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The Edge of Reason
The Edge of Reason
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Cool The Edge of Reason

Note: my poor memory is a curse, for both me & you! I hope the order of events is still true to the spirit of the story if not the letter. Onto the story:

I had almost decided not to go the play party. I felt like I wouldn't have a good time; I had just ended an online D/s relationship. But when my friend contacted me & said he'd pick me up 1 hour before it started I thought I would feel better by then & I wanted to help with the tear down afterwards. I decided also to cut my hair short after the party. We got there with 20 minutes to spare & I mingled with the crowd outside until they let us in a little early. As I walked about inside I tried to spot acquaintances that I may not spoken to in a while. And then I saw an elegantly dressed lady sitting alone near the bar (non-alcoholic drinks only). She smiled: I approached & introduced myself--which is somewhat out of character for me--& she reciprocated. She said she was Ms .... The conversation got around to discussing our respective dominant & submissive natures. I felt comfortable enough to ask her if she was doing a session with anyone. She said that she wasn't, & that she'd had a birthday recently & hadn't administered her birthday spankings to anyone yet. I offered, of course, to receive her birthday spankings, willingly, & she accepted my offer.

She stated that she would be pleased if I would get her some tortillas & salsa; I happily obliged. After also getting her a soda pop with a little ice we signed up for a play station: the spanking bench. She now declared that she would like to ask some questions beforehand & negotiate with me about our session. She walked over to a chair & had me kneel in front of her. After giving my answers to her preliminary inquiries, she asked if I was OK with this or that kind of play. Knife play did make me a little nervous since I had never tried that before & it seemed like something I might not like. She ordered that when she was spanking me for her birthday spankings I would count out loud. If I stopped counting before her age, I would receive a punishment. If I stopped at her age, there would be no punishment. But if I stopped after her age, I would not be able to see her ever again! Somehow, through strength I did not know I possessed, I remained calm. We ended the negotiation & I went to the Mens' room to make sure that my bladder wouldn't prompt me to say "Yellow" or "Red."

She decided to make use of the Ladies' room & I tried to move to the entrance of the play area which was unusually packed with spectators. The couple using the spanking bench had finished but when we approached the entranceway to begin our session we both noticed that only the next couple's names remained on the whiteboard! After some profuse apologies from the gatekeeper we decided to wait for the fire play session on the massage table to end. Mistress though didn't like to use a massage table & I asked if she'd rather use the spanking bench; she stated that she would. I went up to the gatekeeper of the play area & told him that we'd wait for the current couple to finish with the bench. This gave me a chance to socialize & I talked with a submissive friend who encouraged me to give knife play a try. I spoke with Mistress again & said that I would be OK with knife play.

The couple using the bench finished first (as Mistress had predicted) while the play on the massage table was continuing (with a new participant) I carried her bags to the play area & we began to prepare. She showed me her implements & also asked if I had ever had been electrically shocked. I said that I hadn't & she tried it on me & I said it was OK. She then told me to place her implements on a chair I had gotten from the gallery earlier as ordered. She ordered me to strip & I placed my clothes under the chair as she told me. She cuffed my wrists with leather straps & had me kneel & lay down on the bench while she restrained me in place by my wrists. Mistress said she would to start with a warm-up & began to administer some strokes. If it was the small flogger that she was using on me, it was more painful that it had looked to me. She also stated that I mark nicely too--above average she informed me later.

She began to spank me & I said, "One." Mistress stopped & said that she hadn't ordered me to start counting. I hadn't wanted to risk not beginning the count & be punished for not doing so. She grabbed the electric shocker & used it several times on my ass & the back of my thighs. After completing her warm-up she said it was time to administer her birthday spankings. She began.

"One," I counted before the next strike.

"Two," I replied.

"Three," I continued.


"Seven, Eight," I quickly said as she changed the tempo for the eighth strike.


I had thought I would stop counting at twenty-five strokes & take whatever punishment Mistress thought I deserved. But I did not want be so blatant in wanting to be punished over wanting to be a worthy sub. As the stroke count rose I wanted to stop at a number I thought was safe, but for some reason I went one further than that. I can't explain why I did. By the tone of Mistress's voice I knew that I wasn't to receive banishment as she said that I wasn't to receive punishment! She did take out a pair of toys that when she hit me with them with all her strength they hardly made any impression on me. We both got a good chuckle from that, then it was back to more pain. She hit me with a single-tail & with a cane on my calves & the back of my thighs. It brought up welts on right leg that have lasted 7 days to this point.

Mistress also used a Wartenberg pinwheel on my back causing me to squirm quite a bit. My friends say that it looked like she would cut me open: it didn't, but it did leave interesting tracks for a night. Mistress began to grab my hair & pull me up. I loved the tone of her voice & I couldn't contain how much I liked what she was doing to me! I had found another favorite activity. Nearing the end of my time on the bench she began to use a knife on me. It felt so relaxing that I was happy that I had changed my mind & said OK.

She undid my hands at the end & had me kneel before. She slapped my face & choked me for a while. We exchanged some words & then she remembered that she hadn't pulled on my nipples! Luckily for me she didn't pull on them too long! I was very thankful for it all & rose after Mistress had completed. I dressed & we went back to our seats.

For the rest of the night I socialized while making sure that Mistress's wishes were fulfilled. The most satisfying service for me was being ordered to massage Mistress's feet. I removed each boot carefully before carefully massaging her toes, soles, &c. I increased the pressure on her foot at her request. One of my submissive, female friends said to me that she could switch to being dominant in order to receive such service.

Mistress asked me if I would be willing to assist her with her housework & I said that I was very interested in doing so! I couldn't wait to repay her trust in me.

P.S. I received an email saying that this post had to ready before arriving at her place. I wonder what biting feels like?

P.P.S. There was no biting but there was an interesting development!
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By Alexsbix on 01-29-2019, 07:21 AM
Default 1 Like us to Bumble, that I 4

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By Alexsbix on 01-29-2019, 11:13 AM
Default 6 Schedule (v) enter, We are all 3

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By Alexsbix on 01-30-2019, 03:20 AM
Default 4 Woman rise of b. Inverness 10 2

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By Alexsbix on 01-30-2019, 08:49 AM
Default 8 Services are Sunday IF GOD SENT 1

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caning, discipline, paddling, play party, s&m

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