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My First, Play Party Scene
My First, Play Party Scene
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Smile My First, Play Party Scene

At least 4 things I learned from my first, play party: I must be an exhibitionist because I wasn't that nervous being naked in front of so many people. I never thought that nipples could be so sore that walking up & down stairs was an S&M teaser! Another surprise is that I didn't think the build-up would be so long. I also knew that nipple torture (NT) would be intense but I didn't think that paddling my nipples & my upper thighs would be so painfully good! I ended up with 2 hand-sized, red spots on my rear. I was so high afterwards I couldn't get to sleep for a while & didn't sleep very much. I hope my recollections are in chronological order: I was focusing on relaxing as much as possible during the session!

Ms Susan had posted that she was looking for someone to play with at the party. I responded that I was available as my owner had given me free reign to enjoy myself (in my own twisted fashion).

I was only wearing a blue, dog collar as per Ms Susan's request. She asked me some health questions & history to ensure everything would be OK. My hands were cuffed above my head on a post. She asked me if I wanted to be blindfolded. She liked my answer that it was my pleasure to do as she wanted. She said it would be more intense with the blindfold & it was! I almost wanted to peek--just once--when the NT was getting very intense nearing the end!

Ms Susan asked me if I'd ever had cleaf clamps on my nips & I replied that I'd had. She later confirmed for me that there was a chain between the clamps. Beginning with a flogger, the build-up was gradual. I wasn't expecting the little ends to act like many, tiny whips. This part of the night lasted longer than I would have thought. Then she must have switched to a riding crop. That's when things started getting more stimulating!

She started striking me harder with her flogger & paddles while pulling on the chain of the clamps. (At first I thought that maybe someone else was pulling on each clamp.) Ms Susan started pulling harder on the chain. When she did remove the clamps I was expecting some pain from blood rushing back in but the clamps must not have been on long enough. She then began to paddle me harder & harder! At first the paddling didn't seem all that painful but Ms Susan started moving lower near my upper thighs. Now I know why subs don't enjoy upper thigh hits!

Every now & then Ms Susan took a flogger to my cock & balls. I would have liked it to be more intense but I didn't want to court more pain for my first experience. With the clamps removed Ms Susan started pulling on my nips greatly. This action was the first time I was tempted to cry out but I concentrated on relaxing as much as possible! Ms Susan softly cupped my balls in my hands as she played with my nips.

Ms Susan stopped for a moment & turned me around facing the crowd & re-locked my hands behind me & the post. She started alternating between more NT & genital flogging. Every now & then she would lightly caress me during breaks between administering discipline--it was so exciting. The NT started involving harder paddling. I had never thought that paddling my nips would be so painful. Ms Susan also started pulling my nips very intensely. I had to start panting to keep from crying out. Even when she took a break I kept panting because the sensation was so strong.

I enjoyed the caresses & the genital play which gave me a chance to have a breather between the far more painful NT. Just when I thought I could not take even more pain Ms Susan caressed my chest & abdomen & took off the blindfold. I was still breathing strongly. She asked if I needed to sit or water. I told her that I needed water--all the panting had made my throat dry! The dog collar I guess was very appropriate.

Later Ms Susan sent me an email: "Your Mistress should be very proud of you!"

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By Jacob6080 on 10-31-2011, 11:52 PM
Default Re: My First, Play Party Scene

This is really a great post here. Thanks a lot for your great post here.

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