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My controlled sex life
Published by humble0
Default My controlled sex life

Hallo everyone, I have been reading the forum from some time, but I have never written quite much. Now I would like to contribute telling about how my Mistress and I make sex.

First of all I have to explain you that my Mistress believes that the best way to train the slave (that is: me) is controlling my orgasms. Or, to use Her words, she takes me by the balls :)

Therefore the rule for me is I cannot come without Her permission. If She has denied me and I fail to control myself I get punished. If I do not even ask the punishment is more severe. These rules stand for masturbation as well. I am allowed to masturbate when I like but I am not to come without Her permission. It hardly happens though that She allows me to have an orgasm when I masturbate, only sometimes when we are far away because of our jobs.

So knowing that my Mistress sometimes enjoys to tease me for tenting me. For instance She well knows how I get excited by licking Her Feet, and since She likes so much that She orders me to help Her relaxing that way for hours. Because of the situation I always get very excited and when the Mistress is in the mood for penetrative sex I need to ask for permission quite soon, so She justly denies me because She wants Her orgasm first. Thus I almost always end up trying to serve Her orally, and luckily She says I'm quite good in this.

After the Mistress is satisfied two things may happen. If She is no more in the mood for sex She takes advantage on my docility when I am very excited and She uses me to lick or massage Her Body or Her feet.
Other times on the contrary She likes to tease me. She is a true Sex Goddess and I start asking permission in a few moments, but the point is I have to endure as long as possible. So Her usual answer is "no slave, too soon. You aren't done suffering yet". Then She waits a bit for me to calm down; sometimes She helps me putting ice on my cock. As I am turning off She starts again exciting me. Our record so far is 8 times on the edge asking permission in one night. If She doesn't get bored, my Mistress always tries to improve it. Sometimes She can't improve it because I start crying and saying I can't do it anymore and I'm about to come unwillingly.

When She has enough there are two possibilities. Usually my Mistress decides I do not have the permission for an orgasm that night. In this case I have to thank Her for sex and kiss and lick Her feet and Her shoes. I am not good enough to control myself after this treatgment, so usually She ties me to the bed for the night, only giving me one small bell so I can wake Her up in case of an emergency.

The other option is that the Mistress decides I have been a good litlle slave and I may come as a reward. The code for this is when She takes off Her panties and puts them in my mouth. This means I have been waived from asking permission so I may come. Usually She makes me come with Her Feet or Her Hands. It is very uncommon that I receive a blowjob or I am allowed to come inside Her, because She says these are privileges I have to really earn.

I am very happy with my sex life. I come seldom but very intensely. There are only two problems, one is I was used to have many more orgasms so I often suffer from my blue balls, but my Mistress is very generous and She lets me come about three times a month, even though She says they're going to get fewer and fewer as I get more trained. The other problem is sometimes I unwillingly come when I should not, the punishment is no sex and lots of whipping for ten days. It never happened so far that I did not even ask, but in this case the punishment would last one whole mont.

I hope you enjoyed the report. My Mistress allowed me to tell you about us, in exchange I have to ask for ideas to add to our games, then I shall write about the results.
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By beanguy on 09-02-2008, 12:26 AM
Default Re: My controlled sex life

How about a chastity device? Locked up, tied up, with only a bell and some very blue balls.
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By humble0 on 09-04-2008, 07:37 AM
Default Re: My controlled sex life

We are a bit concerned about my penis' health with a long-term denial on a chastity belt. Moreover both my Mistress and I love that my cock stay hard all night long.

But I must admit I never tried a cb. I will ask my Mistress what She thinks.

In the meanwhile in the next days I will describe some session of ours.
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By beanguy on 09-23-2008, 01:34 PM
Default Re: My controlled sex life

As long as you are milked, the internal plumbing should be fine. Letting it stretch out every once in a while should guard against shrinkage. Better you than me, humble0!
Does your Mistress know that they make dildos to wear over some of the belts. Talk about heaven for her/hell for you!
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