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Published by Susan Strict
Default "Repression"

"Repression - The Femdom Edition" resulted from an excellent novel of forced female submission I received for publication from John Savage, "Repression". Together, we took it apart, stood the story on its head, and made the principal character a young man instead of a young woman. The result works very well, I think, and the two novels have recently been published side by side for those who prefer females dominated by females ("Repression") or those who prefer males dominated by females ("Repression - The Femdom Edition").

David has been snatched from the street and imprisoned for penitence, prayer and rehabilitation under the guidance of sadistic nuns. For David, his life is going from bad to worse...

David was taken for a shower as usual but, unlike the normal routine, he was not immediately led to the dormitory and bound to the plank for the night. Instead, he was taken to a small room with benches and seats, and made to wait. He was there, alone, long past the normal time that all the sinners would be in the dormitories and the lights would have been out, until two nuns came to fetch him.

He was taken on a long walk. It was not to the dormitory, but he had not expected that. The break in the usual routine was obviously for something different, something special, but he still had no idea what was waiting for him.

He was led into what was obviously a bedroom. A very large bed, right in the centre, was the main fixture. It looked inviting after sleeping on hard wood for the last few days, but right then David would rather have been on his way back to that hard bed and straps. He knew that this was unlikely to be no more than his bedroom for the night, and he suspected that there would be something unpleasant awaiting him. There was always the hope in the back of his mind that perhaps, just perhaps, the scene had been set for him to make love to some beautiful, frustrated woman, but his rational thoughts told him that it was unlikely to be that simple.

He was right. The handcuffs were removed from his arms and the half-shoes from his feet. His wrists and ankles were restrained to the corners of the bed so that he lay, face up, just as he had lain on the bench where he had been half-suffocated by the hood earlier that day. The nuns checked the restraints carefully, making sure he was secured tightly and that he could not possibly break free. Then they left the room.

There was a very strong sense of dread inside David. He had no idea what was coming. Perhaps, the hope rose again, that beautiful, frustrated woman would appear, satisfy her frustrations on his erection, and then leave. No, that was too much to hope. It must be something like that, but David was sure it would be no beautiful nymphomaniac who appeared. It would be some frustrated old hag who could not get a man anywhere else. It had to be. All right, so that was not really so bad. Whoever it was and whatever she looked like, all he had to do was to close his eyes and imagine. She could be anyone he wanted her to be, if only he did not have to see her, and there was absolutely no reason he had to see her. It would be the very first time David had ever had sex, and although having it tied to a bed and at the mercy of some strange women was not the perfect scenario he would have chosen, the thought of it already excited him.

As he lay there, he remembered the photos taken of him. Advertisement of the goods for sale? Probably. It was disturbing, certainly. Was he correct in his assumption? It seemed bizarre, most bizarre that a man could be sold in that way. Certainly, he knew, there had been women in the past and, for all he knew, there might still be women, who sold their sexual services for money or even whose sexual favours were sold without their permission. But a man? Surely it would be fairly unusual for a women not to be able to find a man to satisfy her needs. Men were invariably far more eager for sex, and so few women would have a problem. Was there any other explanation for what was happening to him?

He tugged at the restraints, but they were far too strong for him to break and far too tightly attached for him to have any hope of working them loose. He could do nothing, except to lie naked and helpless and await whatever was about to happen to him.

The bed was, he had to admit, incredibly comfortable. The sheets beneath him were smooth and cool. If it were not for his apprehension about whatever might be coming, he might even have considered taking a little nap.

Time passed and David began to hope. Perhaps nothing was going to happen after all. Perhaps whoever was coming had changed her mind. Perhaps… there are a million possibilities. Relief flooded through him, and at the same time there was disappointment; deep disappointment.

The lights lowered. Soft music floated into the room from someplace. And then the door opened.

In the dim light he could see that it was a woman. He knew it would be, but even that was a relief. She walked slowly across the room. She was not a nun. She was not one of Saint Secundina’s guards, nor was she one of the Control guards. She was a woman; just a woman, and she was in no hurry.

Fear went through David. With the light behind her, he could not see her properly, but as she approached him he was surprised by what he saw.

She was not old. She was not ugly. She was not fat. But she was no youngster; probably in her early forties, which made a little more than twice David’s age, and she was tall and athletic. Her hair was long, and flaming red.

She undressed rapidly without seeming to care that David was watching. Her breasts were full and firm. Her hips, although broader than those of the girls David had looked at longingly at school, were perfectly proportioned, as was the rest of her body.

She said nothing. David was trembling in anticipation. It turned to fear as she picked up her wide leather belt she had dropped on the floor with the rest of her clothes. She gripped it near the buckle, and brought the free end down onto the bed with a heavy thud, not more than two inches from David’s naked hip.

“Please…” he begged, not sure what he should say, but knowing that if that heavy belt hit him as it had hit the bed, it would cause pain and serious bruising, or worse.


She was on the bed and kneeling astride him, the belt still held threateningly in her hand. Briefly, too briefly for David, her hand clasped his erection. She laughed, but it was not a pleasant laugh.

“Afraid?” she asked.

David nodded.

“You should be,” she informed him, “But tonight you’re lucky. You’ll live. Probably.”

She straddled his chest, and then eased forward. “Lick,” she demanded.

David licked. He had no idea whether he was licking as she wanted to be licked, but it was no more than a few seconds before she was pressing down on him and making a low moaning noise. He felt smothered, and then he was smothered. Her thighs clenched and gripped, then parted and she pressed down again. She shuddered, wriggled, pressed forward and back, clamped down onto him repeatedly and then released, using his face at every angle that gave her pleasure and, if the way she laughed was any indication of her feelings, some that were simply to cause him the maximum discomfort. Finally, with a low scream and a muscle spasm that threatened to break the bones in David’s face, she fell backward onto the bed next to him and lay there, gasping.

After a few minutes, she dressed and left without another word and without even glancing back at him.

David lay there, . He was more aroused and more frustrated than he had ever been in his life. If his hands had been free, he would most certainly have done something to relieve his frustration. As it was, there was nothing he could do. At the same time, he was shocked at what the woman had done to him. It was something he had never considered. He knew, of course, of oral sex, and like any young man he had fantasised about girls giving him oral sex. He had also imagined the pleasure it would give him and a girl for him to kiss and lick her, but to be used in the way this woman had just used him was quite beyond anything he could have envisaged.

It was half an hour before the nuns returned. Two of them arrived, and stood either side of the bed looking down at him. David hoped desperately that they would take him to the bathroom before he was returned to be restrained in the dormitory for the night. The few minutes he was allowed alone in the toilet cubicle was all he needed; all he so badly needed.

They seemed to be in no rush to untie him. One of them reached forward, and to his surprise she gripped his erection between her fingers. He groaned, and involuntarily he tried to push upward with his hips. She let go and slapped him painfully. The other nun had a damp towel in her hands, and she began to wipe his face, roughly but thoroughly.

Ten minutes later they left him, still tied to the bed and still desperately frustrated. David felt like screaming, although he knew it would do him no good.

Eventually, the door opened once again. David breathed a sigh of relief, but the relief was short-lived. It was not the nuns coming to take him back to his dormitory, it was an older and much larger woman who strode purposefully towards him…

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