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Lonely Old Man
Lonely Old Man
Published by humiliation boy
Default Lonely Old Man

I am finding my happiness again. I was so sad and lonely for so very long. I now have a little glimmer of hope and i have found my true place. This is my story up to this point.
I am a divorced male in my early fifties. I was married for just more than twenty years. I was very happy being married but she wasn't. I must have worked to many hours and she grew apart from me, at least that is what i tell people who ask. The truth is she cheated on me from day one.
Within a few months of getting married i found out that she was having an affair. The other mans wife called and told me, i followed her the next day and i saw her meet the other guy at a cheap hotel.
I should have left her then but i thought i loved her. I decided to confront her but i was a chicken. I never did it, i just pretended that there wasn't anything going on. Time passed and sometimes she was attentive to me and other times she was distant and made excuses to leave the house.
Soon she was pregnant and our first daughter was born. Over the next couple of years we had two more girls. Me, my wife and our three little girls. I thought that we were finally a happy family. Then it happened, my middle daughter had a medical problem and when i went to take the tests to see if i was a match the doctors called me aside and told me that according to the dna test i wasn't related to my daughter.
I had dna tests done on my other daughters and i wasn't the father of any of them. I was devastated and i turned to the bottle. I spent the next couple of years drowning my feelings. My wife had left me after the dna tests and she disapeared off of the map.
One morning i woke up in a tiny run down apartment, my head hurt from to much booze, unemployed, broke, and no future. I thought about jumping off a bridge but i was to chicken to even do that. I threw away all of my booze and i dried out. As my health improved i was able to get a good job and things were soon looking up.
Within a year of going sober i was back on my game and i had many promotions at work. I had everything if you saw me, but inside i was still broken. I was unable to find my wife and i have not heard anything of my kids, i still think of them that way, even though when they found out that i wasn't their real dad they grew distant from me.
One night i was messing around on the computer and looking at adult dating sites. I saw an ad from a youngish lady, twenty years my junior. Her ad stated that she was looking for an older man who was well off and that liked younger ladies. Her picture was beautiful. I sent her an email and soon we began exchanging emails.
She told me about herself and i told her about me. We agreed to meet and i made plans at a nice restaurant. We met there and she looked exactly like her pictures, she was even more beautiful in real life.
Over dinner i realized that i was falling for her. She told me that she liked older men because they did what they were told. as we talked she laid down some rules. First she would investigate me to see if i was financially secure, if i was honest, and if i was trainable.
I wasn't exactly sure what she meant but i was smitten and agreed to her rules. We agreed that she would come to my house the next day and she would inspect my books.
We met and she said that she was pleased with what she saw. I passed the financial test. She then ran a background test on me and i came out fine on that. She asked me all kinds of questions which i answered truthfully. I passed that teas.
She told me that she wanted to do the final test at her house which i agreed to do. We met the following Saturday. I showed up at noon as she had asked me to do. She greeted me at the door wearing a tight leather skirt, a red top with a black vest and the kicker was that she wore thigh high leather boots. She was stunningly beautiful.
She ask if i liked what i saw and i said that i did. She asked if i ever wanted to see her dressed that way again. well i am no dummy and i said yes, i most certainly would like that. She then told me that she was going to be the dominant force in our relationship. She said that from now on i was to refer to her as Mistress.
I heard myself saying yes Mistress. She then had me remove my clothing and drop to my knees. She said my first day was going to be easy. I was made to crawl over to her computer and she had me post this. I am to let you all know that i will post often with my training results.
Drop by soon and read my updates. Thank you Mistress, i am feeling that my lonely feelings are going away.
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By benjamin6418 on 11-14-2010, 09:20 PM
Default Re: Lonely Old Man

It is really very nice and emotional story i like all the characters of the story.
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By Sadie on 01-11-2011, 12:17 AM
Default Re: Lonely Old Man

This was very engaging ... and yes emotional and somehow realistic too. Nice work.
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By gizmo3653 on 03-07-2011, 03:46 AM
Default Re: Lonely Old Man

It is a very emotional story.
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By williams9394 on 05-04-2011, 05:05 AM
Default Re: Lonely Old Man

This is really a fabulous post. Thanks a lot for your great post.

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