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Sametime Next Year...a bit of a twist
Sametime Next Year...a bit of a twist
Published by hockeysub12
Default Sametime Next Year...a bit of a twist

It has been quite a while since i tried my hand at a story. I hope this is to everyone's approval.

I remember when my father remarried that he told me how lucky I would be to have 5 new older sisters to take care of me, play with me etc etc. What nobody realized was just what “take care” of me meant. I was the male version of Cinderella…always having to do things for my older sisters, always the butt of their jokes, never really beat up on, but tickled almost daily.

Fast forward 10 years, I had just celebrated my 18th birthday the week before and I got a call from my oldest sister Jennifer asking me to come over to the Plaza Hotel to pick something up. She and her friends were having a mini-reunion and had rented a suite and were planning on having a big weekend.

One advantage to having 5 older sisters…..5 older sisters worth of hot friends and nobody had hotter friends growing up than Jennifer. There were a bunch that were at our house all the time and joined in on the teasing of the younger brother game. Of course that version of teasing was far different than what I was about to experience.

I knocked on the suite door and could hear voices and laughing, when I all of a sudden the door burst open and much to my surprise I saw my sisters best friend Ryan. She pulled me into the room, giving me a big hug and telling me how great it was to see her. One by one the other girls, approached me and gave me similar hugs. It had been a while since I had seen some of these girls and they were by no means girls anymore. Although they were always the hottest girls in their school, they now were beautiful women.

One of the biggest curses I had in life was my size. I tried to convince everyone that I was 5’8” but in reality I stood just over 5’6” and despite years of trying to gain weight to bulk up, I never cracked the 140 lb mark. Ryan had always been very tall and with heels on she towered over me, as did the other girls in the room. Christine was another of my sister’s good friends and she stood well over 6’ in her heels. Ava was not an overly tall woman, but with heels on she too looked down on me. As did Jessica, Tia and Amanda. When I was little it had seemed that all of Jennifer’s friends had gigantic chests. Something that I was sure was just my imagination and perspective, but standing there among them it popped into my mind that my image of them was exactly correct. Each of them was quite buxom.

I had known these six women for more than half of my life, but something about standing among them all that night seemed different.

Jennifer, the whole reason I was there was no where to be found, Ryan explained that she had gotten an emergency call from work and had to leave. I figured that I wasn’t needed, for what ever reason I was called upon so I started to excuse myself when Ryan and Jessica grabbed me by the arm and walked me over to the large sitting area in the suite. Before I really knew what was happening, I was sitting in the middle of the couch with two women on either side and several sitting across from me, almost surrounding me.

The conversation quickly turned to how impressed the ladies were with how I had grown up. I had to admit, I hadn’t heard that very much in m life, so if they were trying to talk me into putting my guard down it was certainly working.

They had asked me all sorts of questions about growing up in a household of women, what it was like having all the girls running around the house all the time etc. When Amanda made the comment “I remember Jennifer saying that they would take liberties with your ticklishness”
“Really??” Tia asked “did your sisters used to tickle you?” I didn’t know where this was going, surely these girls knew that, hell many of them were involved in taking advantage of my ticklish sides at some point”

I started to feel a little uncomfortable as it seemed they were getting closer and closer to me when all of a sudden I felt Jessica and Ryan attack both sides of me at once. As if on cue, the other four pounced on my body as I thrashed around begging them to please stop.

It must have taken them all of about 10 seconds to have me flat on my back on the floor while they spread my body out and held it firmly in place.. For the next 10 minutes I had 6 to 12 hands tickling me all at once and I literally laughed myself silent.. After about 2 minutes of fighting them I lost all strength and could nothing but take it. At first they would use one hand to hold me down and tickle with the other, but as I weakened, they were able to knee or sit on a limb so that they could use two hands to tickle me at once.

When they finally took a breather, Ryan jumped off me and returned with a long pair of scissors. While they held me down She and the other ladies cut my clothes from my body leaving me completely naked and humiliated at their mercy. The biggest conspirator of all in this was my cock that stood out rock hard, pulsing as if I had never been turned on more in my life. And to be honest, I hadn’t ever been as turned on as I was right then.

Ryan and Jessica stroked my cock and the girls explained that while I was little and they used to tease me it was so much fun that they made a pact that the day I turned 18 that they would find a way to get me in this very situation so that they could tease and torture me a different way.

With my legs pulled wide apart and Jessica and Ryan each straddling a thigh, my lower body was pretty immobile. Christine and Tia each held a wrist to the floor above my head while Amanda and Ava threw a leg over my chest and stomach keeping me from lifting up off the floor.

The initial tickle torture did wonders to take all the fight out of me and now the Women were able to move around a little more freely as they put the rest of their plan to work.

Ava was the first of the women to light a cigarette. The girls had always smoked at our house. Looking down at my helplessness She casually blew a stream of smoke in my face. I don’t think there was anything intended by it, but the results was not lost by the others. Jessica was the first to notice how my cock literally jumped and precum poured from the tip.
“Ava,” she said “I think I discovered something, blow some more smoke in his face”
Ava did as requested and again my cock spasmed.
“Holy crap did you see that?” Ryan asked.
But the truth was they had all seen it and soon all six of them had cigarettes in their hands and smoke seemed to be coming at my face from every angle. The precum poured from my swollen cock head like a faucet and the girls were now afraid to touch it for fear that it would explode.

That fear was healthy because I myself felt as if I could erupt if stroked a few times.

The idea of tease torturing me was on the girls mind to begin with, but now it was brought to the forefront when they realized they had a way of driving me insane without even really doing anything.

Christine unbuttoned her top a few buttons and made sure to hang her cleavage so it was in view as stream after stream of smoke hit my face. “I always knew you were a boob boy, even when you were young” she said and of course my dripping cock was not doing anything to convince these women anything different.

Finally they put their cigarettes out and Jessica and Ryan resumed tormenting my cock, though this time they concentrated on my balls and the tip of my cock making sure to not go to hard.

Ava and Amanda each started to play with one of my nipples, which of course caused them both to harden instantly. I had never realized how sensitive my nipples were until these two really worked them over.

Tia and Christine lightly dragged their nails up and around my arm pits…tickling softly, just enough to keep me on the edge of sanity but not enough to cause the crazed reaction that the six on 1 tickle torture caused.

The night continued this way, each of them lighting cigarettes periodically, almost guaranteeing that at least one or two were smoking at all times and the smoke was constantly directed into my face. My cock strained and pulsed like never before and as the night turned to morning I was breathless, voiceless and completely helpless. My cock had never stayed hard that long and certainly had never been that hard period in my 18 years of life.

Amanda got up and left the room coming back with a full ice bucket. They each took a cube and began rubbing it all over my erection and balls causing it to finally shrink down to a flaccid state.

As soon as my hard on was gone, Ryan reached into her purse and pulled out a contraption unlike I had ever seen before. As it turned out it was a chastity device of sorts. Made of the strongest material that money can buy and my cock was tucked inside and then the weirdest lock I ever saw was snapped shut on it.

The lock had a place for multiple keys to fit inside at once. As it turned out six keys could fit into the lock and as it was explained to me…all six keys were needed to open the lock. The device and lock itself was indistructable. There was no way to cut it, saw through it or injure it in anyway. And all six of them showed me a chain that they hung around their neck with a small key attached.

“This device will not come off again until the seven of us are together again.” Ryan explained. When that happens we will take the lock off and give you a much needed erection. Until then we expect that you will suffer greatly thinking about the six of us and the next time you will be allowed to have a boner.”

Tia joined the conversation “this time next year we have this room booked again, I strongly suggest you make it here”

With that my cut clothes were put in a bag and a pair of sweats and tee shirt were laid out on the bed. One by one each of the ladies packed up their belongings and prepared to leave. When all six were packed up they ended the session as it began, with a 10 minute non stop tickle torture again leaving me so weak I could hardly move. This allowed them to get up and leave the hotel as I laid on the floor by myself.

My whole body was so sensitive that I could hardly stand it and I looked down in disbelief as the contraption kept my cock locked up.

Over the next 12 months I tried in vein to disprove Ryan’s explanation of how solid the lock was. I couldn’t count the days fast enough until that year passed and I was allowed to meet up with the six of them again…….but I will leave that for another day.
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By jdoodle4 on 04-20-2009, 01:31 PM
Default Re: Sametime Next Year...a bit of a twist

Oh god, that was hot.
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By asianslave on 06-22-2009, 07:08 PM
Default Re: Sametime Next Year...a bit of a twist

good story with description and kinky details thank for share it
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By ddemetrius456 on 10-28-2009, 05:22 AM
Default Re: Sametime Next Year...a bit of a twist

very nice story. i enjoyed a lot.
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