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Worship part 1
Worship part 1
Published by chasteslave241
Default Worship part 1

The following is some writing by myself. I hope you like it. Any criticism but especially the constructive kind is very welcome!

slave is kneeling in the middle of the room as instructed by Miss. Her mail had been short and to the point.

"bitch boy, you will get a room at Clairmont hotel. Then at 11am you will kneel in the middle of the room. you will wear your anus plug, nipple clamps on your slut tits, and your panties and stockings. you will wear a blindfold! Once you are on your knees, you will not move. you will leave the door unlocked and wait for Me"

Getting everything ready and perfect had taken some time. Enemas to clean out his anus, arranging flowers in the vase, getting water, a fine cooled bottle of Sauvignon Blanc, coffee and tea. Everything had to be perfect. Today was the day slave would finally meet his Goddess, Miss Ana. And today, maybe, just maybe, Miss Ana would grant him release.


That word had taken on a very different meaning since Miss had caught him in Her delicious web of depravity and showed him the power of Her Domination...

slave is kneeling, waiting blindfolded. The tit clamps are starting to hurt, and each little shift of position makes him acutely aware of the anus plug that fills his slut ass. his cock, now owned by Miss, responds to the caress of silk panties with slight needy throbs making him thrust into the air. he is caught in a perfect loop of pain, lust, frustration and humiliation, his little universe of submission.

Memories of the past months sweep through his mind.

"I have located your twitter account and have made a list of all the people that follow you and you follow, You have 48 hours to contact me to pay both physically and financially for your mistake. If you do not contact your photo will be uploaded, As well as our conversation."

The panic, the shame, the arousal... his slave cock again jumps and throbs, and dribbles a little precum in his silk slut panties, and the plug intimately fucks his anus. slave gasps and tries to regain his composure. To no avail... the plug triggers a whole new set of humiliating memories as it teases his anus and invades his rectum...

"you should go to the bathroom and finger your ass while you masterbate" "not at the point to cum" "but just to edge"

How had She known? Miss Emi had read him so well from the beginning. he had tried to resist.
"do it you dirty whore"

"your cock is telling you that you should and that you want to"

"go do it"

"you need you need it"

"it will feel sooo good"

"and soooo dirty"

he had given in to Her demands and molested himself in the company bathroom like a dirty whore. She had been right. It had felt so good and unspeakably dirty, masturbating and fingering his anus, thoughts of Miss smiling driving him on. he had done a good job, taking himself right to the edge as he dipped his fingers in his ass. he was her dirty whore bitch, her slave and it felt so good, so good.

A tear wells up and drops from under his blindfold. It trails down over his chest, past his tormented nipples, over his belly down to te base of his slave cock, then trickles teasingly to his shaven balls like an evil caress. This time he thrusts electrified and moans as he is overwhelmed yet again by sensations.

A soft knock on the door. "Clean your room, Sir?", a female voice asks.

Quickly he shouts "not yet please, I'm not decent!"
"Thank you, Sir", the voice answers and footsteps move away.
he tries to calm down his racing heart. Stupid, stupid, stupid! he should have left the Do Not Disturb sign on the door!

he calculates his options. Get up and put the sign out? In his current condition? And what if Miss arrives while he is not in his place? he knows that her punishments are severe.

"Slap your balls, bitch"

"Again, harder this time"


he slapped and slapped as She watched him on cam. She giggled as he almost doubled up under the hard slaps to his balls. She also noticed that her giggles caused his cock to swell even as his pain was evident.

"Sit up straight, you dirty whore, I want to see your balls", She admonished and smiled when She saw his tears.


he moaned in pain as She put him through another barrage of painful slaps.

"bitch, either you are silent or you moan like a little girl... you're not a man anymore"

his cock swelled at the notion and Her giggles while he tried to be silent delivering punishing blow after blow to his balls.


She smiled. he was now making little squeaking noises, and would probably not last much longer...

"bitch, just so you know: I'm just getting started..." She breathed into the microphone and laughed at his immediate hardness and desperation.

he could not see Her, only hear Her voice. Her voice was now his leash, he would follow where She directed him. Suddenly She made him stop.

"Why are you being punished, you little sissy?", She asked.

"Because i should always show my face on humiliation picture, Miss", he sobbed.

"And why is that, bitch?", She stressed bitch, feeding his humiliation.

"Because i am your~owned sissy slut, Miss, and i must be clearly recognizable...", his voice trailed in despair.

She laughed.

"Edge for your Miss, slut...", She ordered, "do a nasty edge and tell Me what you are..."

slave shudders and decides to stay kneeling where he is. She must be close now, and he will just have to pay attention to the door.

Voices, discussions, laung, he hears it come and go. he waits and waits. She will come and he'll be Hers.


he sits up and listens. High Heels... She told him She'd be wearing High Heels for the occasion. The pair he'd bought Her.


It is closer now. It must be Her! he can feel Her presence, and his cock throbs harder than ever! Miss Emi, oh please let it be Miss!

The door opens with a slight creak. Someone comes in, he smells sweet elegant perfume.

The door closes.

"Hello slut, missed Me?", Her voice tinkles, and he struggles to not crawl to that Voice.

"I see you did not put up a Do Not Disturb sign... you will do so now while I freshen up", She grins and walks to the bathroom.

"Then, we should have an appropriate punishment for you!", She calls from the bathroom
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By Sockratease on 04-20-2013, 08:01 AM
Default Re: Worship part 1

Nice story. Thanks for sharing it.

I took the liberty of moving the thread out of Susan Strict's section. We reserved that area for her stuff.

Hope this is OK with you. I could put it in the Tease and Denial Stories category if you prefer.
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By chasteslave241 on 04-20-2013, 01:59 PM
Default Re: Worship part 1

Thanks Socratease,

As you see I'm still trying to find my way here. Thanks for moving the story to a more appropriate place.


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