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old story of mine
Published by hockeysub12
Default old story of mine

Here is a story i wrote several years ago for another site.....figured it would be a good time to let it resurface:tee:

Just another call, that was what I was thinking as I watched up to the
door. She opened the door, and to my pleasant surprise, a beautiful
woman was standing there.

"Hi, I'm with the cable company. I understand you're having problems
with your cable."

"Yes, come in," she said, although she seemed to pronounce it "Cum in."

I came inside, and she shut the door.

She mentioned that she had been working all morning, what that meant I
was not sure. Under her long terry robe she was wearing sheer
stockings, a garter belt, and a little silk camisole, and I could swear
I saw her nipples harden against the silk as she smiled at me.

"I sure hope I didn't interrupt anything important, Miss." I said, as
she looked me over in a way that made me shiver with anticipation. Oh
yes, this beautiful woman was ready to play...but I had no idea what
her favorite games would turn out to be!

No, that's ok. I need the cable fixed." she showed me where it came into
the house. Then the phone rang. Damn!

"Sure, I have time now--as long as it doesn't bother you that there's a
cable guy working in the house." She said. I heard her carefully
instruct him in stroking his cock. Her moans were music to my ears.
After giving instructions to him for what to do until the next call,
she hung up.

A quiet, "Uh, ma'am," interrupted I found myself standing face to face
with her, red-faced and with a huge bulge. ...

"ummmmmm yeah, sorry bout that hon, just another hungry boy clamoring
for attention..., but then again from the look of things, it doesn't
look like you minded the conversation." <giggles>

Face flushed, the hot cable guy stammers so cute, "ahhhhh, errr yeah, I
ummmm, don't know what has come over me, I really shouldn't have been
listening in, but those things you were saying, they were sooo..."

"Intriguing?" I interjected.

"Uh, yeah...'intriguing.'" I stammered. "Tell me, boy, have you ever had
a woman tell you how to stroke your cock?" she asked. "No," I gulped,
red-faced. "Have you ever jacked off in front of a woman the way she
tells you to?" she purred. I merely shook his head. She looked down at
my pants as she walked up to me. She pressed her palm against my hard
cock. "Drop your drawers for me," she whispered in my ear, pressing her
breasts against my chest. "Um, well, I'm here to um, inspect your um,
cable," I nervously whispered. "No, you're here for me to inspect your
cable. I assume you have a one of those neat coaxial cables that screws
in?" she questioned innocently.

"Erm, I...I guess I do," I stammered, my mind filled with the image of
her stocking-clad leg slipping out from the opening in her robe, and
the feel of her breath warming and tickling my ear.

"You guess?" she questioned, and then tilting her head, she slowly moved
it to the other side of my face, nearly grazing my lips with her own in
the process. "Well then," she said, approaching my other ear. "...Why
don't you show me your...hard...cable...instead?" she exhaled the last
few words into my ear, following them up with a soft, barely-audible

I gasped and lowered my now trembling hands to my belt, unbuckling it
before working on the button and finally, the zipper. She stepped back
and grinned, absent-mindedly rubbing her hand over her breast. I
hesitated for a moment, she simply nodded her head and mouthed the
words, "do it."

"Oh what a good boy you are," she exclaimed as she finally lowered both
my pants and underwear to my ankles. She placed her hand under my chin,
and pushed my head up until I was standing upright. "Wait right there.
Don't move. I want to admire what you've shown Me." my eyes were
downcast as she looked over my exposed hard on. "Hmm, very nice," she
said, "...but I need something."

Walking to her closet she stood gazing at the array of shoes before her.
Finally selecting a pair of black ankle-strapped sandals with 4-inch
heels, she picked them up and approached me. "Here," she said, handing
them to me. "Help Me, would you?" She held up the shoes for me to take.
I grabbed them then looked at the shoes in my hands, . She
lifted up her right foot slightly and looked down. I became flustered
as I realized her intentions, but did my best to kneel on the floor
with my pants and underwear still wrapped around my ankles.

"Ooh, so soft," was all I managed to say with a shaking voice. "Be a
good boy and strap them on nice and tight." My fingers lingered on her
ankle for a moment, stroking the sheer stockings like they were a
precious treasure. She stopped me by setting my foot on the floor, and
repeated the process with her left foot. This time she let my fingers
dance across her lower-calf before telling me, "Up you go."

My cock jutted straight out, stiff and swollen with desire. "So do I,
umm, y'know...play with it now?" She lifted her leg up, sliding it
against my leg until her upper thigh was between my legs, my cock
resting on the top. "No my big horny boy," she said, slowly rubbing her
thigh against the underside of my cock, exposing her garter strap with
each forward thrust and hiding it again as she pulled her leg back,
"...now you get to BEG to stroke it."

"What do you mean 'beg'? I questioningly stammered. My face was almost
as bright red as my throbbing shaft.

"It's as simple as this, you are not permitted to stroke yourself unless
I grant you permission. If you beg properly and need fully, then we
might make some progress with this erection." She brushed up against my
hardness with her thigh and immediately noticed the tiniest glistening
of pre-cum at the tip of the shaft. She stared deeply into my eyes and
said, "and another thing, if I decide to let you stroke, you are not
permitted to cum." The sound of her voice and penetrating gaze had the
intended effect; I seemed to harden up even more. Here was a toy!

"Unknot be allowed to cum?" I stammered. "That's right, boy. I sooooo
love to watch a man stroke his cock, knowing that I may not allow him
any release." "Ooooh, what's the matter?" She cooed. "Doesn't it feel
so delicious when you're stroking...letting your balls build and build
with such a hot load...your cock throbbing and hardening and dripping
for release!" "Uh-huh," I gulped and nodded. "I don't want to take any
of your pleasure away," she pouted in her best Bridgette Bardot. "That
would be so mean of me, now wouldn't it?" I blinked my ever widening
eyes a few times. "Although sometimes if you beg properly, I may let
you cum...but after a loooong time of stroking and begging," she smiled
down at me. "Now stroke."

Now, all I could do was imagine myself kneeling in front of her and
begging for release. What was going on? How could she do this to me?
His mind raced, but he surrendered. A thin strand of precum fell from
the engorged head and slowly drifted to the hardwood floor.
"Faster...Hold my cock tighter...really squeeze it now...that's right,
baby"---Christ, now, she was getting hot. She sat down in her
overstuffed chair, directly in front of her new stroker and shot me and
evil (and deadly sexy) grin. "Keep stroking for me," I instructed as
she licked her lips and put one leg over the arm of the chair. My eyes
traveled up her legs to where I could clearly see the tops of her

"Do you like what you see, big guy?" "Do you like stroking for a
beautiful woman?... Giving yourself over to my command? ... Doing just
what I say?"

I could only moan in response as she asked and trailed her hands across
her own body. As her fingers from one hand teased over the swell of her
breast, her other hand stroked lower. Poor cable boy didn't know where
to look!

"Stroke that thing for me, cable boy...I want to see long, slow

I moaned as I fought the strong urge to pump faster and faster.

"I want this to last" she said, as her fingers continue to roam across
her smooth skin. "Remember... you haven't been given permission to cum

she continued to play with herself, her fingers stroking her hot clit to
the scene before her. My eyes glued to her, my fist pumping slowly (as
per my instructions), my knees obviously shaking with desire.... It was
a perfect image for her as she found herself tumbling towards the brink
of an incredible orgasm.... She slowed her fingers, drawing out her
pleasure and my torment. She stood up from the chair and walked towards
my trembling body until She stood directly in front of me. "Kneel." she
said nothing further, letting the power of her presence combine with my
lust to overwhelm my resistance. I hesitated long enough to see what
She'd do next, but she stood motionless and staring me down. She
grinned when she saw me lower himself, and told him "Good boy" as she
patted my head. "Hold your cock for Me. Don't stroke it, or shake it,
or try to make it shoot, just hold the shaft with a firm grip." She
untied her robe and pushed it from her shoulders, letting it fall to
the floor. I stared straight ahead, so fixated on the garter belt,
straps, and black lace panties mere inches from my face that I didn't
even notice the matching black lace bra doing its best to conceal her
hardened nipples from view.

She slid her hand down the front of her body and slipped it inside her
panties with a moan that made me shudder. As she worked her fingers
around underneath the lace fabric she ordered me, "Watch Me." Almost
chuckled to herself as she realized how unnecessary it was...I was
completely hypnotized by her charms and the raw, sexual display that
filled my senses. My eyes hardly blinked, my ears were tuned to her
delighted pants, and my nostrils flared when I inhaled, trying to suck
up as much of her scent as I could.

"Give your shaft a little squeeze to make sure it stays nice and
throbbing for me, then go back to just holding it. No stroking." I
heard myself grunt. This boy was really hard up, to submit so quickly
and so easily. "Do you want to stroke your cock, huh?" I pulled my hand
from my panties and made a 'jerking off' motion as I asked him that.
"Oh god yes...I really do!" I brought my fingers to his nose, teasing
him by waving them around just out of reach of his parted lips. "Good,
but I'm sure a nice boy like yourself knows it's always 'ladies first.'
Just hold it. Keep it hard and ready, in case I want to fuck you
later." she laughed when she said that, I moaned.

She returned her hand to its pleasurable task inside her panties and
rubbed her pussy with renewed interest. Her mind wandered to all the
possibilities she could have with her cable boy toy. She could feel it
coming, she had teased myself enough and felt an urgent need racing
along with breath. "Ohhh such a good boy...not stroking...aching for
Me. Ye!" She put her other hand on my head to steady herself, the
pleasure between her legs causing her knees to shake. Then what she
wanted to hear, I started begging on my own. "Can I umm, stroke it now,
please?" She bit her lip before moaning, "Nooooo." her fingers were
slick and rubbing furiously underneath the black lace. My next aching
plea was enough to push her over the edge. She gasped and cried out,
clutching my head, feeling her orgasm consume her as I begged again,
"Please!?" As she gained her composure I was sure she was going to
simply allow me to stroke to orgasm, as she had now been relieved. She
moved back to the couch and sat down. Her breath still heavy. Her eyes
closed. Time seemed to stand still as she relaxed. She caught her
composure and regained her focus on me. I continued to kneel with cock
in hand.

She looked at me and told me to keep my eyes on her and to give my cock
two long slow milking strokes. AS I did I could feel precum leaking
from the swollen head. To my surprise she moved to the edge of the
couch and asked a question that seemed so out of line with the
situation. In a stern voice she said "Would you get a reprimand a work
if after completing a job the customer called the company and told them
that you failed to clean up after yourself, that you had left the house
a mess"? I mumbled a yes and said we always leave the
customers house as we found it. A smile crossed her face a she sat
back. Well then, she said, I believe someone is going to have to lick
up the precum drippings from my nice clean floor. With a giggle she
follow that by saying "once you have cleaned the floor you probably
should call the company and tell them you may be stuck on this job for
a few more hours."

With throbbing cock still in hand, I rose from the floor and called into
the office. Much to my excitement/dismay the dispatcher informed me
that my last two calls of the day had cancelled and I was free for the
weekend, once I finished the current job. "Free" was the last word on
my mind currently. Feeling the urge to stroke away and end my current
state, I took a deep breath and lowered myself back to my knees. I
could hear Her amusement as She giggled at my current state of
excitement. "Good boy, now crawl over to me" She whispered pointing to
a spot in front of where She was sitting on the couch. She took Her
fingers that moments ago had been involved in the most intense form of
self-pleasure that I have ever witnessed, and rubbed them under my nose
and just above my upper lip. The smell of Her excitement was
overwhelming and I nearly fell back onto the floor but somehow managed
to maintain my kneeling position. She sat back and slowly; almost
absentmindly began to caress Her nipples through Her bra. The effect
was unbelievable, as Her nipples hardened my cock began to twitch and
the throbbing became so intense that I heard my first genuine pleas for
relief. "Can I please cum?" was all I could manage to say. It was part
moan, part whisper part gasp for mercy. Her smile spoke volumes as She
slowly shook Her head no. with that the phone rang again. I could tell
it took Her by surprise and the interruption bothered Her nearly as
much as me. "Hello?" I heard Her say as She casually picked up the
phone and began to walk by me. That question was followed by an excited
"YES.....yes, right now, come on over I actually have a surprise for
You when you get here..........She is? awesome!!, yes oh my god Her
too.....this is going to be incredible....yes..all of three of You stop
by...but pick up a couple bottles of wine before You get here...I think
You will enjoy what I have waiting here"

With that She hung up the phone and walked back to where I was kneeling.
"Oh Mr Cable boy, have I got a surprise for you...three of my coworkers
are coming to visit and have a drink and I think They will LOVE having
you here to play with" "oh cable boy, be a dear and go to the kitchen
and bring me 4 wine glasses, a cork screw and put together a plate of
some cheese and crackers" said with a giggle as if he could possibly
begin to know where all of this stuff was located in Her kitchen. He
started to pull his pants up and was slapped hard across the face..."I
didn't give you permission to pull up your pants...now leave them as
they are, around your ankles and hobble into the kitchen and make the
preparations for My Friends.

He hobbled into the kitchen as best he could with his pants keeping his
legs in a mock bondage situation. After searching the cabinets he
finally found a platter and the wine glasses as instructed. It took him
a few more minutes to locate the crackers and cheese and soon he had
created a fairly decent snack tray to bring out to his Customer.

As he was hobbling back into the living room he heard the doorbell ring.

Cristina laughed out loud as She ran to the door to let Her Friends in.

he found himself standing in the middle of the living room with the wine
glasses, cheese and cracker tray in his hand as three of the most
beautiful Women walked in the door.

It took them no time to realize what was going on and the four Ladies
were beside themselves laung hysterically at this ridiculous cable

Slowly they approached him, like four tigers surrounding their prey. His
embarrassment had turned to full fledged humiliation as he realized
that despite his nervousness, he was standing in the living room with a
full-blown hard on.

"Oh my Cristina...this just might be the best Memorial Day weekend ever
said the blond haired beauty.

He could feel Her behind him as She spoke, Full breasts rubbing against
his back. He was now worried that he might drop the tray.

He was then introduced to the other two Ladies by Cristina..."Cable boy
these are my co workers...you can refer to them as Mistress Ally,
Mistress Trish and Mistress Cassandra...and Ladies this is our own
personal cable boy"

"And what a nice hard cable you have there boy, said Mistress Ally as
the others laughed.

"Cable boy" you wouldn't be needing your uniform anymore, so take off
all of those clothes and put them in the hall closet" Ms Cristina

Returning to the living room completely nude, he was told to open the
wine and make sure everyone was given a glass.

As he made his way around the room to the Ladies, they each make sure to
give his erection a stroke, a rub or a squeeze. After the earlier
teasing that Ms Cristina had given him, it didn't take much stimulation
to get him near the brink. And being naked around these four Women was
almost enough to get him over the edge anyway.

"So Cristina, what had you planned we do with your little surprise" Ms
Trish asked while smiling wickedly at the naked cable boy.

"Well it has been such a tense week at work, why don't we have him ease
out tension a bit" suggested Ms Ally to the approval of the other four

The ladies had made themselves comfortable on the couch and two of the
larger chairs in Cristina's living room. Cable boy was ordered to his
knees as Cristina led him first to the chair that Ms Trish was sitting

"Since this is for our enjoyment, I don't think he needs to be staring
at us do You?" asked Ms Ally. With that a scarf was removed from Ms
Ally's purse and was made into a make shift blind fold covering cable
boys eyes.

"And I sure don't want him touching me" said Cassandra as She pulled out
a pair of hand cuffs and swiftly pulled his hands behind his back and
cuffed his wrists together.

"There, now you can concentrate on us without getting distracted, said
Cristina. "Well, distraction isn't such a bad thing if handled properly
added Ms Ally, as she went back to her purse and pulled out a tube of
lotion. Applying it first to her hands She reached down and applied it
to the cable boy's cock. It felt amazing at first as Her hand slid up
and down his hard-on before she pulled it away, but something weird
started to happen. Slowly but surely he felt his cock warming up, as if
the lubrication She had used was working as 10 million tiny hands were
dancing all over his cock. The stimulation was mind blowing, but
without any contact there was no way it would ever get him to where he
needed to be to cum.

The Ladies howled with laughter when They realized what Ms Ally had
covered their cable boys cock with.

"Now time to start easing tension boy, said Ms Cristina, as she shoved
his face between Ms Trish's soft smooth thighs.

He realized now what he was supposed to be concentrating on, but the
lotion on his cock was getting him harder by the second. Without
realizing it, he was rubbing himself against the chair as he eagerly
licked at Ms Trish.

The others realized what was going on and without warning he was pulled
back onto the floor and away from the chair. He wasn't trying to sneak
an orgasm, but he was almost there and if Cassandra had not pulled him
away from the chair he would certainly have spilled his seed all over
Ms Cristina's chair.

"We're going to have to do this a different way, said Ms Ally, so they
cleared some space in the middle of the floor for cable boy and had him
lay on his back...his hands still pinned behind him as they were
handcuffed in that position. This time Ms Trish crawled over to him and
straddled his face. "There cable boy She whispered, now You can
concentrate on me"

he put the feeling of his lotion covered cock out of his mind as best he
could and used his tongue to lick and suck Ms Trish. The moisture that
was starting to coat his mouth and face evidenced her excitement. Just
when he thought he had the tingling on his cock under control he felt
someone straddle his torso, it was Ms Ally and she had the infamous
tube in her hands...this time She applied it to each of cable boys
nipples...leaning forward She blew on each nipple to help activate the
lotion on his sensitive skin.

For good measure she rubbed another hand full of lotion on his cock,
which had him going near . To help control the thrashing of the
seemingly uncontrollable cable boy, the other two Ladies straddled each
leg, effectively pinning his body to the floor. Ms Trish continued to
fuck his face with her now drenched pussy and the sound of Her passions
seemed to inspire the other three ladies to further torture their
helpless prisoner.

Ms Cassandra leaned forward and blew a long stream of warm breath up and
down his twitching cock, causing him to moan from beneath Ms Trish. Ms
Cristina used her long nails to tickle the bottom of his balls which
were not was sensitive as they have ever been...and Ms Ally continued
to stimulate/torture his nipples.

After her third orgasm Ms Trish rolled off the boy and gasped "next"...

With a cum soaked face the cable boy, who was still gasping for air
after being trapped under Ms Trish for so long begged "me..please me"

And the room erupted with laughter....."NOT" the four ladies yelled back
in unison.

Mistress Cassandra was in a playful mood and decided to open Her black
patent leather "playbag". "Would anyone like to see my new toy?" She
asked. All eyes fell upon the large folded rubber sheet. Cable boy
shuddered and closed his eyes. "This is no ordinary rubber sheet. It's
a vac-u-bed made to my specifications. I'm going to need a vacuum
cleaner. " Mistress Cassandra unfolded the sheet and ordered cable boy
to lie in the middle. He obediently skittered over, positioning himself
in the area designated for his body. "What I am about to do is enfold
him in this sheet. He will have breathing tubes for his nose. What
makes this vac-u-bed unique is the hole for his cock. We need to keep
him hard so the bed doesn't lose air. He has a challenge here. He must
keep it hard for as long as we decide. If he passes, he will be
rewarded. If he doesn't, he will be punished. Simple as that. Are we
ready to shrink wrap the boy?" The room was silent for a moment except
for Mistress Cassandra's Dunhill lighter igniting a black cigarette.

The cable boy laid on the latex in stunned silence as he looked up at
Mistress Cassandra, She leaned forward to send a stream of smoke
directly into his face as the other Ladies started to get the necessary
tools they would need.

"I don't think keeping him hard is going to be a problem," explained
Ally with an evil grin.

She slid between the cable boys legs and pulled what appeared to be a
small vibrator out from behind Her back. "This my little cable boy is
what's known as a massager," She began to explain. "with this
inserted into your ass, we will be guaranteed to see you bucking
against the bond of the latex bed.

Using some of the warming lube that She had used earlier, She coated the
small vibrator before ordering his legs apart so that she could ease
the vibrator against his swollen gland.

The other Women began to work to make sure that the bed would be in
perfect working condition. Trish fitted the cable boy's cock through
the opening before zipping shut the exterior of the bed.

Cassandra continued to accidentally blow smoke in cable boys face as She
adjusted the breathing tube to make sure he would be able to get air
while trapped within the latex restraint. Once the vacuum cleaner was
hooked up and turned on, cable boy felt his entire world close in
around him and within a few seconds, he was unable to move a muscle.

He was able to hear through the latex and realized that the hysterical
giggling was the Ladies laung at his predicament. The Ladies sat
around his helpless body and prepared for an afternoon of intense

Using the heating lotion, the Ladies coated cable boys cock so he would
soon be feeling the tingling of the heated lotion as it danced all over
his cock and balls.

Cristina was totally aware of the evening they had in store for them, so
She darted back to Her bedroom and returned with several long red
plumes for the other Ladies.

The heating lotion began to really start to work wonders on keeping the
cable boys cock hard...despite being able to move at all, he could feel
the sensation of the lube dancing all over his exposed cock. He wanted
release so bad he actually started begging, pleading, but the sad thing
was with the bed covering his head they could only hear slight sounds
which in no way resembled words.

Ms Alley leaned forward and blew on his exposed cock for a few
seconds..This caused the heating lotion to really take it up a notch
and surely cable boy would be thrashing around the floor in frustration
but he was unable to move anything with the exception of his cock that
twitched with excitement.

His precum started to pour out of the tip of his cock and his need for
release only increased..The feeling of the precum dripping over the
head of his cock had an interesting effect on the heating lube, as it
seemed to intensify even further.

Seemingly the Ladies were aware of this as they each took one of the
feathers and began to spread the precum all over his sensitive cock.
The feeling of the feathers was driving the cable boy and the
Ladies all knew it and what was worse for the cable boy they seemed to
feed on it. The worse it was for him, the more interested they became
in seeing how far he could be pushed without exploding.

Cassandra began to explain the inner workings of the vac u bed to the
other Ladies "Normally this type of wrap could only be used safely for
15 - 20 minutes, but with the added hole around the cock, there is
enough air passing through his body that he will be able to endure
hours of this torture."

As the teasing of the helpless cock continued, cable boy began to
realize that if he tried to rock his body from side to side, he would
be able to move his body at least slightly, not that it mattered, but
the tiny victory over the immobility would at least help to take his
mind off the torrential stream of precum that was pouring out of his

This victory was very short lived however as Trish, sensing that he was
getting some needed relief from the torture positioned herself over his
lower torso, effectively removing ANY chance of the slightest movement.

All the Ladies realized what were happening and the effect of Ms Trish's
positioning and when they heard him scream out in frustration they all

The torturing with the feathers continued for what seemed like an
eternity to the cable boy, but in actuality was only 15-20 minutes. In
that time the Ladies were effectively able to stimulate every
millimeter of his helpless cock, which was now coated from the very tip
all the way down to the balls with his own precum.

Ally was the first to think of the idea, or at least the first to
mention, how She loved the taste of precum. But by the giggles from the
other Women it was obvious they all had the same idea. Scraping the
feathers for something even more sinister their velvety tongues, they
began to lightly lick the precum from his shaft.

With Trish remaining on top of his body, cable boy could do nothing but
lay there as the four Women lightly licked his cock from top to bottom.
They were taking turns running their soft tongues up and over the tip,
which only seemed to stimulate more precum than the feathers had.

As he lay in captivity his only thoughts were "please let this end,
please let someone take me over the top" But these Women were way to
good at this and none of them got him even close to the point of no

"This has been amazing," said Cristina, "But I REALLY want to see the
expression on his face right now"

They all agreed it was time to remove cable boy from the vac u bed, but
in order to get him out, they were going to need to get his cock
flaccid enough to slide his penis through the hole it was trapped in.
Cristina was quick to run to the kitchen and bring in a pack of ice.
Despite the excitement and frustration cable boy felt, it only took a
few seconds wrapped in ice for his cock to shrink back down to a
manageable size. They unzipped the bag and slid their toy out from
between the plastic sheets.

"Holy shit, he is soaking wet!" exclaimed Trish. "That's one of the side
effects" explained Cassandra, "he has probably never sweated so much in
his life as he has the past hour"

Wanting to maintain control, the ladies used four sets of fur lined hand
cuffs to keep him bound and helpless there on the living room floor.
Attaching the other ends of the cuffs to the legs of a sleeper bed and
a very heavy oak coffee table.

Taking advantage of the temporary case of a semi flaccid penis,
Cassandra reached back into her bag and pulled out two stainless steel
cock rings. Trish held his cock out as Cassandra slid both rings down
the shaft until they rested against the top of his balls. With all of
the contact, it didn't take long before cable boy was rock hard again,
but this time, he had two-nonforgiving cock rings separating his
desperation for release and the tip of his cock.

"He is just glistening in sweat," said Ally as Her excitement became
apparent. It was no secret now that all four Women had become quite
aroused looking down at their naked toy.

"Can you think of anything more frustrating for a guy than having four
beautiful women use him as a human dildo?" asked Cristina with a very
sly grin. "I can think of a few, but lets save that for later," said
Trish with a smile, as She joined her friends in climbing atop the
cable boy.

Cassandra straddled his chest and leaning over onto the seat of the
couch was able to sway her heavy breasts just inches from the cable
boys wanting eyes. Trish and Ally found themselves straddling one of
the cable boy's thighs and Cristina was right behind Cassandra rubbing
Herself atop the cable boy's stomach.

Once again the bondage aspect of cableboys immobility was escalated by
the physical weight of the four women that sat atop his prone body. He
could do nothing but lay there and watch Cassandra's big breasts sway
from side to side as She along with the other three Women used his
helpless body for their own pleasure.

Sliding up and down his slippery body, they were soon as hot as he was
and he could hear Them reach orgasm one by one....first it was Ally as
She rode hard against his right thigh, then Cristina as she came
violently against his stomach, making sure to slide back far enough to
force his hard cock to brush against the soft skin of her ass.

Trish was next to cum, but Cassandra kept control of Herself as She used
the position She was in right on top of cable boys chest...to tease and
torment him with the movement of Her breasts along with the devious
glint in her eye. Finally She could wait no longer, or at least choose
not to and exploded atop his chest. His whole body was covered in not
just sweat, but the very distinct feel and aroma of pussy juice.

As Cassandra regained Herself She smiled a very wicked smile at cable
boy and asked him if he enjoyed watching Her tits. He could only muster
what could have been described as an affirmative gasp. "Then you are
going to love this," She whispered As the other Ladies had moved off
the cable boy, She slid backwards until She was right between his legs.
She lay across his thighs and trapped his ever-hardening cock right
between Her breasts.

The feel of her soft skin on either side of his cock had cable boy near
delirious...slowly She rubbed her tits up and down the side of his cock
bringing him closer and closer to orgasm. She never stroked hard enough
to allow him to cum and even if She misjudged, the steel cock rings
would prevent any cum to shoot out his cock.

The other three Ladies refilled Their wine glasses and enjoyed the show
as cable boy treated them to sounds, grunts and pleas that were music
to Their ears..............
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By geronimo1001 on 07-08-2006, 01:10 AM
Default Re: old story of mine

Great story
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By nylonslave on 07-08-2006, 08:18 AM
Default Re: old story of mine

i can't read it
Reply With Quote
By triptix on 07-09-2006, 09:30 AM
Default Re: old story of mine

Great story- does it have a follow up ?
Reply With Quote
By triptix on 07-09-2006, 09:31 AM
Default Re: old story of mine

Originally Posted by nylonslave
i can't read it
You need to highlight the space to read the text.
Reply With Quote
By mck86 on 07-11-2006, 03:37 AM
Default Re: old story of mine

wow, that was hot!
Reply With Quote
By nylonslave on 07-11-2006, 08:33 AM
Default Re: old story of mine

Originally Posted by triptix
You need to highlight the space to read the text.

ok that worked thx great story indeed
Reply With Quote
By mck86 on 07-12-2006, 04:14 AM
Default Re: old story of mine

you should write a part 2!
Reply With Quote
By asdf_freak_1 on 07-12-2006, 11:12 AM
Default Re: old story of mine

not bad :)
Reply With Quote
By thumper7999 on 07-12-2006, 05:11 PM
Default Re: old story of mine

Awesome story, any chance of more?
Reply With Quote
By Freud on 07-12-2006, 07:29 PM
Default Re: old story of mine

Pretty good story.

Keep'em coming
Reply With Quote
By hockeysub12 on 07-12-2006, 08:37 PM
Default Re: old story of mine

Thanks....i wrote that story such a long time ago, i would need to really spend some time to re-read it and figure out what would be next.
I appreciate the kind words though and I will keep working on new stories for the forum.
Reply With Quote
By Mistress Taylor on 07-21-2006, 09:29 AM
Default Re: old story of mine

Originally Posted by Freud
Pretty good story.

Keep'em coming
Reply With Quote
By hockeysub12 on 10-22-2006, 09:22 PM
Default Re: old story of mine

thanks....there is are a few more that i wrote in the same vein under the story forum....glad you liked it.
Reply With Quote
By smithpeter80 on 09-16-2008, 08:46 PM
Default Re: old story of mine

Fantastic work... Look forward to reading more of your stories...
Reply With Quote
By domminic59 on 06-01-2010, 05:19 AM
Default Re: old story of mine

"It was a lovely summer's day.
The cornfields were ripe for harvest. Blowing gently in the summer's breeze the fields of gold seemed positively idyllic."


if i were the teller, i might have started like this..

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By hockeysub12 on 06-02-2010, 03:31 PM
Default Re: old story of mine

The good news is that opening line is still out there for you, so you can tell a story and use it.
Reply With Quote
By domminic59 on 06-11-2010, 04:13 AM
Default Re: old story of mine

thankful for the representation of the nice story..!!

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Hair Products
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By jeff1343 on 06-28-2010, 02:08 AM
Default Re: old story of mine

nice story line.. come on a new one.

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