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My Marathon - last part
My Marathon - last part
Published by rotorhead
Default My Marathon - last part

My Marathon Pt. 3 My cock was on fire, the skin was raw and red. I knew there wasn't a single drop of cum anywhere inside me, and yet they continued. Stacy had replaced the smooth silver dildo with a larger, black one, she and Theresa continued to kiss and smoke, and now Amy was kneeling next the bed, stroking my chest and legs with her hair again while Liana knelt behind her and slid a vibrator in and out of Amy's pussy. In the light I could see how it glistened and knew that that she was producing gallons of wetness as she also enjoyed what the group was doing.

The room was filled with moans of ecstasy, a mixture of perfume, smoke and pussy juice, and all I could think was how did I end up here - and not in a good way. Then Stacy set the toy aside, smiled at me, and aimed her strap-on at my body. Theresa grasped it gently and brought it to her mouth, loving it with smoke and saliva just as she had been doing to me, then helped Stacy guide it into me. She was gentle at first, but as she picked up speed and force, Theresa lowered her head back onto my cock, holding her head still. Each time Stacy would drive the cock into me, I would involuntarily rise and force my cock into Theresa's mouth. Once again, they were using my body against me.

Stacy's was in complete control, deciding when and how forceful she would drive into me, thus deciding how often and how deeply I would thrust my cock into Theresa's throat. Amy was moaning in my ear, telling me how wonderful it felt to have Liana fucking her with such gentleness and care - in complete contrast to what was being done to me. Stacy then fell into a rhythm, she was truly fucking me. She would play with her own tits, smile at me in a delicious way, stroke my cock into Theresa's waiting mouth, run her fingers lightly over my thighs, tickle my balls, basically overload my brain with information about what was happening to me. "Tell me you like it, Dave. Tell me, or I'll ... stop....". It was a two second pause that seemed like an eternity. "Please don't, Stacy. Please finish me once and for all." I felt like a whore. It was completely humiliating to have to beg, and to know that I was begging for this sort of treatment. Stacy smiled. I was once again captivated by how truly beautiful she was as her soft brown curls cascaded around her face.

She then placed one hand on the back of Theresa's head and began fucking me again, jamming me deeper into Theresa's waiting mouth. Amy was moaning and whispering how delicious it was to feel Liana in her cunt, Theresa was holding a handful of Amy's hair against my belly, and Stacy was driving me crazy with her cock in my ass. I could feel the orgasm building, and I was genuinely terrified at the thought. Stacy was taking her time, letting the orgasm build slowly and deliberately, she seemed to want to make it last for everyone. This abuse must have lasted for 30 minutes or more, until Stacy and Theresa were in perfect harmony, Amy was nearing her third orgasm in my ear, and Stacy said "Now, Dave. Give me every last drop of your cum. Drive it into Theresa's mouth like her life depended on it!" The pain is still indescribable. I felt like I was being turned inside out by my cock. The burning that I felt from what had to be 'unripe cum' was horrible, but I wanted so bad to give her what she demanded. Theresa sucked and stroked, and even her saliva burned the skin of my cock like I was being slowly digested, and still I continued to pulse and squeeze inside.

These women had convinced my body to tear itself apart to give them what they demanded. I was helpless to stop the tears, nothing had ever hurt so bad, and still Stacy slowly moved the cock in and out of my ass, stroking the prostrate with each thrust. Finally, they all seemed to recognize I had nothing left. Without saying a word, they left the room.

I felt like I had been beaten. My back and stomach muscles had been clenched from the prolonged orgasm, my eyes and lungs burned from the smoke they left behind. There wasn't a part of me that didn't ache or burn. I either fell asleep or passed out.

When I awoke, The pain in my muscles was worse. The hadn't untied me, and I slept in that backwards arch that the pillows created. I was covered in old sweat and cum. As I opened my eyes, Amy was just leaving the room, and I heard her yell that I had finally come to and they should get ready. I was terrified. The room was nearly dark, but there were candles throughout the room, and the glow was ominous.

I looked over at the board which was difficult to see in the dim light and there was a check next to 'smoking' and the wax paper had been moved down to reveal 'he liked to be controlled' with Laura's name next to it. Laura was my ex-wife! That bitch had told them about the one time that my meek and demure ex-wife had gotten drunk at a bachelor-ette party and came home demanding sex. I seriously doubt that she remembered anything of that night correctly except that I mentioned it was a nice change to see her be the one begging for sex instead of me. She teased me about that for years afterwards. And for that one night, that one comment, I had just been savaged in ways I couldn't have imagined.

There was still one more item under the paper that I couldn't quite see, when I heard them in the hall. They walked in, dressed like fashion models, and I recalled the last two items on my list. They had showered, reapplied fresh makeup, Amy and Stacy's hair were styled and beautiful. Any one of them could have been on a magazine cover or billboard, and there they were, slowly walking around the bed, smiling at me. One by one, they would exit the room and reenter, wearing additional rings, necklaces or bracelets.

They looked like socialites, snatched from homes of the rich and famous and sent here to torture me. As they paraded around the room, they would occasionally stop to kiss, caress a breast, run their fingers through Amy or Stacy's hair, or reach out and lightly stroke me. Their heels made a threatening thump on the hardwood floor with each step. And they were watching me carefully, looking for any signs of life in my crotch. There was the occasional pulse, but I would have testified in court that an erection was impossible.

Nearly covered in jewelry, they each exited and returned with full length fur coats. White, brown, black and even a pink one. I had no idea if they were real or fake, but the sight was beautiful. And as I looked at each of them, I saw that they must have stepped out and removed their clothes before putting on the coats, since each allowed the coat to open slightly to reveal their jewel adorned bodies and nothing else. Once again, my cock began to betray me, and was doing it's damndest to offer itself to them. As beautiful as they were, I closed my eyes and attempted to concentrate on anything else. I simply could not endure another orgasm. They each moved to the bed, and I felt them kneel next to me. Liana, in the white coat, between my legs. Stacy and Theresa at my sides, and Amy was next to my head, her long blonde hair drapped softly over the black fur. Amy said "remember ladies, like I taught you. Imagine electricity at your fingertips. Light, and random. No pattern, no predictability. They shouldn't ever be able to guess where you'll be next. And he's gonna be sore, so don't hurt him too much." Instantly, all eight hands were on me, but it felt like hundreds. I saw each of them, their hands beautifully adorned in rings, sparkling in the candlelight. The sleeves of the fur coats, sliding against my skin. Amy was caressing my face, neck and shoulders.

Normally, I would be able to tell it was her, but she had schooled them all. Every hand had that same magic. Their touch was feather-like, warm, and gentle. Theresa and Stacy were working my chest, belly, thighs and cock. Liana was working the legs. And each of them had 'the touch'. Stacy and Theresa were also making a point of leaning forward, letting the coat fall open and their nipples also add to the torture. My greatest fear, honestly, was realized. I was completely erect again, and they all smiled.

Slowly, for at least the next hour, they brought me up again. The touching, the teasing, even the fingertip stroking of my raw cock skin, was a complete contradiction. I knew the pain was going to be tremendous, I couldn’t imagine having to go through it one more time, but I so very much enjoyed their attention. Stacy said, "Do you see the conflict, girls? He wants it, but doesn't want it. He is a slave to our attention, no matter what the cost.

This is the power you have, this is the gift. Any man can be brought to this level, you just need to identify his weaknesses.

Men call them fetishes, but in reality, they are the tools you will use to gain the advantage. Dave gave us many, and it's not always so easy to find them all, but once you have, they are finished. Used together like this, they are overwhelming." Each of the ladies were smiling and nodding, like learning from a great teacher. I had thought Amy was the mastermind, but Liana explained that Stacy had apparently be spending the last couple years imparting her knowledge to her younger friends back in Chicago, and jumped at the chance to teach her little sister and her friends as well. This had all been planned months ago, and they were simply looking for a subject. I walked right into the trap at the reunion.

Stacy continued, "Oh look, Dave. Your cock is ready again, isn't it? But I want to share something with you - not being able to cum for weeks is painful, as you know. But if we left you here, right on the edge, right now, the pain would be a hundred times worse, because you would stay hard for hours. There would be no relaxing, no gentle let down. We took out time getting you here, your body will not forget the sensation of the touch. So, here's the deal. You've felt the pain, you'll never forget the feeling.

If you agree to provide these girls with anything they need, anything they ask, you will do it. Sex without end, oral satisfaction at the drop of a hat. But there's more - home repairs, car repairs, yard work. You'll do it, or see that it's taken care of. If they should decide to invite another into the group, you will provide, without question. You are successful, you have that inheritance, you have the means. You will treat these ladies with respect, deference, and honor. You, in effect, will be their slaves. They will not demean you in public, will not damage your standing in the community, unless you disobey. You simply appear to the outside world as a complete gentleman, taking good care of the girls you grew up with. Is this clear?" "Yes, Stacy, it is." I whispered.

"Very well, then. Let's make sure he remembers his promise, shall we?" Immediately, there were eight hands, four mouths, miles of silken hair, and soft fur all over me. Lighter than before, if that were possible. Delicate and fleeting, there and then gone. Theresa would stroke my cock and balls with the backside of her hands, allowing the long, slick fingernails to slide against my skin. Stacy reached over and picked the pack of cigarettes off the table, offering one to each of the ladies. Then Amy lifted a leg over my head, and lowered her pussy down just at the edge of my reach, and said "Taste me, Dave. Drink me in." Her wetness was completely apparent, gathering in a small pool at her opening, and I was powerless to resist. My tongue lightly caressed her pussy lips, drinking the nectar like from a fountain. She lowered herself slightly, allowing my tongue to penetrate deeper. I wanted to very much to please her, and to make her feel my desire to please her. As I drank in Amy's juices, Stacy and Theresa opened their coats and leaned forwards, wrapping my cock between their tits as they kissed deeply. The orgasm was inevitable, and excruciating. I bucked as much as the pillows and restraints would allow, trying to force what turned out to be a single drop of cum from my cock, though the pulsing in my cock was relentless. Just as I began to scream with pain, Amy lowered her pussy directly onto my face and let her orgasm flow into my mouth. I had no idea a woman could produce so much fluid - it spilled from my mouth and down my cheeks, soaking my face and neck - and still Stacy and Theresa continued to jack my cock with their tits. I was done. I had no fluid, no strength, and no will to resist anything they asked or required. I was simply an empty vessel.

Stacy said "Now Liana, be a dear and hand it to me." Liana reached into her purse and pulled a syringe, removed the cap and handed it to Stacy.

She saw the terror in my eyes as she smiled and reached for my cock just as it was beginning to soften. The needle penetrated the base of my cock and she squeezed the fluid in. Within seconds, my cock was ballooning up again! "What the hell did you just do?" I cried.

"Alprostadil," she replied. "Enough to keep you rock hard and ready for, hhhmmmm, about six hours I think. She smiled again then set the needle off to the side. "See girls, he's hard as a rock, there isn’t a drop of cum left in him, and with the bottle in the drawer and a little timing, he'll be good as a cock life support system for the rest of the weekend. And with that, Stacy stood, straddled me, and lowered herself onto my rock-hard member. She was soaking wet, blast furnace hot, and this supermodel beautiful, wet-dream for most of my adolescent lifetime, started fucking me with wild abandon - and there wasn't a thing I could do about it. Worse, there was no enjoyment. I ached from head to toe, my cock was raw beyond description, and there was virtually zero pleasure from the experience. I was just as she described, a life-support system for a cock.

"There it is, girls. Look at the self loathing, the disgust. Remember every time a guy fucked you, got what he wanted, then left? Every high school romance that ended with your unsatisfied frustration, then the inevitable anger and remorse at being so stupid to think that he loved you? Dave feels it right now, and I love it!" She bucked and grinded on me, she gritted her teeth and licked her lips, she rode me like I was a machine, which pretty much was correct. There was no satisfaction for me, it was all for Stacy. Each of the other ladies were watching with rapt devotion, watching their instructor pleasure herself over and over on my cock. I was little more than a spectator, and Stacy seemed to feed on the power and control, which in turn fueled the others. Soon they were encouraging her, kissing her, playing with her nipples and stroking her clit - bringing her to greater heights of ecstasy. And there I was, watching my cock be devoured again and again, disgusted by how I was being used, knowing fully that there was nothing I could do and no pleasure for me waiting at the end. I was the cock, nothing more.

Stacy came at least three times, then Theresa climbed on board. They each took their time - there was never any rush. It wasn't like I was going to cum and ruin their fun, and they knew it. Sometimes they would add insult to injury, returning with cigarettes to offer me a brief blowjob, or have a go at me with the strap-on, just to remind me who was really in control. Often they would finish on my cock then require I clean their cum juice off their pussy with my mouth. I was allowed about 8 hours of sleep that weekend, a couple random snacks of protein bars and water - and I suffered through 5 injections that weekend. I called in sick that entire week, largely because I couldn't walk for a couple days, and also because I had work to get done around their homes, coordinating with gardeners, Amy's roof needed some repairs, and I had to drive Stacy to the airport. I thoughtshe'd prefer a limo, but she wanted to chat with me. She said I'd been a good sport, but the sign of a real man was how he kept his promises. It's been nearly 12 years now. Liana and Amy have husbands, Theresa has a steady boyfriend. However, if there's a flat tire in the rain, I still get the call, and I still go. There had been occasional sexual encounters with each them, only recently with Theresa only since she was still single. I still have feelings for them, but I was changed forever that weekend. I recall the pain like it was yesterday. And I always remember, "Be careful what you wish for..." End
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By cobra8272 on 08-24-2008, 05:20 AM
Default Re: My Marathon - last part

Poor bastard!
Still - wish it was me ;-)
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By crawlerworm on 09-17-2008, 12:33 PM
Default Re: My Marathon - last part

Superb story - nice to see something original for a change. Will there be more, d'you think?
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By Kbra on 12-04-2008, 04:18 PM
Default Re: My Marathon - last part

Great story, loved it.

I wish someday my body will be used for a woman's pleasure as Dave's body was used.
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By hialt on 01-19-2010, 08:40 PM
Default Re: My Marathon - last part

Very hot.
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