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The Realistic Book
The Realistic Book
a new novel by Stella Fyre
Published by Susan Strict
Default The Realistic Book

Below are two extracts and a summary of "The Realistic Book" by Stella Fyre, that I've recently edited and published.
The Story:
Made redundant from his job and his marriage on the verge of falling apart because of it, Robby is becoming desperate. When his wife meets some new people and the two of them are offered work for an artist and photographer spe~~~~~~ing in erotic pictures, Robby is prepared to go along with it. When, however, it turns out that he and his wife will be expected to play a part in scenes of female domination, cuckolding and cross dressing, he begins to wonder whether he has made the right choice. Worse, it seems that his wife may have an ulterior motive, and she may be playing the game for real.

Extract 1:
"This book is going out to a certain type of reader. They would expect what they see in the illustrations to be the real thing. As you know, just by reading the book, Robby, the boy is caned and whipped, and with the cat of nine tails. These tools do hurt, but it is only temporary, and he was only given twelve of the cane and four of the cat. Both left marks but did not cut the skin. The readers will want to see the marks in the photos, and these will be in full colour. There will also be three other Mistresses here to witness the hiding, and they will watch me administer the punishment and make sure that I do not hold back. It is for that reason I have decided to train you, so that when the day comes you will be prepared. Just like the young man in the book, you will have several days of punishment with the paddle, the short belt, and the flogger. That should get you in the right frame of mind.” As Mistress Ann had been talking, they had been walking towards a door in the hall, and when she opened the door they went down a flight of stairs. At the bottom, there was a large basement. It was about thirty feet by thirty, with all kinds of frames, crosses and benches. Ann walked over to a black bench with a leather padded top, and again he followed her. Robby could see many straps attached to it and a shiver ran up his spine. “This is the bench where you will be punished, and the other Mistresses will be sitting in front of you. They will be expecting a good show from you, and they will ask you all kinds of questions. You must answer them truthfully. Do you understand, Robby?”
“Yes, Mistress.”
“I am going to start your training right now, and then you will be back with Kat all the sooner. I would like you to strip and get on this bench, and you will then receive the first of many chastisements.”
He had started to take off his tracksuit before she had finished speaking, and then he knelt on the two padded bars angled at the side of the bench, his legs spread. He felt Ann buckling the straps around his legs and pulling them tight, and then two more straps holding his wrists. He was now helpless, and he was beginning to panic.
His Mistress, for the foreseeable future, put her hand on his shoulder, saying, “It will be all right. Stay calm, and take some deep breaths. After the chastisement you will show me respect by thanking me. I am going to administer the flogger first. Would you like to see the implement, Robby?”
“No thank you, Mistress. The less I know, the better I will feel. I hope.”
She put her hand on his shoulder and said, “Good for you. Now I will begin after the count of five.” Robby counted in his mind, but he had only reached three when Thwack! The shock of it took his breath away. Another six followed.

Extract 2:
“Wimp, get in here,” Kat shouted, and he came in. Kat was standing close to Andy who had an arm around her waist. The camera was flashing all the time, and he could see the video camera as well. “Stand here, panty boy,” and as she said it Andy laughed. Robby stopped in front of them and Kat looked at him, saying, “What do you think of my lover, you fucking cuckold?” Robby’s face went white, and Kat laughed. “Yes, that’s right. He’s my lover.” The camera had been flashing all the time the words were spoken, and Robby was not sure whether they were the truth or lies.
“You fucking wimp,” she shouted at Robby. “Drop those knickers, and show my man your tiny dick.” Robby stood there shaking. He felt paralysed, as if he were rooted to the spot. Kat struck him across the face, saying, “Come on, show us your tiny dick, the little one that cannot satisfy me.” Robby recoiled at the strike, and was now frightened. He pushed his knickers to the floor. The two of them laughed at his predicament, and he was now almost in tears. It felt to him as if she really meant it. “Lift the hem of the dress, you panty boy,” and as he did so she laughed and said, “It’s a fucking maggot.”
“No wonder you’re not pregnant lover. If that is all he has to offer you, what a fucking show up.”
To make matters worse, Robby’s manhood after the assault on his prowess had shrunk to nothing. Andy grabbed his own crotch, saying, “This is a man’s tool, and I have every intention of giving her a baby as you have no spunk inside you to give her.”
“Come on, lover,” said Kat, “Take it out and show him the size, and make him jealous.”
Unknown to Robby, Ann had walked in behind them and had been watching what was happening right from the start.
Robby watched as Kat went down on her knees, and slowly pulled Andy’s boxers to the floor. Then, holding the huge penis in her hands, she said, “Look at this, you fucking maggot.” Robby did not move, and so she shouted, “Do as I fucking tell you.” He turned his head to look, and Kat said, “Yes, it’s huge, and my lover knows how to use it.” The camera was flashing all the time and there were tears in Robby’s eyes. “Yes, you fucking weirdo, while you were working the day before yesterday, I was in the lounge being fucked. Why do you think I would not let you have sex the other night. Your maggot is not good enough for me now. Then yesterday I was fucked real well, and I know that your little maggot cannot satisfy me now I have his. You tried again last night in our marital bed, but as you said yesterday, goodbye pussy. So it has been, you useless panty boy. I’ll bet you thought you heard me crying last night in bed. No, I was laughing at you, Robby, you fucking cuckold.”
That was the final humiliation, and Robby fell to his knees, put his head on the floor and openly cried. Kat knew that she had gone too far, and started to go over to him.
“Get away from him, you bitch,” Ann shouted, and Kat recoiled. “All of you get out of here and close the door behind you,” and to Kat’s surprise they did just that, pulling her with them. Once they had gone, Ann stepped closer to Robby, held him by the shoulders and gently lifted him up. She walked him over to the couch, sat him down and then sat next to him. She pulled him to her and stroked his head. He was crying uncontrollably and his whole body was trembling.
“Come on, Robby, pull yourself together. It was not real. It was all made up to make you feel it had happened.”

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