet to the attic that he should join her at the table.

He quickly finished up, washed his hands and joined her in the kitchen for lunch. She was a real good cook and prepared a nice lunch for the both of them.. It tasted great and Ms Lynn poured him another glass of lemon aid before sending him outside to do some yard work. Sitting at the table together, she lit up another cigarette and damned if she didn't "ACCIDENTLY" blow it in his face again. This time the erection was fast and furious and he felt as if his pants would split from the pressure of his hard cock. Before she sent him outside she blew 4 or 5 more streams of smoke across the table into his face and each time seemed to give him a knowing smile. Oh shit, did she notice how hard he got the first time he thought. No, it was an accident surely. She is not used to having anyone in the house and she is just accidentally exhaling at him. He was sure it wouldn't happen again and made his way outside. His hard on never went down, he worked outside for 3 hours and never lost his erection. He couldn't wait to get home and jack off because the build up was driving him crazy.

The afternoon passed fairly quickly and he was home in an instant and never even stopped to say hello to his parents.

Mikey jacked off several times and seemed to have things way under control when he went back to Ms Lynn's house in the morning.

The first week went along fairly uneventful. She would always seem to be wearing something that exposed her tits and for some reason the smoke in the face never stopped.

On Friday afternoon, Ms Lynn called him into the kitchen for a glass of lemon aid and to chat. She informed him that the following week he might notice a few other people in the house from time to time, they were clients of hers and that he shouldn't worry about cleaning around the house when they were in the house.

Mike had been curious from the day he saw her office in the back of the house as to what she actually did. He noticed several diplomas on the wall, but never got close enough to look at them.
She smiled when he asked and suggested that they adjourn to the living room so that she could explain her business to him.

Sitting at opposite ends of a small couch Ms Lynn explained that she was a therapist of sorts, to be exact a sexual therapist. "I help women that are in, shall we say, boring relationship" Ms Lynn explained. Mike could feel the blood rush to his head and he hoped that the burning in his cheeks didn't equate to a blush.
"Many women have men in their lives that have not learned to appreciate them, they tend to be selfish in the bedroom and as a result most women don't enjoy a very meaningful sex life," she went on to explain.
"If a woman can convince her man to refrain from jacking off and can refrain from his own orgasms on a daily basis, he will appreciate female body for the beautiful creation it really is and as a result their ladies will enjoy sex more and the guys themselves will be more attractive to women."

Ms Lynn slid closer to Mike and asked him "how often to you relieve yourself Mike? You don't have to tell me the exact number per week just nod your head if you relieve yourself an average of at least 5 times a week" Mike was stunned but before he realized it, he was nodding his head yes. "I thought so" Ms Lynn said. And how often are you having sex with a woman? again, just nod if it is an averages out to be less than twice a month" Again Mike was dumbfounded but this time he heard his voice sputter "i am a virgin"

"Well," said Ms Lynn, "you are living proof of my theory, would you like to try something that would greatly enhance your sex live?" Mike couldn't believe this conversation was happening, but he was in too deep to get out now. "yes i would" he whispered.

"Great, make me a promise that no matter what you will not jack off again for the next two weeks" Ms Lynn said with a somewhat evil grin. "okay i promise, said Mike.

As he was making this promise, he noticed Ms Lynn lean forward and light up a cigarette. The conversation continued with Ms Lynn asking a few very embarrassing questions about Mike's fantasies and subjects of masturbation. He was very careful to avoid saying that he jacked off to her, but the fact that he mentioned large breasts as one of his fantasies and his desire to be with an older woman was really all she needed to hear to confirm her beliefs. As Mike was stuttering through this she casually blew a large stream of smoke in his face. This time there was no doubt that the exhale was intended for him and he was speechless which caused Ms Lynn to smile. She sent another couple of clouds his way before patting his knee and telling him it was time to head home.
Mike was nervous about standing up as he knew his cock was rock hard and he noticed out of the corner of his eye that he had a small stain of precum visible on the outside of his shorts. He was hoping against hope that he was the only person to notice the stain, but something told him that she noticed it to.

Mike took the weekend to try and think of anything but Ms Lynn. But he couldn't help but find excuses to walk by the house and when he saw her out in the yard wearing just a bright purple bikini he knew that the next two weeks would be the longest of his life.......

As Mike was passing by Ms Lynn's house for the 5th time Sunday, his heart skipped a beat when he heard her call his name. Figuring for sure he was busted on these needless walks by the house, she called him to the back yard where she was reclining on her deck. A large glass of lemonaid in one hand, a freshly lit cigarette in the other. The sunglasses she was wearing allowed her to scan over Mike's body and pretty much act as a looking glass into his soul.

Mike was nervous and figured if he started to stare at her amazing chest now, surely he would get caught. Her soft voice broke him of his trance. "Mike it is warm today, why don't you grab one of the swimsuits in the pool house and jump in to cool off for a while"

The pool is what caused him to take this summer job in the first place so he had a hard time declining an opportunity cooloff, plus Ms Lynn's breasts were doing everything short of spilling out of the top of her bikini, so what the hell.

Mike went into the pool house and found 3 men's swim suits. They were all the small brief type that the olympic swimmers wear, so he was a little hesitant to put them on, but the heat got the better of him. He had to slap his weenie a few times to get the erection to ease up. He was nervous about walking out with an erection in this nylon swim suit as Ms Lynn would surely notice it. Walking out of the pool house he stopped dead in his tracks as the first thing he saw was Ms Lynn leaning forward to take off her flip flops. Which gave Mike a view of her cleavage that had not seen before. Her breasts were big, he knew that, but seeing them like that was almost too much for him to handle. Sure enough before he could turn back around she looked up and stood straight..mean while Mike's weenie was also standing straight out. With the sunglasses on Mike was not sure if Ms Lynn was actually looking at his cock, but he knew for sure when she made the comment about the suit fitting him just fine....with an evil grin she said "in some areas even finer than others"

Mike could feel his face turn red and jumped into the pool. The cool water was a welcome relief to his hard on and to the heat. He watched as Ms Lynn also walked toward the pool. She didn't get in the water, instead she laid down on the diving board, using her elbows to prop her upper body up. This in effect jutted her tits out in such a way that Mike almost came in the pool.

"Mike there will be a few of my clients here tomorrow" she spoke, "try and get here a little earlier than normal so that I can get you started on your chores before I start my sessions" Mike was able to nod his head yes...but heknew his eyes never left her tits.

"Mike how are you doing on my little assignment? it has only been 2 days, are you going to be able to holdout for 12 more?" The question threw him off guard but then he realized what she was talking about. He gulped and nodded his head yes.

"That doesn't sound too positive young man. I know this therapy seems a little difficult, but I can guarantee that you will find yourself dating before you knew what hit you"

Mike remained in the pool for a little while and then when he felt as if he had his erection under control he got out and drired off, tying a towel around his waist to try and cover up his little friend.

"Come on let's have another glass of lemonaid before you have to head home." Ms Lynn ordered. Mike followed her into the house and sat down at the kitchen table, figuring he could hide his hard on. "Not in here, the kitchen is a mess, come on into the living room. Mike noticed the only seat in the living room that didn't have something on it was the love seat in the corner of the room. "Here do me a favor and give me that towel so that I can throw it in the laundry tonight" Mike was a nervous wreck and had to think fast "But Ms Lynn I just got out of the pool, certainly my wet suit will get the couch damp" Mike said proud of himself for such a quick response.
"nonsense," she answered "those are quick drying swim suits out there, I'll bet they are already dry" sure enough she was right and he had to relinquish the towel. Sitting down next to him, she turned so that her tits were very much in view. Then she did what he had hoped she would not and reached down and picked up a cigarette. "Mike do me a favor, there are matches next to you, can you give me a light?" Mike took the book of matches and struggled to light one. He could hear Ms Lynn giggle softly when he was unable to get the first two matches lit. Then on the third match he was successful and brought the flame up toward the tip of her cigarette. She took her own hands and held his hand steady as it was very obvious that his hands were shaking. Once Her cigarette was lit, she took a drag and blew the match out, which sent out a large stream of smoke directly into his face. This was even more smoke than normal as it also included the smoke from the lit match. Mike could feel his cock not only get hard but start to throb in the nylon swim suit. As Ms Lynn talked nonchalantly about her weekend, softly sending another couple of streams of smoke directly into his face, she looked down at Mikes lap and started to chuckle. "My my, someone is enjoying their lemonaid" Mike looked down in horror to see the large stain of precum now visible through the swim suit.
With one arm on the back of the couch which pushed her breasts out even more, Ms Lynn reached down and rubbed the tip of Mike's cock through the swimsuit. "Is this from swimming Mikey" I might have to return the suits they are supposed to dry faster than that." As she spoke, she used the tip of her index finger to circle Mike's swollen cock head causing more and more precum to pour out of his throbbing weenie.

While still tracing the outline of his head, Ms Lynn blew another stream of smoke directly in his face which nearly was too much for Mike "I know you must be very right now Mike, but you have to understand what I am doing is for your own good" She said with a smile "My therapy doesn't always seem conventional, but it never fails, you just keep up your end of the bargain and leave this alone until a week from this Friday like you promised and I think I can guarantee you a change in your lifestyle.

Mike swallowed hard and bit his lip as he felt her continue to toy with the head of his cock. He didn't really understand what she had in mind, but he did know that never in his 18 years had he ever felt this excited.

Ooops Mikey it is getting late, you better head home. Please remember to get here a little earlier than normal tomorrow okay" he managed to smile and nod his head as he walked off to the pool house to get his clothes and crawl home. This was going to be a very long 12 days.
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By Ilya_K on 07-11-2007, 09:06 PM
Default Re: Young Man Seduced by Evil Neighbor

I probably don't have to tell you that I love this story.
What a nice treat. Why do I picture Mistress Taylor playing a staring role?
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By hockeysub12 on 07-12-2007, 07:20 AM
Default Re: Young Man Seduced by Evil Neighbor

I think that would be a great idea too!!!
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By rotorhead on 07-12-2007, 02:40 PM
Default Re: Young Man Seduced by Evil Neighbor

Hockeysub, I don't know how I missed this the first time around, but damn sure glad it got bumped back into the forefront. heaps o'thanks for this.

Is there more hidden away someplace?
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By nylonslave on 07-12-2007, 03:39 PM
Default Re: Young Man Seduced by Evil Neighbor

this is gonna be a great story i love it so far
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By nyc213 on 07-29-2007, 04:02 PM
Default Re: Young Man Seduced by Evil Neighbor

Great story man. Thanks!
Reply With Quote
By hockeysub12 on 07-29-2007, 08:25 PM
Default Re: Young Man Seduced by Evil Neighbor

Thank you.....I am working on another part and will have it soon.
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By g1lly83 on 08-16-2007, 02:45 PM
Default Re: Young Man Seduced by Evil Neighbor

pleae continue this story mate, i love these types. Know where there are nay more?

Also do you plan on any human ashtray bits? that would be great
Reply With Quote
By astiff_unit4u on 04-28-2011, 10:05 PM
Default Re: Young Man Seduced by Evil Neighbor

Great so far I love it
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