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Ticklish Tootsies
Published by tickletoy
Default Ticklish Tootsies

What follows is a recount of one of my pleasurable tickling experiences. A case where I found my girlfriend at the time was even kinkier than me.

At the place where I use to work there was a lady there I found remarkably sexy. After the longest time I finally got up the nerve to ask her out. We hit off almost from the beginning having lots of stuff in common and we had several dates. Finally after one date she asked me up to her apartment. I was so nervous but somehow her calm demeanor put me at ease. We talked for another hour at least up in her apartment. She told me something that floored me she said "Take off your shoes hun and make yourself at home.". Now very few people know about my like for being tickle tortured ruthlessly. Not just something you share with anyone. So whatever came over me to say what I was about to say I still dont know to this day but I blurted out "Oh I dont know about that my feet are very very ticklish.". I was expecting to hear either no answer or just something like "Well dont worry your safe here.". What I heard instead again threw me for a loop she calmly stated. "Hmmmmmmm ticklish feet hey. I think I am just gonna have to test this out to see if your telling the truth.". I was sitting on her couch at the time and she grabbed my ankles and began to take of my shoes. I was so surprised I did not move a muscle, soon my socked feet were in her lap. Then she gragged herfinger nail up the bottom of one of my socked feet. I almost hit the roof from the tickle sensation and from sheer amazement as to what was happening. She then stated "Hmmmmm I guess you are pretty ticklish. I think as your prospective girlfriend I need to know just how ticklish these feet are. Dont you agree?". I just said "Ummmmm yeah I guess so." She then removed my socks exposing my bare feet to the air. Well my feet wriggled a bit parlt from them being bared and partly out of nervousness. She then dragged a nail up my foot starting at the heel and ending at the ball of my foot. I instantly started giggling and my toes curled forward. She the did the same thing to the other foot and said "Tickle, tickle, tickle.". I just started to laugh now I blurted out "hahahahahahahahaha stop ahahahahaha please hehehehehehehehehe". She had the most deliciously evil look in her eyes and said "We are not anywhere near done hun. Now hold still.". She then started scratching her finger along my foot bottoms delicately, At this point even I had forgotten just how ticklish my feet really were but it was coming back to me real fast. I started laung loudly now "hahahaahhaaha oh god nohohohohoh stop it stop it hahahahahahahaa it tickles hahahahahahahaha". My toes were curling back and forth and at this point I instinctively tried to pull my feet away. She said "Now now quit trying to get away from my fingers." I just laughed "hahahahahahahaha but it tickles hahahaahahah I cant help it.". She just griined evilly and said "Hmmmm well this will never do but I have a solution for this.". She got up and went to her bedroom and in a few minutes came back with a bunch of scarves and a set of handcuffs. I was in shock again just how kinky was this woman. I was about to find out whether I liked it or not. Soon she had me handcuffed and tied my ankles and knees and upper thighs with a series of scarves so my legs were well immobilized. She then smiled and said "Well that should hold these feet in place for now. Now lets start over. Cootchy, cootchy coo. A cootchy cootchy coo.". She then began to wiggle her index finger all over my bare foot bottoms and I was already in hysterics. I screamed "Hahahahahahaahha no please no more hahahahaahaha please no." as my toes curled rapidly back and forth. She then grinned again and said "Ohhhh if you think that tickles you aint seen nothing yet.". At which pint she began to wiggle all her nails from one hand against my bound feet while holding my bound ankles with the other. I was going and she was only lightly scraping my bare feet at this point. "GAWWWWWWWWWWWD!! STOPPPPPP HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAHAHA" I screamed. My toes were going ballistic now wiggling and splaying as the tickly sensations rocketed through my feet. She said "My looks like we just have to tie these feeties up even tighter". She then grabbed another scarf and tied my big toes together and then with what was leftoever form the scarf tied to the scarf binding my ankles together. This pulled my toes back and made me even more helpless. She then straddled my legs pinning me down even further. I was utterly helpless. "Now I think I can give these feet a proper tickle test. Tickle tickle tickle. A tickle tickle tickle." she said. I was in utter hysterics. Screaming with laughter. "HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA NOOO NOO HAHAHAHAH PLEASE HEHEHEHEHEHHEHEE STOPPPPPPPPPP!!!! CANT TAKE IT HAHAHAHAHHAHAAHA" I yelled. "Are your toesies ticklish too? " She cooed. "HAHAHAHAHAHA YES YES PLEASE NO TOES HAHAHAHHAHHAH" I screamed. "Awww would this be a proper tickle test if I did not play with your toes? Tickle Tickle on those toesies." she cooed again. "HAHAHAAHAHA NONO NO TOES HAHAHAHAHAHA PLEASE HEHEHEHE STOP HAHAHAAHHAAH" I yelled. "Hmmmmm yummy reactions. Lets go btween the toesies too shall we." she siad as she began to play her finger between my helpless toes. "OHHHHHHHHH GAWD!!! HAHAHAHAHAHHAA STOP IT HAHAHAHHAAHHA PLEASE NO
MORE HAHAHAHAHAHAHA STOP HAHAHAHHHAHAHAH" I laughed. "Hmmmmm I think your arches are very sensitive too arent they dear." she said with an evil look. She then wiggled all her fingers against my bare arches lighlty at first then harder. I was utterly bonkers. I begged and pleaded for her to stop. "HAHAHAHAHAHAAH STOPPPPPPPPPP!!! PLEASE I WILL
HAHAHAHAHAH DO ANYTHING HAHAHAHAHA ANYTHING HAHAHAHAHAHAA JUST STOP HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAAHAH" I screamed. "Anything I want?" she cooed. "HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH YES YES HAHAAHAHHA ANYTHING HAHAHAHAHHHA JUST STOP HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA ANYTHING." I yelled. "Well if you agree to strip naked and let me retie you in my bedroom I will let you rest for twenty minutes. If not I am just going to keep tickling you here." she said. "HAHAHAHAHHAAHAHA WHAT ARE YOU HAHAAHAHAH GOING TO HAHAHAHA DO TO ME THERE? HAHAHAHHAAHHAHAHAHAHAAHAHA" I screamed. "Well, of course I am going to tickle your feet even more among other things but you really dont have a choice cause I dont think you can take any more torture." she said and dug her nails even harder into my arches. "AAAAAAAAAAAAGHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH GAWD HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH STOP IT HAAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA CANT STOP HAHAHAHAH LAUGHING HAHAHAHAAHHA NO PLEASE HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAH" I yelled. "Well do you agree to my terms or should I just play with your feet till you go mad?" she asked as her torment of my feet contiinued. "HAHAHAHAHAHA OK OK I AGREE HHAHAHAHHAAHA I AGREE AHHAHAHAHA WHATEVER YOU WANT HAHAHAAHA JUST STOP HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH PLEASE STOP HAHAHAHHA" I laughed. "Good. Now you get undressed and lie on my bed and I will be in to retie you in 20 minutes and start again. Dont try to get away you are are too weak to escape and if I catch I will tickle your feeet non stop all night." she said. She then united me and unlocked the cuffs and soon I found myself doing as told and undressing completely and lying down on her bed. I was scared and elated lying there naked on her bed wondering just how kinky my girlfriend really was. I was going to find out just how kinky in 20 minutes.

to be continued.
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By salsashark on 05-18-2006, 02:45 PM
Default Re: Ticklish Tootsies

Thanks for the story. Please keep it going.

PS - there's an option to disable those smilies in the text down in the miscellaneous options of the post form. Doesn't make any difference to me, but I didn't know if you'd seen it yet (I just realized it the other day myself).
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By tickletoy on 05-19-2006, 05:35 PM
Default Re: Ticklish Tootsies

Glad you are enjoying the story salsashark. Thanks for the info on the smilies too they were kinda bugging me a bit.
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By indy13 on 08-13-2011, 07:13 PM
Default Re: Ticklish Tootsies

Was this story ever continued?
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By ideatechno88 on 09-09-2011, 11:15 PM
Default Re: Ticklish Tootsies

Thanks for the info on the smilies too they were kinda bugging me a bit.

Last edited by Sockratease; 09-10-2011 at 03:46 AM.. Reason: spam link removal
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