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She-devils' Dinner Party
She-devils' Dinner Party
Published by slave_doggy
Post She-devils' Dinner Party

Vanessa answered the door bell and saw Natasha standing on the front porch. She had just finished wrestling with her rain coat it seemed. It had been cold and wet all day, not unusual for this time of year. They exchanged kisses, and Natasha was welcomed in.
“Great to see you, hon. I’ll take your coat, you make yourself comfortable in the living room.”

There she was greeted by the other ladies attending the party. Amanda was sitting in the sofa, her legs crossed in a tight skirt, holding a glass of red wine. Rebecca and Sandra were chatting vividly when they noticed the new visitor and they both rose up to kiss her. Natasha ran her fingers through her wet black curls and turned to Vanessa, as the host entered the living room as well.

“Glad to be out of the cold. I see we’re almost complete?”
“Sure,” Vanessa replied. “I’m expecting Nikki and Svetlana any minute now.”
“And eh...” Natasha moved closer with a telling smile. “I hear you have good personnel as well?”
“Hahaha, definitely. Although good is maybe a bit of an overstatement. But we’re getting there.”
Natasha’s eyes lit up with wicked delight, as she asked: “And where is this well-trained slave of yours? Are you gonna keep us waiting?”
“Well, actually, he’s still out getting food for our party. He’s running a bit late now.”
Then Sandra joined the conversation, casually strolling towards the two other women.
“Maybe he’s not as well-trained as you thought, my dear. What if he has run off?”

Now it was Vanessa’s turn to conjure up a naughty smile.
“I highly doubt that... I have taken – shall we say – precautions.”
The other ladies were listening intently.
“For starters, I have locked his tiny little dick away in a CB3000. I must say those chastity devices are an invention that can rival with fire and the wheel. I wear the key around my neck at all times, as you can see. So I’m pretty confident he’ll always crawl back to me, instead of visiting a locksmith shall we say.”
The girls laughed out loud.
“And dare I ask,” Amanda replied, “how frequently is he allowed out?”
A healthy blush coloured her cheeks, as she was obviously aroused by the idea.
“Hahaha, he hasn’t been allowed out yet, darling. He’s only been wearing it for 2 weeks now. But he will have to earn his release... And that’s not looking good at the moment. I told him, an extra day for every minute he’s late. And since he was supposed to be back at 8, that makes 15 already.”
Amanda bit her lip slightly, and smiled back at Vanessa.
“Well, I must confess I didn’t make things easy for him either,” Vanessa continued. “His dick isn’t the only thing I locked away.”
As she was talking, she filled another glass of wine and handed it to Natasha.
“His boy clothes are safely locked away in my safe. I will only tolerate him naked or dressed up like a sissy. At this very moment actually, he’s trodding around town dressed in one of my skirts and a pink silk blouse.”
“And what’s stopping him from changing clothes somewhere, and quickly changing back when he returns?” Rebecca inquired.
“I don’t think they would match well with the high heels he’s wearing,” Vanessa laughed. “They can be locked in place at the ankles. So he would have a hard time getting rid of those.”
“Exquisitely wicked!” Sandra exclaimed.
“And now I must confess I’m torn between two thoughts,” Rebecca giggled. “On the one hand I’m rather hungry. But on the other hand every passing minute now has a very delightful wicked sense to it, wouldn’t you agree? So what are we having tonight?”
“That is going to be a pleasant choice as well,” Vanessa said. “We’re going to have a fine selection of cheeses. But mind you, my slave is absoluty disgusted by any kind of cheese. The smell of it, the taste, I can tell you, he would rather eat shit.”
“And ladies,” she continued with a devilish grin, “I can even confirm that is not just an expression.”
Natasha’s eyes widened in surprise.
“You mean? You have already... You can use him as...”
“Yes, of course. And you can all too. First he’s going to stay on all fours under the table while we’re having dinner. I have instructed him to kiss every lady’s feet, non-stop. You can also throw him your cheese crusts or spit chewed pieces in his mouth. He’s not going to like that, but he will do as he’s told as long as I hold the key, hahahaha. And indeed, after dinner, if you girls need to relieve yourselves... well, I don’t need to draw a picture there do I...”

They all gloated, revelling in the perverse pleasures to come. And when the doorbell finally rang, introducing the strong smell of cheese and a miserable creature in drag, 7 pairs of eyes homed in on the object of their projected thoughts of domination... And they all counted 33 minutes.
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