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Lesbians' Latrine
Lesbians' Latrine
Published by slave_doggy
Post Lesbians' Latrine

Being the slave of two lesbian mistresses, I can give you a first hand account on the wickedness of women. My owners are two gorgeous goddesses, and their beauty is only exceeded by their cruelty to me. They locked me in this chastity device four weeks ago, and have held on to the key ever since. Most of the time, they seem oblivious to my torture. A torture that becomes close to unbearable when I am to serve as their human towel rack when they take a shower together. Or when I’m told to lie absolutely still while they relax in the couch on top of me.

But these are still nothing compared to the other humiliations they like to inflict on their male servant. For example, I get fed once a day, lapping up stale water and eating scraps from the dinner table in a dog bowl. I have learned not to complain, even though a nauseating odour might accompany the mess of cold lasagna, half-eaten sandwiches and mushy cereal topped with salad dressing and spats of yoghurt. This is the sort of meal I receive when I’m deemed to be a good slave. When my mistresses are displeased with me however I’m even denied this dog bowl dinner for the day. In the mean time, different kinds of leftovers keep piling up to make an ever more sticky and smelly goo. My humiliation is complete when I’m eventually allowed to guzzle it down three days later, a naked chastised miserable eating cold garbage at their high-heeled feet.

And starvation is usually only but a small part of my discomfort. I remember full well the first time I slipped up, and the girls really wanted to teach me a lesson. They had laid down some clear ground rules right from the start: only speak when spoken to and always respectfully address my owners with mistress. When they came home from work, I think it was on the first Friday already, they discovered I forgot to wash their lingerie as I was told that morning. Bad enough as that was, when mistress Vanessa called out to mistress Jessica “goddamned, that little bitch didn’t do our washing”, I was a little too quick to reply “shit, sorry, I totally forgot”. Mistress Vanessa’s eyes lit up with fire, and I knew I was in for some bad weather. She walked over to me and slapped me across the face with such venom that my cheeks must have been glowing red. “What did you say?” she hissed. “You only speak when spoken to, you little worm! And when you do, you address us properly as “mistress”, not as “shit”! Oh, I promise you you are going to be even sorrier now, bitch.”

And with that she pulled on my leash, making me follow her on all fours. The leash in itself was also a deviant device dreamt up in their perversely wicked imaginations. Already being locked in chastity, I had a rope tied firmly around my balls as well. This went between my legs and over my back to a ring in my dog collar. So whenever they yanked at the leash, my balls were pulled back and painfully disconnected from my encased penis. If nothing else, this ensured I followed them without hesitation like a good puppy dog.

This time, I was ordered to follow them into the bathroom and to get on my knees right next to the toilet. Mistress Jessica stood in front of me, dominantly putting her hands on her hips and basically informing the accused of his sentence. “You know what we’re going to do?” she said. “We’re going to gag that filthy little mouth of yours. And hopefully then you’ll learn the difference between words like shit and mistress!”
“I’m really, really sorry, mistress Jessica. I promise I won’t do it again,” I tried whimpering.
But she cut me off with a sharp “No, I promise you you won’t do it again! Now just shut up, slave.”

She pulled down her tight leather pants and sat down on the toilet seat. “Kiss my feet while I take a shit,” she ordered, and I quickly complied. She further “encouraged” me by casually pulling the cord dangling between my legs, forcing my ass up and my face down. I almost cried from humiliation, licking Jessica’s shiny boots with Vanessa looking on, my balls strung up in the air, hearing the muffled sounds of liquid and logs filling the toilet bowl next to me. When Jessica was finally finished, she wiped her ass and smiled to Vanessa.
“Your turn, honey.”

I was getting ready to give her the same honours, but mistress Vanessa ordered me to lie flat on my back on the bathroom floor instead. Next thing I knew she was squatting over my face and I was looking up at her gorgeous asshole.
“If you ever want to have that thing between your legs unlocked again, you better do exactly as I say,” she said. “You’re going to open that badmouthing hole of yours for me to shit in. That’s right. And you’re going to keep everything right there in your mouth until told otherwise. You understand that, bitch?”
My body and mind wanted to protest, but somehow I managed to stammer “Yes mistress”.

And that’s when she simply relieved herself on my face, letting my mouth fill up completely with her creamy crap, vaguely reminiscent of what must have been chinese food. She wiped her ass on my nose, before pulling up her pants again and looking down on her messy work of art. I had been totally focused on catching everything as it slithered from her ass, so I hadn’t noticed Jessica stepping out for a moment to get a roll of duct tape. Vanessa took it and – to my horror – taped my mouth shut with her shit still inside.

“There,” she said with a devilish smile. “I think we can safely say no shit will escape his mouth now anytime soon.”
They both laughed, as my eyes pleaded helplessly for mercy. The taste and feel of her shit was making me sick. But I knew I had to brave through this.

Jessica now walked over to me and ordered me back on all fours, leading me back to the unflushed toilet bowl.
“Now get your head in there.. so you can enjoy both our wonderful aromas.”
They both laughed with perverse delight again, evidently pleased with inventing such a fitting punishment.
Reluctantly I put my head in the toilet, encountering a smell even worse than death. Stuck in these witches’ cauldron, I was in a very special kind of hell now. My mouth filled with Vanessa’s bowel kaviar, breathing heavily through my nose and taking in the full foul scent of Jessica’s sloppy shitbergs bobbing in urine inches away from my face.

Next thing I know, my hands are tied behind the bassin, the lid is lowered on my head and the noose around my balls is tied brutally tight to a ring in the wall above me. So backing up out of my predicament would now mean ripping my balls clean off. While I was making desperate pleading sounds, mistress Vanessa addressed me one last time before she turned off the light and they both walked out.

“We’re going out for a movie now, slave. Don’t wait up for us, we might also go for a drink afterwards. And what do you say we have ourselves a nice sleep-in tomorrow, Jessica dear?”

They both giggled at that, as the door closed and the sound of their high heels on the linoleum became fainter and fainter...
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By Sauur on 02-06-2010, 11:11 AM
Default Re: Lesbians' Latrine

Great story! Please continue!
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By usefulmale on 04-27-2010, 12:25 PM
Default Re: Lesbians' Latrine

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By elslav on 06-04-2011, 01:56 PM
Default Re: Lesbians' Latrine

Wonderful storie
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