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My First Wonderful Domination
My First Wonderful Domination
High school freshman, me, gets sexually dominated by an 18 year old senior girl
Published by Jmasterson
Exclamation My First Wonderful Domination

My First Wonderful Domination

Hey what's up everyone, my name is Jmasterson (I go by John sometimes in real life but that's not very important). A little while ago people asking me on Collatme.com (my screen name there is jmasterson, feel free to check out my profile) led to me sitting back and recalling in as much detail as possible about my first time getting dominated, and recording it in detail my hot first time with a girl, which happened to be my first time getting facesat and dominated in other ways as well. For perspective, I am 24 now and wrote about my first time which was when I was a still growing freshman in highschool at 14. This is my first time writing "erotica" and I thought I would seek some feedback, I've had very positive reviews so far.

I first discovered the amazing world of domination and submission, along with the touch of a naked girl, when I was around 14, when I used to hang out with a friend of my older brother's girlfriend (her name was Cindy, she was around a lot actually because she got a ride home from school with Carmen, my brother's GF, so Carmen would come to our house first many days after school). Carmen, Cindy and my brother Travis were all 18 when I was 14 and a freshman, maybe this and what I'm about to tell you is what gave me such a fetish for being sexually teased and dominated by an older, larger woman, since I was still pretty short at 14 but I lifted weights so I was pretty cut for my age, I had the foundations of the pecs I do now and a six pack, and by then my ass was round and stuck out like it does now. Anyway me and Cindy would chill together while my brother and Carmen had some "private time" for a couple hours before my parents got home from work. I used to kind of tease her and flirt with her, acting kind of smug (although she was hot she was one of those dance/drama theatre kids and I was one of the "popular/in crowd" kids in my grade so I used to mess with her pointing out ways that she wasn't cool. I would also make overtly sexual comments like talking about how I was going to jack off and be back in 10 minutes or messing around and telling my brother in front of her that Cindy was always hitting on me when he wasn't around, she seems like a child molester haha. On the inside though I badly wanted this "uncool" girl; she was the first I had been close to who was tall, about 6ft, muscular from dancing but she was also thick, it was like if she didn't exercise and dance she would have been thick and chubby but since she did work out she was thick and muscular, just with curvey thick padding over her muscles. Her ass was huge (especially considering that I was a freshman and used to seeing girls my age... She was an 18 year old woman with an ass that today I would still think was amazingly curvey and big). She had nice boobs too that were bigger than most girls but they were in proportion with her tall body. I guess she felt kind of awkward and thought most guys were turned off by her size; she had never had a boyfriend and didn't talk to guys much. Except me because she had to be around me haha.

Now to the point: me and her were watching the Janes Bond Goldeneye movie, the one with the villainess Xenia who gets off by squeezing men to death while she is obviously having something of an orgasm. When I first saw that first scene with her doing that, I was so turned on I started shaking. I was watching the movie with Cindy and she made a joke about getting rid of me that way if I ever tried anything (although at the time and looking back I knew she lusted after me but was too shy and proud to admit it, the way older high school girls are about younger guys... I got off on the idea of it and would always go around shirtless when she was over and even just wear my boxers... I would also work out while we watched tv because I knew it made my muscles temporarily bigger and I loved catching her watching when she thought I wasn't looking. I got off the most from knowing my ass was making her horny... One time when I was feeling real bold I wore only tight boxer briefs around her while doing squats as we watched tv... She made a light protest at first but then stopped once I started working out, sticking my big ass out so she got a perfect profil view of its curves while I lowered myself down to the floor and back up), but instead of bantering back with her I was transfixed on what I had just seen and how it turned me on more than any of the "vanilla" stuff I had ever seen. I was wearing a short, tight pair of gym shorts that day with no underwear, and I was aware that I had the most intense boner ever and it was making a tent in my shorts. I couldent help myself and I used my forearm to rub my dick, pretending to scratch my leg.

I remember a period of silence and me saying "god that was so hot" in an unusually serious and quiet voice. She looked at me differently than she had before, and got up and shut the door. As I later learned she was a very sexually dominant girl, but she had been too timid to ever try any of it with a guy. She looked like she was intensely aroused too as she walked over to me with her hands on her hips and said "Why was that so hot? I know you watch porn and people having sex already" and I just said awkwardly "it's just so backwards... A woman hurting a man, even killing him during sex, and her getting so much intense pleasure from it... And the man loving getting HURT, that's backwards, well liking it until he can't breath and is passing out anyway." And here is the funny part: I asked "is that one of the meanings of 'safe sex'? Does everyone want to do that on the inside but they would get carried away and someone would get hurt or killed like in the movie? I can see now why people would want to have unsafe sex. I would love it, I just never knew what it was before.". She laughed and licked her lips, now she was breathing hard in anticipation and the arousal of learning that she had found a guy who she already wanted but more importantly would likely let her dominate him, and the arousal of letting herself to sexually for the first time. She said "no that's not what it means, it means not using condoms or birth control. But that's cute how your perverted mind thought that... See there are people who want to dominate and people who want to get dominated, and they love it more than even sex. It's the horn dogs like you that want to get crushed and hurt by a girl. And the sexy girls who take advantage of them and take out all of their inappropriate secret desires to sexually crush a boy on them." I was getting the hint by now, and was thrown off balance by my new awe for her as one of these awesome but dangerous females who could turn me on so hard I felt like I was living in a dream. I moved my arm to let her see my hard cock rising up in my pants, I remember pushing it up a little so that the shorts were real tight around it and she could see the outline of its head. I said "you're like that lady in the movie aren't you? Fuck it, I don't care what people would say, I know I'm like the guy who wants to be... Crushed to pleasure the girl." She stretched out with her ass in the air on the couch beside me, and said "You cocky little boy you think you deserve getting that kind of pleasure from me? You won't be able to handle it. But I have wanted to teach you a lesson for a long time, and I will say that I have badly wanted to abuse a guy for a long time, so I'm going to abuse you and just laugh when you get more pleasure... Or pain... than you can handle. Once I start and get horny I'm just like her [Xenia from Goldeneye], nothing could stop me." I said "oh fuck yeah Cindy this is gonna be so awesome" and she stuck out her ass rudely in my face and said "You think I care about you? Kiss my ass!" in an angry voice.

I did an instinctive sexual growl and lunged at her ass like a man dying of thirst lunges at water. I didn't just kiss her ass (which at my small size each cheek was almost as wide as my shoulders), I smooched it, mouthed it (like how you give someone a hickey), licked it and rubbed my horny as hell 14 year old face over every inch of her dance tights covered ass. She laughed and growled and said "you are really asking for it little boy, being so intense with me and getting me so hot. Most guys who had at least a scrap of dignity would never kiss a girls ass, much less be gross and go wild taking the word "kiss" to another level like you. But I knew a gross, dirty freshman perv like you who wants to be abused by women could get addicted to kissing my ass like a pathetic loser". I could tell talking dirty and degradingly to me was turning her on, and i tried to express this new red hot feeling inside me by saying "I'm such a dirty little slut boy. I wouldent stop kissing your ass for anything in the world, even if my parents walked in. And just so you know kissing your ass makes it so I can't stop stroking my dick with my hand for anything in the world either". She let let out a moan and a "yes! Yes!" And then stood up and ripped off her pants and I moaned "oh god..." And she bent over and started moving her ass like a stripper, And looked behind at me and slapped my face as I tried to lunge my face into her butt crack and said "let go of your penis right now or I'll stop (I didn't let go I kept pumping)... That's it, I'm walking out of here!" And I stopped and said "no! I've stopped I've stopped! Please, let me get inside your crack! (Again, being small like I was the act of pushing my face between her deep butt cheeks seemed like I was literally going inside her ass) I'll be more pathetic than before, I want to be! You make me into a fucking loser who actually licks your butt crack! (The novelty of such a gross but hot act really turned me on, and I think it turned her on too). She let out "I never would have thought you could be this fun" but then resumed her dominant act and slapped my face hard and said "bad dog! If bad dog tries to smell mommy's huge ass with his small little face mommy is going to hurt the bad dog for being so dirty. And it's too much pleasure for someone your age haha."

She took off her shirt and started moving and jutting out her ass like a stripper, drawing my face to it like a magnet while she fingered herself, but she was watching and moved away when I would lunged forward and slapped me really hard each time I tried. I said "this is crazy I could love even just being slapped by you all day" and she growled and said "oh you are so filling my head with the aweful things I'm going to do to you... Big mistake letting me know how much you love abuse, I'm gonna take it to the next level. But for now stroke it for me again, jack off to me fucking hurting your little face, a big fantasy of mine." Which I gladly did and she spun around and slapped me over and over while grinding her pussy on my thigh saying "bad BOY! Bad BOY! That's it, stroke for me! Harder! If you slow down ill fucking bust you across the head so hard!" Now I wanted to slow down, cause I wanted to save my cum, but she really did reach her arm way back and pounded me when I took my hand off it, this gave me a big cut under my eye that I had to explain later, and her audacity at doing that to me while pleasuring herself with on my thigh made my dick rigid and throbbing, and only a little later I started to shoot out a fountain of cum that was hitter her boobs full power and she kept slapping with one hand and pulled the other back to finger herself and she said "YES YES YES!!! Cover me in your boy juice (I still remember her choice of words there haha)!" As I finished cumming I learned what it was like when a girl cums: she started shaking and yelling and to my surprise I felt a slimy liquid flowing down from her pussy onto my leg.

Cumming might have given pause to older people, but not to two raging teenagers drunk and intoxicated by discovering their true sexual desires. She saw that I was still hard and said "wow John! They said in class guys can't stay hard after cumming! I must be having quite the effect on you" as she turned to jiggle her ass closer and closer to my dick, and I lost control and pulled her heavy (compared to me) body back and pulled her ass down onto my once again rigid cock. She grinded on it with her ass for a while and laughed when I started moaning "fuck yeah! Your ass is so powerful it's like it's magic, I want to be crushed by it, I want to be its slave!"

She dug her nails into my thigh muscles, which I was flexing to impress her, and raked them over and over up my leg. She started grinding my cock with her pussy too after she said "I'm making your pretty little boy legs bleed! Ohh I'm such an evil monster, and your cock makes you let me abuse so hard you bleed!". I knew my legs were burning and felt like she was really fucking them up with her long nails. It was like she was angry at the lust my thigh muscles gave her and had given her in the past when I rudely went around and exercised in my underwear around her; it demeaned her to feel that horny about a cocky freshman boy's body, so now she was both finally expressing her lust and angrily punishing the source of it, especially since I had the nerve to make her burn even hotter inside by flexing them. I got turned on to a higher level (hard to believe that was possible) and got that intense arousing feeling of things going too far like I first got from goldeneye (which was still playing in the background) when she turned around with she turned around half way with a hand covered in blood from my legs and lustfully stroked my pec muscles, leaving a wide trail of blood across my chest (her big body was blocking my view of my legs so while I knew she was going wild ravaging them I hadn't thought she would take it that far). She said " what, are you scared bitch?" And I said "yes but don't stop, fuck me up all over as hard as you want, DO WHATEVER YOU WANT TO HURT ME!!" She so sexily raised turned up her head in pleasure, looking at the ceiling and half yelled half growled another primal "yes! Grrrr yes!" As she shook her head wildly in lust and intoxication from what I would later know as "Dom space" (and I was certainly in sub space) and raked my legs more and more.

I couldent take not tasting her ass any longer, but I also got an idea on how she could literally crush me with her ass better. I said "fuck I want you to literally crush my head with your giant ass... Here I'm moving my head from the couch to rest against the hard wall, god I'm an idiot for doing this you could really fuck me up in this position" (a little reverse psychology but it was true... For the first time I moved to sit on the top of the couch, and she stood on the seat of the couch and bent over, lining her ass up with my head, which was against the drywall). She no longer had the self control to tease me while denying herself what she wanted; she said "taste my ass crack! Ohhh yeah you're such a proud 'cool kid' aren't you, badly wanting to lick a girls ass crack! Lick it deep or else!" And I finally like a wild feral child kissed and rubbed my cheeks and nose all over her big ass, while she started thrusting her ass back harder and harder, bumping the back of my head into the wall each time. When I nuzzled my way inside and instinctively (and embarrassingly) took a huge vacuum style smell of her ass, she cackled an evil sadistic laugh and said she was going to tell everyone at school that I craved the smell of buttcracks. I started licking, and with my head wedged firmly into her ass so that she had a solid grip on it she sexily wiggled her ass and my face around, and would then growl and shove my head into the wall and force my nose farther into her ass.

She must have seen "femdom" porn before to have her next idea: she noticed me breathing hard when she would let up after crushing my head into the wall, and quoted the line from goldeneye that the guy being squeezed and killed by Xenia says: "Xenia, I can't breathe!" She said mockingly and went from using all her leg strength to push her ass into my face and the wall for longer and longer periods of time to stretches of using her ass to rapidly bash my head into the wall. This changed things from hurting the back of my head to when she went fast smashing my face with her strong ass. I've always been prone to nosebleeds, even random ones, so it was no surprise that this quickly sent blood gushing out of my nose. She loved that when she saw the stream of blood flowing down over my lean six pack, and fondled my abbs and smeared the blood all around them saying "ohh YES! you're getting devistate by me, you wimp! I knew you couldent handle this!" It hurt, but I loved it all. I said "for this feeling you and your ass are giving me I wouldn't care if you broke my nose." Once when my head slipped out from behind her ass, you would think I would have rested for a break from the poundings and smothers but I moved to lodge my head right back where it belonged. She taunted me saying "look how fast I've turned you into an abuse addict haha! You couldent take one second away from being crushed by me!" When she pushed back full strength on my small head with her giant ass, her ass gobbled up even more of my face so much that her ass cheeks touched the wall. She was continuing to devistate my thighs, and laughed her evil laugh and said "I'm going to give you something you're going to have to explain to your parents hahaha" and did a deliberate slow scratch up my legs again, then fondled my thighs some saying "Mmm so young and sexy... I'm so bad" and then showed me the blood covered palms of her hands, and then gave each ass cheek a big bloody handprint. She then grunted and SMASHED my her ass and my head into the wall and held me there, and then moved her ass and my head with it back and forth along the wall, smearing my blood all over my parents nice white walls. Her smothering started to get long enough to panic me, and I would tap her legs to show her that I needed air, but that would just make her push harder and finger herself.u

After who knows how long of that painful pleasure, she pushed me down to lay on the couch with her sitting on top of me, on my dick. She whipped clean my bloody face from my nose bleed and my body with my shirt which was laying beside the couch. I saw her looking up and down lustfully at me and I felt more like myself, turning her on. But I was also lust crazed by this point and badly needed release. I think she did too, and she wanted to take advantage of having a good looking guy under her, even a kind of short freshman, whom it had just been established that she could do whatever she wanted with. She stroked my hard cock slowly, and said "wanna be my sex slave haha? Good, cause I need feel that penis of yours inside me." Being the young guy I was, I felt afraid that I would get her pregnant, and said that, but she just grabbed my lips and held them shut and said that's what pulling out and the day after pill is for. She also said it made her hot thinking that she could scare a cutie little boy like me by fucking him. And oh we did fuck, although we had to take breaks for my cock not to burst. Her on top and reverse cow girl, hard and primal. I was in heaven, losing my virginity at only 14! Finally I wiggled a little out from under her pussy and ass when I knew I was about to burst, and busted all over her ass... There was something quite gratifying about seeing my cum soak her ass and drip down through her crack. She sluttily rubbed it off onto her hands and said "finish me now! Fast!" and lowered herself onto my face and it did not take much of my even inexperienced licking to finish her at that point. I saw her licking my cum off her hands and rubbing it on her face when she first lowered herself down on me.

We layed there for some stunned minutes of silence before scrambling to get dressed when we heard the sound of the garage door opening and my parents arriving home. Carmen quickly came down stairs (her 'business' with my brother now finished), and the two girls left, leaving me to have to invent a lie about getting into a fight with a friend to explain the blood and as it would turn out head sized small dents in the wall above the couch.

That was how I discovered the world of domination and submission, and I was quickly hooked. Unfortunately with Cindy remaining kinda shy and trying to maintain her girly pride of not 'putting' out to younger guys we did not get to... Have fun as often as I would have liked, and it was not long before the year ended and she graduated and went off to college. But I'll never forget the epitomy of lust, pleasure, and the wonderful intoxicating feeling of being sexually dominated and knowing the person is getting off both to dominating you, and the knowledge of the effect their domination has on you (ie. in my case rocking my world).
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