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Indian Femdom Story
Indian Femdom Story
Published by s10dulkar
Default Indian Femdom Story

Priyanka roy is an atheletic indian girl with a perfect body and always had a bitchy smile on her face...
She is 18 and just passed 12 th grade...Her mother was a famous politician preeti roy..age 40....

Her cousin ritesh was 21 and just graduated....He had come over to their house to ask preeti if she could somehow managed to arrange a job for him.... Preeti could have done it easily if she wanted but she wasn't that kind..She told him to stay at their house till she finds a suitable job for him..

It was 5 a.m. in the morning.."Ritesh,where are you saale.." priyanka shouted from her bed sleepily....Ritesh was sleeping too..but he woke up hearing her voice....He asked him why she had called him... "Oh,make some coffe for me before i finish brushing.." with that she woke up went to brush her teeth...Ritesh was left puzzled...She was treating him as if He was her servant...But he decided just to make some coffe for her and then get back to sleep again..he made her some coffee and offered her the coffee... She sat down on the sofa and started sipping her coffee...Ritesh turned around and was leaving the room....But he was stopped by priyanka...."hey Ritesh,where do you think you're going??"priyanka said a bit sternly.. "I am going to sleep", Ritesh said in an irritated tone....although he always thought she was sexy and hot,he never really liked her because of her attitude...

"what's with that irritated tone of yours, twerp", priyanka said a bit angrily..."i said i am going to sleep",ritesh wanted to avoid quarreling with her..so he lowered his voice.. "Well i don't want you sleep" priyanka said with a smirk and placed her legs on the stool... "who are you to decide that?" Ritesh said a bit angrily.."You're staying at my house without paying any money...and also you need my mother's help for getting a job,so you should better please me by obeying me",priyanka said confidently... "like hell i would",ritesh turned around to leave the room... But before he could get to the door,he was stoped by priyanka... She had got him in a tight hold....She had pinned his hands towards his back and her knee was resting on his back... "Now cousin bro,you're no match for me..so just surrender and do whatever i say..or else I'll rip you apart in two.." She said with a smirk... Ritesh tried to get himself free from her hold,,But she was stronger than him..his back and hands were starting to pain.."i'll never do that" he said agrily while groaning in pain...priyanka increased the pressure of her knees and said,"Be my slave ,or else am gonna show you hell ".."Just get off me",ritesh said now screaming in pain...She let go of him and said,"Ok ,i let go of you ,now just be my slave and i'll hurt you less..."... "No,never" Ritesh tried to run once again,,,,..but she caught him again and this time pinned him down on the ground and sat on top of him..."say me priiyanka didi ka kutta hu,then i'll let you go,may be" ,priyanka said victoriously... "No...i would never say that..besides i am older than you",Ritesh was still resisting... Priyanka started slaping him hard..His cheeks started to turn red.."I am gonna keep slapping your face till you surrender and kiss my feet to show your devotion",priyanka was having fun slapping him...her slaps were getting harder and harder...Ritesh felt like he face was gonna crack from her slaps..But still it was impossible for him to obey what she was saying..But her slaps were getting unbrearable...the pain was over powering him...he decided to surrender for then and think about a solution later...

"ok ok,i'll do what you say,please leave me.."ritesh pleaded...Priyanka smirked,"Now,that's better..but not yet good enough..plead properly.."..."big sis,please leave me",ritesh said politely..."ha ha,are you ever gonna speak in a high tone with me again?" .."No didi.." ritesh said helplessly.."he he,good ..now say you're my dog.." priyanka was having fun with him...Ritesh hesitated a bit which was rewarded by a hard slap on his left cheek.."hurry up!!"periyanka said slapping him once again.."M priyanka sis's doggie",ritesh said looking away from her..."hm..not good enough..say looking into my eyes",she was really enjoying it..."M priyanka ma'm's slave",he said looking into her eyes and tears started to fall from from his eyes from shame...."ha ha ha",priyanka laughed at him and mocked him,"aw but you don't have a tail doggie..."..All ritesh could do was look away from her and shed tears of shame.."Now then,kiss my feet!!fast" priyanka brought her feet near his face...Ritesh knew he had no other choice..he wished he had never come to their house...He lightly kissed her feet and moved him face away,,...''Not enought,,,kiss my feet 100 times",priyanka said smirking... Ritesh was really broken now..."please priyanka...please...i can't do it..please make me do something else..i can't do it..."
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By s10dulkar on 09-25-2012, 01:00 PM
Default Re: Indian Femdom Story

let me know if you like the story i will post more from Indian Femdom
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By spolverone on 11-09-2012, 09:02 AM
Default Re: Indian Femdom Story

please continue
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