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Three Hot Storeis of deny of orgasm I found
Published by bucktooth
Default Three Hot Storeis of deny of orgasm I found

Me in my beautiful car.

On my way to six flags, turning off the exit I have to stop ,looking in front of me your under the other traffic light on the other side of the road..you nod your head and eyes to the left as in follow you.

Your light turns green as so does mine ,we pull up to your house, me parking the car, you open the door for me and grab my hand, you lead me into the house into your room.”as for now I got the point” I turn around as your right behind me grab your shoulders and push you down onto the bed, putting your hands in mine, kissing you passionately, all along the sides of your neck, nibbling on the back of your ears, lightly blowing warm air into them.

Being that I’ve been teasing you for a little bit now and have not released you, you edge quickly after you get to the first edge, reach my arm down and undo your pants ,unzip and pull my cock out.

Mistress a Rosa sits up and starts to stroke her cock slow and tight rubbing my balls with the other hand not staying stroking to long with the tips of my fingers I run up and down the vein of my cock quickly stopping as soon as I feel him trying to get harder, I quickly grab the base of my cock with one hand to hold him still and I take the other rubbing the palm of my hand in a circular motion on the head I feel a throb I stop, I move up words and I sit on your stomach grabbing one of your arms at a time putting one hand behind the head and grabbing for the other to put behind your heads there in place I play with your nipples lightly squeezing and flickering on and off, getting up sliding off my pants sliding over the black thongs and grabbing my cock as I sit on him using your pre cum as lube.

I sit on you but I don’t move up and down, I squeeze my muscles in my hot wet pussy keeping you right at the beginning of the edge but cant edge. I bend down and suck on a nipple as I squeeze the other ,so you don’t get to the edge I stop the pussy squeezing and continue to lightly nibble on a nipple and flicker the other, sliding up and down just a little bit very slowly.

Moving to the other nipple sucking licking and lightly nibbling ahahah your trying to edge I stop for a moment, I get up and get off, I sit on the bed and with one finger I rub in a circular motion fast on the vein not stopping letting you edge I feel the throb I stop with the tips of my fingers I run all across the head keeping you at that edge a bit longer, as that edge passes, I stroke my cock slow but gripping tighter and tighter as I reach the lip of the head, feeling you starting to throb I squeeze every 2 secs making you want to squirt so badly, as that edge passes, I lightly slap the shaft of my cock up and down rubbing in an u motion as I slap making my hard cock throb ,I stop, rubbing my the palm of my hand on the head of my drippy cock, as that edge passes I tell you to go take a luke warm/cold shower, you come out in just your towel as I have your cage in my hands awaiting to put it on , you walk to me, I put it back on and lock him back up tell you to get dressed as I do the same, give you a kiss good bye and continue going to park…..

Last night before I went to sleep, I thought of what we would do on a date. How I would treat you like a queen. I would take you out for dinner, and dancing maybe even a show. Then we would go to my hotel. We spend an hour kissing and making out. You give me a fantastic blow job keeping me right on edge for about a half an hour.
Then you have me strip and you tie my hands behind my back. your cock is already rock hard throbbing and dripping. You are wearing a short black dress and 4 inch heels. You look so hot. You have such beautiful legs. You have me pull down the zipper of your dress with my teeth. Then you take off the dress and you now have on a lacy bra garter belt and stockings, panties and 4 inch heels. You look so hot. You make me beg to be allowed to see your beautiful full breasts.
After begging for several minutes you remove the bra and I get to see your beautiful breasts. You make me suck on your nipples for several minutes. You make me lick and suck the heels of your shoes, then make me clean your entire shoe with my tongue. You then allow me to slowly lick my way up your gorgeous legs, a fraction of an inch at a time. When I get to your beautiful pussy you have me lick through the panties till you have several orgasms.
Then you make me tare of your drenched soaking panties with my teeth. You get a cord and tie heavy weights to your cock and balls. I spend hours between your legs bringing you to orgasm again and again with my tongue, my hands tied behind my back. I am naked and kneeling. Your cock and balls are tied up and a very heavy weight hangs from both your cock and balls. You will not remove the weights till you are satisfied. Finally you remove the weights and untie your cock and balls and hands. you tie me face up to the bed spread eagle.
You put your soaking wet panties in my mouth and tie my mouth with a scarf. You climb on top of me and rub your cock against your pussy lips making me beg you to put it inside, You then rub it against your clit and cum 2 more times, I am begging and pleading with you to put it in your hot wet dripping pussy. I feel your juices dripping on your cock and down my legs but you keep teasing me for several minutes longer.
Finally you mount your rock hard straining cock. You ride me as hard as you can. You keep yelling at me that I am not allowed to cum. I would be straining to hold back while you cum several more times. Then you get off your cock leaving me frustrated. You have me drive you home and tell me not to touch your cock till you see me tomorrow. When I dropped you off you instructed me to do the sheet for two hours when I got back to the hotel and to go to sleep naked.
Early the next morning you got a key to my hotel room and snuck unto the room. While I was still sleeping, you tied my arms and legs to the bed. You also put a blindfold over my eyes. Then you climbed on my face and rubbed your soaking wet pussy against my mouth till I awoke. I was forced to eat your pussy till you had several orgasms.
You then told me it was time for my breakfast. You took small pieces of fruit like apples, strawberries, grapes and a banana and put them one at a time into your pussy. I had to eat your pussy till I got the fruit out. You then told me it was then time for my drink. You opened your pussy lips and placed your pussy over my open mouth. Warning me not to spill a drop you pissed into my open mouth. I had no choice but to swallow all of your piss.
Afterwards you let me use the bathroom and brush my teeth.
You then tied me naked to a chair. You put the pair of your used panties in my mouth and tied it with a scarf. You put baby oil on your cock and stroked me till I was at the edge, warning me not to cum. You kept stroking me for several minutes. I was forced to strain not to cum.
You then tied up your cock and balls and put clothespins all over them. You made sure to put clothespins all around the head and over the pee hole. Then you made me watch you use a vibrator to slowly bring yourself to orgasm over and over again. You did it with your beautiful pussy inches from my face. I had not choice but to watch and suffer knowing that I could not cum while you came again and again.
Your cock was rock hard and throbbing. The clothespins were biting into your cock. You used my cries of pain to get off over and over again. Then you took some candles that were burning and poured the wax all over your cock and balls. You removed the panties from my mouth and made me eat you to another orgasm before you finally untied me and allowed me to take a shower together with you.
In the shower you had me wash your body while you stroked your cock the entire time warning me not to cum. Then you had me dry you off and help you dress. Afterwards you allowed me to dress but I was not allowed to wear any underwear. I then took you out for lunch and sight seeing.

Getting A Lesson,
Here’s a little story I want to share about a past t&d experience I had with a guy named Charlie, Let me start off by telling you a little about Charlie, This guy was the typical kind of guy that would go out on dates with lots of women but only had one thing in mind, you all know what I’m talking about, I don’t think he ever bothered to even call one of those girls back after he got what he wanted from them. but he sure love to talk about his adventures, He would call me at least twice a week telling me about who and what he did, and I would just giggle and laugh about the way he thought he was the greatest sex blah blah and etc. But I have to tell you that this stuff gets rather annoying after awhile it got to the point where I would do anything to get off the phone or try avoiding him just because this was all he would talk about.
So to get to the point Charlie calls me up again with another one of his I was so great and she should be so grateful bs bs. So I’m thinking to myself you know someone really needs to teach this asshole a lesson and I’m just the bitch to do it, So I gave it some thought and came up with a plan, see I knew where Charlie worked and I knew his secretary Diane, well she also knew what a pig he was so it wasn’t to hard convincing her to go along with my plan, witch was she was going to tell Charlie how she had a girlfriend who saw him when she picked Diane up from work and was wondering if he was available for dinner and a little fun, of course Charlie took the bait but little did he know her girlfriend was me lol.
Well Diane set things ups for us to go out on this date of sorts and it was planned for Friday night at 7, I bought this wig that I knew would disguise me perfectly and since I was a make up artist by trade it was a piece of cake making myself look like someone he never met before, Well we went out to dinner I listened to his usual spiel about how great his job was and how much money he makes and all that crap, so then after dinner Charlie says you wanna get a few drinks and I said well sure why not lets go to your place and maybe watch a movie, He naturally loved the idea I think his exact words I didn’t want to come off to strong but you just read my mind, he had no idea what was on my mind.
SO we get to his apartment and we had a couple drinks and he threw in some stupid film that wasn’t worth owning, anyway I started getting comfortable trying to get things started for what I had intended to do him, So I started with you know it’s been so long since I’ve been with a guy crap and he ate it up, telling me how many months its been for him come on now Charle months lol I said to myself lol so I started in with the your a very strong and handsome man spiel and he popped right out with you babe I’ve been known to give women multiple orgasms, I did my best not to break out laung and said to him really I’ve never experienced that before,
Charlie says to me well id be glad to help you experience if you wish, so I looked up at him and said oh I wish and Charlie said if I do that for you what will you do for me, I said oh I’ve got something very special planned for you, we went into his bedroom and started kissing and making out and pretty quickly we had most of our clothes off and I said I’m in the mood to be real kinky how about you, as you already might have guessed he loved that thought so I grabbed his belt and proceeded to tie his hands above his head to the headboard he was loving it then I went thru his closet and grabbed two more belts and I tied his feet spread eagle on the bed, now I have you I said and what a grin he had little did he know.
I climbed onto to Charlie and reached down into his shorts and I pulled his cock out and I’ll never forget it “it was that small” I said out loud multiple orgasms you think that your going to give me multiple orgasms with this I laughed for what must have been a good two minutes before saying I think one orgasm would be a feat for this little thing, Charlies face oh I’ll never forget his face he couldn’t even talk I said Charlie while you might make a practice out of thinking you can make women have multiple orgasms lol I have a little practice of my own it’s called orgasm denial, ever hear of it? Charlie’s eyes opened wide what he said orgasm denial, yes I said orgasm denial! I never heard of that what is it he said I said oh I said before I’m threw with you your going to know what orgasm denial is all about as I giggled he looked so nervous it was so hilarious, I started stroking Charlie’s cock making it stiff and hard ” all 4 inches of it lol Charlie began moaning and gyrating trying to fuck my hand but as soon as I noticed him getting close I would take my hand away just watching his poor little cock bob in the air,
So after about thirty minutes of doing this I thought I’m really going to torture this guy now, I preceded to start licking around the head of his cock very lightly I could see Charlie was getting enormously frustrated so I of course kept it up for a while longer, then I started really sucking him and every time he was about to explode I would stop leaving him there watching his little cock drip precum I was so amused , Charlie began yelling and demanding that I let him cum, yeah that was going to happen not! So I teased him some more for another good half an hour until I couldn’t stand him yelling anymore and just stopped all together, Charlie said hey what’s going on I haven’t got to cum, I laughed and said I told you or did I forget to mention that during orgasm denial you don’t get to cum baby, Charlie freaked against his restraints yelling calling me a evil bitch why am I doing this to him what has he ever done to me to deserve this blah blah blah, all I could do was laugh.
Charlie started in now with a new approach begging lol he begged and begged me to let him cum so after listening to this for a few I said Charlie you know what, I’ll think about it after I get those multiple orgasms I was promised, oh Charlie loved the idea ok he said undo me and I’ll get right to work he said lol nope not that easy babe I said, I’m not even going to attempt an orgasm with that little thing lol he yells out you bitch I said that’s not the way either but I think I have an idea, Charlie was going out of his mind as I started sucking his little cock in my mouth again, I said your going to use your mouth to give me what you promised ok I will Charlie said I’ll do anything you want of course you will I said as I squeezed his balls, so I positioned myself on top of Charlie’s face and made him lick me like crazy oh and cum I did well it wasn’t multiples like I was promised but I did have at least 5 until I said ok I’m finished with you, but you said I said I might let you and now I’m not going to let you, but why he said I laughed and laughed he continued to wine and at times almost cry. lol
I said Charlie as I removed my wig, you should have seen the shock on his face it’s you yes it’s me and I’m hear to teach you a lesson, but ~~~~tie why what did I ever do to you, I chuckled not to me in specific but how you treat women that you take out in general is why I’m hear to teach you a lesson I said, but why do you care he said what does that have to do with you, I said isn’t it obvious I’m a women silly and its time that you get a taste of your own medicine, I’m sorry I’m sorry he said oh don’t be sorry to me I said be sorry to all those girls that you hurt that you never even gave a thought about after you got what you wanted from them, I began rubbing his cock again bringing him closer and closer then taking it away as soon as he got close please ~~~~tie I’ll do anything I’m so sorry please let me cum please, I said again to Charlie I’ll think about it as I untied one of his hands and handed him the telephone, what do you want he said what do I do with this , I said I’ll think about letting you cum when and when you have called every one of those women back and apologized for being the pig that your are, but that could take hours Charlie said, I said well it’s going to be a long night for you isn’t chuckles running my finger under the head of his cock, Charlie says please what do I say why am I calling them now for I said just tell them it was a multiple orgasm denial thingy that changed the way you think lol, oh and it was a long long night into the wee hours of the next day for Charlie, even tho I’m sure he has cum since he never did with me!
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By Fortinbras on 08-26-2008, 03:41 AM
Default Re: Three Hot Storeis of deny of orgasm I found

i like em, especially the last one!

more of those, pleeeez!
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