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Sandra Clark
Published by MZ_BBW

Hello there,

I am MZ BBW and I have written a number of ebooks.

Female Supremacy is something that truly exists through all aspects of life and in many various ways.

Below is an excerpt from "Female Supremacy Protocol" which has proven to be one of My all-time most popular works:

As most of you know, I have written many works regarding female supremacy and all have helped many males learn about this wonderful lifestyle. As I have said before, female supremacy is a seamless web and one that was, is, and always will be. Itís as simple as that.
In fact, itís so simple that even a mere male should be able to understand.

I hope I donít complicate things for the male but let me expand a bit. By now, we all should know that woman is the highest form of life and that man is lower than her feet. But, isnít it also possible that woman created man? Or that man is really just a broken X-chromosome and an incomplete woman? Or did man really evolve from the feet of woman and that explains why the heel is generally the hardest part of a womanís body? Couldnít all of these be true?

Well, female supremacy is a seamless web and woman might well have created man to do the menial tasks that are beneath her. Certainly it is very commonplace to see males doing menial tasks like unclogging a toilet, raking leaves or washing a car. Personally, I donít have to worry about tasks like these as I can have a mere male perform them for me. Of course, it is his honor to serve me by performing these tasks as well. Itís really a part of everyday life and always should be.

By virtue of her superior brain, woman should be exempt from menial tasks like those mentioned above. She needs to use her brain for the more important items which the male gender finds so difficult in life. One very obvious example is balancing a checkbook. Isnít it normally the woman who balances the checkbook?

Of course it is as this task has proved too challenging for males. In addition, keeping track of credit cards is also a womanís job. Credit cards and money in general are used to purchase property. Since males are merely property anyway, they should not be allowed to handle either of these items. This is just another example of female supremacy in everyday life.

Here is a link for those that would like to order and read the entire ebook:

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