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terrifed to cum - the marathon - pt2
Published by rotorhead
Default terrifed to cum - the marathon - pt2

My Marathon
Pt. 2
Then Theresa took over and gently rubbed me to maintain my erection as she smiled and said, "you've
been a bit of a naughty thing, haven't you, Dave? I understand that you've had a few inappropriate thoughts
about me." Trying to be somewhat surprised was a total failure since my cock was responding in her hands
as predicted. With her free hand, she pulled her tube top down slightly and let my eyes feast on her wonderful cleavage.
She brought the head of my cock toward her and placed it lightly in contact with the glorious, soft flesh and pressed
it in. Her tits wrapped around me and I pulsed in her grasp, which she smiled at. She brought her mouth down to mine
and lightly licked my lips, making sure I focused on how wet the lipstick made her mouth, especially when she
ran her tongue over them. She lightly kissed down my belly, all the while maintaining eye contact. Then she lowered her head and, opening wide, brought me into her mouth without touching
the sides until I pressed against the back of her throat. Then she lightly wrapped her lips around me and
slowly withdrew. This she repeated it over and over, slower and slower. The effect was hypnotic. My cock could feel the
cool air for a time, and her mouth was blast-furnace hot. The contrast was spectacular, and I nearly exploded
again, but she tightened her grasp and held her mouth just inches above me. She looked deep into my eyes and smiled,
then motioned for Amy to come over and remove her top. Then she wet my cock once more, and began a steady
stroking that brought my cock into and out of the warm grasp of her tits. Amy brought her mouth to mine and began
kissing me deeply, letting her hair drape over my face and chest. The sensation was overwhelming, and I felt myself
cum for the second time in less than an hour, all over Theresa's magnificent chest. But, as Amy continued
kissing me, Theresa continued stroking - and the sensitivity dial on my cock was maxed out. Theresa was laung
and jacking just the head of my cock as I tried to break my body from her grasp - Amy wouldn't move her mouth
to let me protest vocally. For at least five minutes it continued and when Amy finally pulled her mouth away Theresa
was there pulling my head into her tits and smearing my own cum all over my face. Her continued stroking had the
apparent desired effect though, since I was still somewhat erect in her hands.
Amy then grabbed me and expertly rubbed my shaft between her delicate fingers as the rest of the girls watched
and joked. Amy and Theresa would spit on me occasionally, but my cum made my cock slippery, aiding them
and conspiring against me. Then when they felt like I had wasn't going to 'get there' again, Amy and Theresa
brought their mouths together just inches above my cock. Both of them were stroking now, trading between
lightly caressing and feverishly jacking, while their tongues danced with each other just beyond the reach of
my cock head. After what seemed like several minutes was close to coming and starting to moan with pleasure.
Theresa said, "Soon baby you will be moaning for mercy!" as Amy took me to the edge. Then, just as I started to
cum, Amy stop rubbing. The sensation of a half orgasm was agony and I screamed as my spunk leaked out of my
frustrated dick. Then just as the orgasm faded Amy vigorously rubbed my erect tender penis and I screamed
with pain. I twisted and begged but Amy kept rubbing and milking my dick and forcing me to stay hard.
After a couple of minutes the pain faded somewhat and I was left erect, unsatisfied but drained. Theresa went
to the board and placed a check next to big tits but, as she placed the pen next to two women kissing, she looked
back at me and smiled, then put the pen down, leaving it unchecked.
Then Liana approached and took over rubbing my dick as Amy forced my mouth open to lick her hands clean. I was
too humiliated to object as I tasted my own spunk for the first time in my life.
Liana began rubbing me with a new technique, she would draw one hand down my belly and one hand up from my ass,
letting them converge at the tip of my cock then back. Each time on the way back, her right hand fingers would
press deeper into my belly flesh, but the left hand was the one I was worried about - it's fingers were pressing...
against my ass, and the sensation was getting to me. Each time past, her finger would slip deeper into my ass, giving my
a little touch. After five minutes I was right back where they wanted me, my excitement rising. My dick
felt sore but the expert manipulation of Liana was irresistibly stimulating. I did realize that one more coming would
probably finish me off and we were only about 2 hours into what was going to be a very long weekend.
Then I saw Theresa walk over to Stacy, who to this point has simply been a suspiciously quiet spectator, and brought her
over to the side of the bed. They knelt down right in front of me, and Theresa placed her hand lightly on Stacy's
cheek and brought their mouths together. It was the single most erotic kiss I had ever witnessed. One woman, a lifelong
fantasy, the other, my most recent lust object. I watched their tongues lightly explore each other and Stacy began
slowly unbuttoning her jacket. Then, she paused, looked slyly at me and whispered, Isn't this a beautiful sight, Dave?"
I could only nod numbly as she continued, "I'll let her suck these perfect nipples with her wet mouth if you'll agree to give
your mouth to us whenever we require it - even after this weekend is over. Do you agree?" It seemed like a
completely reasonable request...and of course I nodded. "Good," she smiled.
Theresa finished opening Stacy's remaining two jacket buttons and her breasts fell free. I was speechless as Theresa's
perfectly manicured hand brought Stacy's huge tit to her waiting mouth. Stacy looked directly at me and smiled as she
arched slightly to allow Theresa to draw the nipple into her mouth. Then Stacy placed one hand on the back of my
head and lowered her mouth to mine just as Liana sped up with one hand and thrust a strong finger deep into my
ass. An intense orgasm hit me and as I contorted under its power he felt what had to be the last remaining amount of
spunk leap out of my penis into Liana’s waiting mouth. Stacy kept kissing me and Liana kept me coming as the orgasm
grew until I basically passed out with pleasure.
I was awakened by a wet towel flopping on my face and saw the four topless girls smiling down at me. Amy
said, "OK, pervert the real fun begins. You may think we have emptied you but you have a lot more to
lose! The first few orgasms are fun but from now on each coming will be agony as your body tries to shoot
out non-existent spunk!" Then I felt Liana’s strong fingers grasp my tender penis and start too roughly rub it.
There was little response and this prompted Theresa to walk to the board, place a check beside "kissing", then
smiled back at me. She seemed to truly enjoy this, much more than should be allowed, and I realized that the
plan for the board all along was for me to have to anticipate what was coming next. Then, she sat down next
to Stacy and they both began applying a fresh coat of lipstick, making sure my eyes were on them the entire
time. Liana continued her ministrations on me, and I was about as raw as I could stand by now. Theresa and
Stacy, the two most desirable creatures in my world anyway, then each withdrew long white cigarettes from
their bags. Stacy lit a wooden match and offered it to Theresa, then lit hers. Together, they slowly blew out the match.
If I had reached a plateau before, at that moment I started climbing again. My cock pulsed to life as the two
beautiful women knelt down on either side of the bed, Liana kneeling between my spread legs. They took turns
blowing smoke in my face. laung as it made me cough (I am not a smoker even though it is a fetish),
at my cock, and into each other's waiting mouths. Occasionally, one would take a deep drag then lower
her warm mouth over my cock and exhale as she let me slide from between her lips. They made it worse
by talking to each other about how torturous it must be for me, loving the sight but afraid of the pain that will
inevitably come with my next orgasm. They watched carefully as my cock grew and pulsed at their exchange,
"It does appear that he likes a bit of naughty talk, doesn't it?" They exchanged smokey kisses, blew thick, creamy
smoke on each others nipples, and then began to seriously get involved with my cock. Their hands, now each
with fresh cigarettes, began to assist Liana. Their mouths kept a steady stream of wetness on me, and
then Amy released Stacy's hair from it's tight little package and her soft brunette curls cascaded down
across my thighs.
"That should do it, girls!" Amy exclaimed, and she was right. I felt the orgasm build with the exception that there
was virtually nothing my body could expel. Amy brought her mouth to mine just as I began to scream, and the
other three brought everything to bear on my cock. Liana’s finger was back inside my ass, pressing firmly on my
prostrate, Theresa was jacking me with both hands and Stacy began rubbing her palm over my cock head.
The agony was unbearable, the orgasm was as powerful as any in my life, yet only minute drops of cum dribbled
from me. And they wouldn't stop - Amy kept her mouth planted firmly over mine as Theresa held my cock still
and Stacy continued to polish the head and blow warm smoke at it. My screams were now past pleasure and
into pain, I felt as though I had been kicked. The ache reached all the way into my stomach. I was silently begging them
to leave my cock alone, and Amy lifted her mouth from mine and said rather nonchalantly, "10 minutes rest
in exchange for ass fucking you with a strap-on." I was completely speechless at this, but then Theresa
began to rotate her hands around my cock again sending waves of tormenting pleasure down my cock - and I immediately agreed. They released my inflamed
penis and all four retreated to the chairs surrounding the bed, smiling and laung and what I'd just agreed to.

I was completely shattered as Amy said, "So far you have promised to be our oral slave and to give us your
ass to rape! We're only a few hours into the weekend and I'd say you're about out of cum. They continued
to talk, laugh and scheme for a few more minutes as the pain in my gut faded. My balls, however, were an
entirely different story - and now there was a new sensation. A burning along the length of my cock like there
was acid inside my penis.
Stacy said, "Look, ladies, his body is starting to turn on him now. The nearly dry orgasm he had has got his
entire system all screwed up inside. I told you 4or 5 was usually the max." Then, looking at me, she said, "I am
so glad they invited me to this little party, Dave. For years I was the receiver of so much crappy sex, so many
of the jocks and studs would have their fun, shoot their load, and leave me wanting more. It took a fair bit of
research to learn how to solve that problem once and for all. You need to milk the male dry before he's any
good for anything. Oh, by the way, your ten minutes are up. You're all mine, now."
Stacy opened a bag and removed several toys and one strap-on, which she began to put on. "Theresa, see if he's
got anything left in the tank, will you Dear?" she asked. Theresa smiled, lit a fresh cigarette, and then knelt down
next to me and kissed me deeply as her warm hand grabbed my hypersensitive cock. She blew her smoke
at me, took my cock into her mouth, and gently scratched my thighs with her nails. Amy had removed a hairbrush
and was brushing her hair and running her fingers through it while she also smoked. Liana had taken one of Stacy's
many toys and begun to service herself with it.
Theresa gripped my cock in her soft hand and started to rub it. I was convinced there was no possible way I could
get hard again but Theresa let go of me and removed her panties. She placed them over my face and said, "Smell
a woman toy boy and enjoy!" Then she returned to my cock, smoking, stroking, sucking, all the while making sure
I was watching every move she made. I could smell her wetness on the panties and that combined with her expert
manipulation and the flood of visual information I was being assaulted with was enough to get the cock going again.
I felt betrayed by my own body. Theresa continued to stoke me and after a few more minutes, Stacy said she
was ready.
Wearing a substantial strap-on, she picked up two of her other toys and knelt down between my legs. Theresa placed three or four pillows beneath the
small of my back, forcing me into a backward arch. This allowed Stacy completely unblocked access to my ass, and
provided Theresa much greater control over my cock since it limited my movements even more as the scarves drew tighter.
Stacy, mercifully, selected the smallest of the toys and wet it with her perfect mouth, then placed it against my ass. She
motioned for Theresa to join her for a soft, wet kiss as she slowly inserted the silver shaft into my ass. I then realized
that what I was experiencing was the perfect manifestation of "be careful what you wish for..." Four women, each
incredibly beautiful on their own, teaming up, not to fulfill my fantasy, but using me to fulfill theirs, and while it was
fun at first, I was truly worried what else they had thought of.
End - Pt. 2
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By camel on 05-04-2007, 01:50 AM
Default Re: terrifed to cum - the marathon - pt2

WOW. That was hot.

Are you going to continue?
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By rotorhead on 05-04-2007, 08:01 AM
Default Re: terrifed to cum - the marathon - pt2

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By cobra8272 on 08-24-2008, 05:13 AM
Default Re: terrifed to cum - the marathon - pt2

wow - i'm hard as hell!
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By Kbra on 12-03-2008, 09:44 PM
Default Re: terrifed to cum - the marathon - pt2

I'm loving this story, my body reacts to every phrase that speaks about humiliation, pain or strap-ons.

I promised i wouldn't masturbate, but i'm not sure that i'm gonna be capable of keeping my promise
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By Rhiaggo on 07-08-2009, 09:11 PM
Default Re: terrifed to cum - the marathon - pt2

Nice work mate, keep up the good work.
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By hialt on 01-19-2010, 08:39 PM
Default Re: terrifed to cum - the marathon - pt2

love the humiliation.
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By domminic59 on 06-15-2010, 06:44 AM
Default Re: terrifed to cum - the marathon - pt2

the story is in complete and should be completed any means..!

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By jeff1343 on 06-25-2010, 05:06 AM
Default Re: terrifed to cum - the marathon - pt2

read the fabb story..
amazed with the presentationsss..
nice to be going on..

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By alain50ans on 09-26-2010, 08:15 AM
Default Re: terrifed to cum - the marathon - pt2

i love this story
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